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Luxury Villas in Ano Diakoftis, Mykonos

Luxury Holidays in Ano Diakoftis, Mykonos The south-eastern side of the Island of the Winds is famous for its less crowded beaches, tranquil atmosphere, and gorgeous natural aspects. In such an area, at Ornos Bay, and very close to Ornos beach, Agios Ioannis Beach, Mykonos Town, and surrounding areas, lies Ano Diakoftis, a small village only a breath away from the in-trend boutiques, crazy party scene, and captivating nightlife of the Chora (it is regarded as a mostly favoured travel mecca for a pretty good reason!).

Although the main hub of entertainment comes from the bustling town of Mykonos, those that wish to experience the quieter end of the spectrum choose the subtle, yet equally beautiful, town of Ano Diakoftis for their vacation spot. However, Ano Diakoftis is merely a solely summer destination. Many celebs and A-lists decide to visit the place in the slow season, when there are significantly less crowds and more opportunities to take in and appreciate the natural charm of the Cycladic island while watching the sun melting behind the horizon.

As for those interested in seeing the raw beauty of Greece themselves, regardless the season, booking a vacation rental in Ano Diakoftis should be a top priority. Speaking of holiday properties, there are plenty of luxurious villas overlooking the beautiful panorama of Little Venice in cosmopolitan Mykonos. Always in harmony with the traditional Cycladic architecture, nicely blend with modern design elements and a totally seductive minimalist style, these opulent properties stand as a tribute to appreciation of space and traditional design while encompassing all amenities necessary for a posh lifestyle and comfortable stay.

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