Ultimate Guide to Mykonos Luxury Living (Top Tips inside)

January 17, 2018 Articles 0 Comment

Mykonos has been considered the most iconic Greek island for both A-lists and celebrities alike since the late 1960s. What was originally a nude beach and hippie destination has managed to establish itself as the ultimate cosmopolitan destination of the international social elite, VIPs, and celebrities from the global jet set that rivals the likes … Continue reading

Mykonos Top Beaches: Kinglike Sun, Sea, Salt, Sand and water mix

January 17, 2017 Articles, Events, News

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, Swiftly flow the days… by Nikos Vasilakos Mykonos Beaches In Greek mythology, the Sun was personified as Helios. Helios was the All-Seeing God of the sun and was called upon witness when needed by the Gods. Helios was a son of the Titan Hyperion and Theia, and brother of the Godess … Continue reading

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