Mykonos Top Beaches: Kinglike Sun, Sea, Salt, Sand and water mix

January 17, 2017 Articles, Events, News

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, Swiftly flow the days… by Nikos Vasilakos Mykonos Beaches In Greek mythology, the Sun was personified as Helios. Helios was the All-Seeing God of the sun and was called upon witness when needed by the Gods. Helios was a son of the Titan Hyperion and Theia, and brother of the Godess … Continue reading

Mykonos where to eat: Mykonos gourmet restaurants

January 17, 2017 Articles, Events, News

Greek cooking traditions date back thousands of years. Greeks today eat some of the same dishes their ancestors did in ancient times. These include dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) and many of the same fruits, vegetables, and grain products. A Greek, Archestratus, is thought to have written the first cookbook in 350 … Continue reading

Exclusive Mykonos Family Retreat

January 17, 2017 Articles, Events, News

by Nikos Vasilakos The importance of experiencing a family “first” together Any time you experience something for the first time, it creates a special memory in your mind. So, why not do something, neither you nor any member of your family has experienced before. You can get together with your family in Mykonos to brainstorm … Continue reading

Mykonos Beach Bars party do’s and don’ts

December 5, 2016 Articles, Events, News

  Mykonos, Greece. Each year Mykonos Beach Bars parties get even better and better. It seems as though beach clubbers’ radar search for a new island somewhere to be championed as “The New Ibiza.” One name on the tip of many clubber’s tongue? The Mediterranean Island of Mykonos, Greece. Nestled on the centre of the Aegean … Continue reading

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