3 captivating villas that speak volumes of the Mykonos magnetism and appeal

Mykonos is, without a doubt, one of the top destinations for luxury vacations. Those seeking a Mediterranean island with a superbly cosmopolitan lifestyle find Mykonos almost hypnotising. The Cycladic pearl combines raw natural beauties and picturesque seascapes with never-ending partying, high-end shopping, and palatial, regal-like accommodation. Admittedly, the Kinglike Concierge villas perched on verdant hillsides and the beachfront are amenities-filled architectural marvels that inspire awe and grandeur. The elegant mansions introduced below are enveloped in the endless blue of the Mediterranean skies and the Aegean Sea. Located at the prestigious Agios Lazaros area, they are the favourite holiday residences for a long list of VIPs and jet-setters that visit the island every year. 


Villa Brooklyn

Villa Brooklyn Mykonos Kinglike 2020

Take some time to enjoy the ravishing views of the glistening sea that spans right below your feet. Can you feel the light ocean breeze refreshing your senses and rejuvenating your inner self? This tranquillity and peacefulness follow you around as you enter the glorious interiors. Open floor plans, whitewashed walls, minimalism, vaulted ceilings, spacious dining and living areas, well-appointed en-suite bedrooms, and affluence distinguish every inch of this place. In an utterly refined way, Villa Brooklyn exudes splendour and opulence while offering ultimate privacy and convenience to its 12 guests through amenities like a fully equipped kitchen, an infinity pool, a built-in BBQ, and a wealth of complimentary services (i.e., pool maintenance and housekeeping). 

For more information, visit Villa Brooklyn. 


Villa Oscar

Villa Oscar Agios Lazaros

Sit back and enjoy your morning cup of tea at the privacy of your balcony or share a glass of champagne with your loved ones at the comfy lounge area, watching the sun painting the horizon with warm hues of reds and oranges. Indeed, a soul-pleasing sensation!

The main building spreads over 1000 sq.m. and is divided into several individual units that house lavish en-suite bedrooms. All the areas have been so meticulously designed so that nobody feels lacking their personal space. At the same time, Villa Oscar provides a plethora of facilities and massive sitting and dining rooms so that everybody can savour each other’s company. Style and grace are evident throughout the mansion, including the impressively well put together outdoor areas that overlook heart-stopping seascapes. Things like indoor bars, built-in ovens and sofas, private balconies, fully equipped kitchens, a sizeable infinity pool, and staff rooms come to add to an already rich-in-amenities luxury mansion – regal comforts for exclusive holidays.

For more information, visit Villa Oscar. 


Villa Miracle

Villa Miracle Agios Lazaros Mykonos Kinglike 2020

One of the highest-in-demand villas in Agios Lazaros area. Traditional Cycladic architecture is distinctive here. Cubic-shaped constructions with smooth-edged corners, whitewashed walls, and characteristic shades of blue greet visitors to a marvellous holiday property. Villa Miracle is built on a steep hill and provides bedazzling vistas of the cobalt Aegean Sea that is only a few meters away! Don’t rush into the polished interiors with the 14 swanky en-suit bedrooms, makeup rooms, modern amenities, professional gym, Turkish hammam, walk-in fridges, and elevators just yet. Relish a few sips of that morning cup of coffee while treating our eyes with soothing and relaxing sights of the glorious sun taking its place in the sky. The sense of freedom you will feel from literally every area of this beautiful mansion will help you realign yourself with the energies of the universe. Take an invigorating dive in the infinity pool or visit the Mykonos Town attractions, which are just a few minutes away.

For more information, visit Villa Miracle

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About Kinglike Concierge

Kinglike Concierge has been matching their VIP clientele with exquisite accommodation options and concierge services for nearly a decade. The prestigious luxury property rental Mykonos agency has a continuously expanding portfolio of more than 200 properties already, including elegant beachfront villas, chic mansions situated in the heart of the island capital, and stylish combo units perched along the coastline. Their primary focus is guests’ utmost satisfaction, and for that, they are always willing to go the extra mile, providing a wealth of complementary services to cater to needs like private helicopter rides, personalised yacht cruises, VIP reservations, staff members, and more. 

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