Luxury Villas in Choulakia, Mykonos

Luxury Holidays in Choulakia, Mykonos One of the most idyllic spots on the island, perfect for viewing the sunset. Those that have visited the area of Choulakia (or Houlakia) say that it is a natural monument of beauty. And, how can one blame them? Picturesque and small, with a mesmerising seabed filled with white prehistoric pebbles that are perfectly round and unique to Mykonos and the rest of the world (cannot be removed under European law), and so close to the ultimately romantic spot in Mykonos, the Armenistis lighthouse, Choulakia beach is perfect for those that wish to avoid the busy beaches.

You can find the beach Choulakia right next to the seaside village of Agios Stefanos and very close to the new port of Tourlos. The glorious beach offers a calm retreat from the busy towns and their fast paces, as well as a tranquil alternative to the bustling capital and the island’s vibrant and lively night scene. As for accommodation, it is no wonder most of the stars and VIPs that visit Mykonos choose the exclusive villas available at Choulakia for their holidays.

The effortlessly chic and luxurious properties offer stunning views of the Aegean Sea so you can admire the glorious, fiery sunsets over Delos Island or just gaze the endless blue. Built in a privileged location in the Choulakia area, they are only a short distance from both the island’s town centre and Agios Stefanos beach.

Both the interior design and architecture are a refined blend of minimalist chic and traditional Cycladic style, while their living areas are spacious, light, comfortable, and discreetly posh. All holiday residencies come with hand-picked furniture, a refined yet relaxed and cozy atmosphere, unique decorative pieces, fully equipped kitchens, comfy dining areas, and outdoor areas sheltered by the winds; all offering functionality, elegance, and a sense of well-being. Everything you need from a deluxe summer vacation!


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