Ano Mera

Luxury Villas in Ano Mera, Mykonos

Villas Ano Mera

After Mykonos Town, the next big village is that of Ano Mera. This quiet village, which is also one of the oldest of the island, receives little crowds, unlike the most popular and famous beaches of KalafatisElia, and Platis Gialos; all of which are within short reach from Ano Mera. Here, you will have the chance to see the locals live their everyday life without being interrupted by flocks of tourists, which is typical in Mykonos Town. So, allow yourself to shift gears and enjoy the slow pace of life here. If you are looking for exquisite adventures and see the more laid-back side of the Island of the Winds, while also being able to join the fun and vivid nightlife when you so please, this quaint village is your best shot.

What to Do in Ano Mera

If you feel like wandering around and exploring the area, even strolling the cobbled streets of the second largest town in Mykonos will give you lots of satisfaction and heart-filling moments. The quiet escape you have been longing for, even amidst a crazy, and sometimes frantic, party scene is right here. Along the way, take some time to observe how the islanders go about their days and nights – bet it will be a fascinating experience! And, don’t be surprised if they stop you to offer a round of raki on the house! Their hospitality and friendly nature are beyond this world!

Now, for those interested in visiting local landmarks, we suggest you head towards the monastery of Panagia Tourliani, where you can find an impressive collection of icons made by a local painter, as well as vestments and holy vessels. The lovely marble fountain and bell-tower that adorn the courtyard of the monastery are also worth seeing.

On a hill above Ano Mera lies the Castle of Gyzi, which is much visited by tourists and celebs alike for the wonderful panoramas of Mykonos it offers. Although there is a small climb involved to get there, it is definitely a must-try. Besides the castle itself, you will also have the chance to see the ruins of an old cemetery and the old local market that was once brimming with life and locals exchanging goods with one another.

Getting to Ano Mera

Given its particular location (near the heart of Mykonos island), Ano Mera does not provide direct access to the beach. Nevertheless, it is only a half-an-hour drive from the island capital, which means that you can easily get a hold of all the main sandy shores, parties and events, and historical sites. Besides public transportation and taxi services, you may also have your private chauffer drive you around or even explore the island with your own luxury car, rented or not.

Accommodation Options

As for a great place to stay – a place embraced by the stunning scenery, in a prominent location up on the hillside – you are in great luck as a selected few exclusive villas offering superb views to the cobalt waters of the Aegean and the charming landscapes of the island are available for rent. The enchanting properties capture the essence of the Mykonian spirit in their dazzling white-washed interiors and the gorgeous facades while providing an inviting environment for prestigious holidays and tranquil yet elegant, comfortable, and sumptuous escapes.


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