Luxury Villas in Elia for Rent, Mykonos

Luxury Holidays in Elia, Mykonos One of the most beautiful and pristine sandy beaches in the Mediterranean with crystal clear turquoise waters and cloudless blue skies awaits just 10km from Mykonos Town.

Luxury Villas in Elia Mykonos

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The Longest & Most Beautiful Mykonos Beach

Cosmopolitan Elia Beach allures a diverse crowd every year, from jet setters and A-lists to VIPs, vacationing families, travellers that want nothing but the bare basics covering their body, and globetrotters whose lifestyle is an endless party.
And, it is not by chance that the island’s longest beach is constantly awarded the Blue Flag for many years in a row. The majestic surrounding and the picturesque seaside are a pole of attraction for the thousands, if not millions, of tourists, that swarm the place every summer, including famous Hollywood actors, world-renowned athletes, artists, and many more.
Elia beach is like a true painting of natural art, as the blue waters meet the golden sand in a magical scene. It is a very well organised, with things to do from sunrise to long after sunset. You may enjoy your morning coffee, brunch, dinner, and late hours drink if that’s what you wish. The opportunities to enjoy the sea and the unique appeal of Mykonos Island are more than enough. And while there, do take your time to relish a stroll on the sand right next to the splashing waves, filling your being with the rejuvenating sea breeze.

Full Range of Activities to Try

For the adventurous souls, Elia Beach is just the right place offering those leading an active lifestyle exactly what pleases them. Although much less crowded, compared to other equally popular Mykonos beaches, such as Super Paradise and Psarou, it has nothing to be jealous of its most people-packed cousins.
A wide range of water sports, family-run tavernas, elite beach bars (including the homonym, deluxe bar/restaurant gazing Elia Beach), and separate gay and nudist areas make Elia Beach the ideal choice for someone that wants to appreciate Mykonos’ legendary jet-set atmosphere without getting crammed by the island’s many loyal fans.

Proximity to Mykonos Attractions & Sights

One of the best things about Elia is that it is within arm’s reach from equally captivating beaches, such as Agrari Beach (a perfect family-friendly shore), and perhaps the most romantic spot on the entire island – Little Venice. It doesn’t matter if you love romance or just appreciate all forms of beauty, this scenic corner with the colourful buildings standing precariously on the edge of the sea and the seaside restaurants and bars will spellbind you. In fact, it is one of the most visited and most magnetic sights at Mykonos. What is it most famed for? The air of nonchalance that prevails here, the bewildering sunset views and the fascinating contrast its whitewashed edifices make as they stand against the backdrop of the azure blue Aegean Sea. Clearly, a place that can disarm even the most discerning traveller, sitting just less than 4 miles from Elia and your elegant mansion.

Exquisite Holidays & Subtle Luxury

Speaking of accommodation, you shouldn’t settle with anything less perfect, less posh, less luxurious or less comfortable than what you deserve. Nicely tucked in the heart of Elia Beach or more secluded and private, prestigious villas with staggering views of the cobalt blue Aegean Sea are ready to accommodate all your needs.
Designed with utmost elegance and a minimalistic style that enchants, they will certainly make you and your guests feel utterly at home while enjoying the beauties the Island of the Winds is known for.
Kindly note that as a means to provide the fullest range of amenities required for the royal experiences you are used to, Kinglike properties are tied to a top-quality 24/7 concierge service. Whatever your wish, it is our command.