Luxury Villas for 24 guests in Mykonos

Luxury Holidays fo 24, Mykonos Greece

When traveling with a large group of friends or family members, it is paramount to be able to spend your holiday together without feeling you are on top of one another while also enjoying an affluent everyday life. Posh villas built with high-end materials for a crisp, clean, contemporary look, welcome you to chic, elegant, and stylish interiors, which blend beautifully with the relaxed, roomy and posh outdoor spaces featuring private pools, exquisite party areas, and peaceful spots at private pergolas and open-air patios furnished with cosy chairs and couches to satisfy all requirements and needs.

Specifically designed to meet the particular needs of up to 24 guests, our exclusive villas offer both the privacy and comfort you seek from a beach house. Feel free to step onto your own balcony to take in breath-taking views of the calm waters of the Aegean Sea spreading in front of you or the uninterrupted, sweeping mountain vistas, savour a cup of coffee while gazing the picture-perfect natural scenery, or have a BBQ in one of the luxurious outdoor spaces.

When style, grandeur, privacy, comfort, and convenience are prerequisites of a great holiday in a cosmopolitan Cycladic island mostly favoured by the crème-de-la-crème of this world, then why settle with anything less than perfect?

Recommended Luxury Villas in Mykonos for 24 guests


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