Exclusive Mykonos Family Retreat

by Nikos Vasilakos

The importance of experiencing a family “first” together

8Any time you experience something for the first time, it creates a special memory in your mind. So, why not do something, neither you nor any member of your family has experienced before.

You can get together with your family in Mykonos to brainstorm some fun ideas. Whether it’s visiting a site or exploring a local landmark, this “first” will not only create a special family memory, it could lead to a family hobby or tradition!

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Family Memories

Take a look back through your family photos to see what fun your family has already experienced together.

You ‘ve got the chance to have photos from Kinglike® Mykonos Family Retreat organised, enjoy making an album together — whether it’s scrapbooking one of your own, or creating a custom photo book online.

While making your album, take note of the special things your family has done together in Mykonos and how you can expand upon them — just think of it as folder for your next family photo album!

Design travel scenarios for families by Kinglike®

7Kinglike® is a bespoke travel design company offering exclusive  personal concierge services to unique High Net Worth Individuals who wish to spend their family dream holiday in Greece.

Kinglike® offers tailor-made lifestyle solutions to our customers in order for them to make the most out of their time in this leading destination for  luxury vacation worldwide.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 12.06.11Family Transportation

Kinglike® can provide solutions to every request regarding luxury transportation:

  • luxury car rentals,
  • luxury cars with a professional  driver,
  • helicopters,
  • private jets and,
  • every type of vessel.

    We  collaborate only with the finest professionals of each sector, experienced  people who share the same values with us and always receive positive feedback for their services.

Luxury Villa Kinglike® Concept

Looking for a family-friendly stay or an A-list crash pad?

Seeking a summer retreat where you’re guaranteed to-die-for design and private-home perfection?

Look no further.

Each hand picked villa, cottage or home has been tried, tested, and personally perused to ensure only the finest selection.

For now, our 200-strong set of luxury villas is concentrated on Mykonos.

Mykonos Family Kinglike® Summer Adventure

family-matters“Paidiá, kalosírthate!” (Children, welcome!) is what you and your children will hear when you come to Mykonos, Greece.

Your family holidays begin with a hearty, warm welcome in a country where children can enjoy memorable adventures in the past and present.

Here they will find themselves in places where their favourite heroes lived, like Xena, Hercules, Alexander the Great, and the 300. They can learn about Troy and run around the track at the birthplace of the Olympics.

But, let’s see what else your children –and you, of course– will love in Greece:

  • sunny sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters and azure seas filling rocky coves and caves
  • classic ruins in romantic settings
  • olive, orange and lemon groves and important nature reserves
  • delicious kid-friendly food cooked with the most nutritional ingredients of the Mediterranean diet: virgin olive oil, fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, etc.
  • water parks, beaches and spectacular swimming pools open all day long, and
  • above all, safety and warm hospitality.

Ok, it’s time to present you with our Kinglike® selection of Greece’s summer destinations which we think will live up to your family’s expectations.

Kinglike Family Villa Selection:

  • Villa Hannah
  • Villa Lavinia
  • Villa Titos
  • Villa Peace
  • Villa Dima

Exclusive Mykonos active family tips

Diving for families on Mykonos

south-coasts-floatila-2Diving on Mykonos Island means diving into the past and ancient history with each stroke of your fins. Amphorae and pots can be seen, traces of the ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. The Aegean Sea offers diverse underwater sceneries with canyons, rock walls and a incredible visibility of 30 – 40 meters.

But also diving here offers wreck diving: old and new ships have sunk in this area. The “Peloponnesos”, in particular which sunk in 1926 onto one of the most beautifully colourful reefs with its plants and abundance of fish, is a rarity. Parts of the ship are found in the shallows and the well preserved tail in deeper waters.

“Anna II” is a cargo ship which sunk in 1995. It can be reach in only 10 minutes by boat “Anna II” offers all the advantages of wreck diving: a reef with a lot of variety in a perfect depth of 20 – 30 meters and a wreck that is also very well preserved.

Hiking for families in Mykonos

tinos_xobourgo_20070813_031Hiking is taking a long walk in the countryside, usually for pleasure or exercise. There are many hiking trails in MYkonos, and they are all managed by the Municipality of Mykonos.

To manage hiking trails in remote areas is an extremely demanding task, so you can help by taking your litter home after hiking. To maintain the naturalness of our countryside, we promote the use of natural materials in our trails. Most concrete footpaths to remote villages which are linked with our footpaths are managed by the Municipality of Mykonos.

Kayaking in Mykonos for families

pw-kayakPopular Mykonos Classic trip is composed of the very best that Mykonos Island has to offer, it’s a delightful journey of the senses, revealing the magic of the authentic Mykonos. At Kinglike® we take the utmost pride in sharing this jewel of the Aegean with you.

Mykonos offers a truly unique sea kayaking experience, spectacular vistas, long sandy beaches, crystal clear water, enchanting secret coves, local wildlife, and dramatic rock formations. The wild northern coastline delivers a revitalising break from the hustle and bustle of modern living.

The island has a rich and vibrant culture, as well as a dramatic geological past. Exploring this pristine environment, paddling around the dramatic coastline, and being the captain of your own vessel in the form of a modern sea kayak, allows you to reconnect with nature, reinvigorating your mind, body, and soul.

Our goal is to craft a memorable experience, which you will remember for a lifetime. Our local experienced group leaders and our BCU qualified kayak instructors will take you on a journey of discovery, exploring Mykonos from the sea, revealing to you the authentic Mykonos, that few people have had the privilege of witnessing.

Best Mykonos beaches for families

In a world where practically every luxury family island destination promises its guests something to do with the kids, it’s hard to know which ones live up to their own hype.

So you don’t get burned on your next vacation, Parents asked family travel agents and tourism boards to nominate beaches in the Mykonos that are right on the beach.

We also made sure they have tons of family activities but some adults-only stuff as well. (After all, this is your vacation too!)

Our three winners are family havens. In Mykonos almost every beach is organized with Parasols and Sun beds, Beach Bars and Restaurants. Family leisure time can flow calmly without getting sunburned. You will not frequently encounter such facilities in other Greek Islands beaches. Kinglike can help you schedule babysitting (even for infants) if you want some alone or couple time.

Lia beach

LiaBeachLia beach is geographically located in South-Eastern side of Mykonos and it is 9.5 km from the town.

There are many visitors in the recent years because of the absolute tranquility that is prevailed even during the months of high season.

Lia beach is organised with umbrellas and sun beds, also it has two restaurants for lunch, offering services in your deck.

It has crystal clear blue water and the sediment consists of fine granite sand.

It’s definite that you will enjoy your swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling. It’s ideal for families and friends. Finally, there is a big parking area for free.

Lia beach hosts Water Sports activities, for every taste and age, plus a fully blown Diving Center where you can earn your first PADI star and visit the famous shipwreck of ¨Anna II¨, the inspiring reefs in Kalo Livadi, Agia Anna and Lia Bay, the cave systems in Tragonisi and other diving sites around the island.

In Lia Beach Diving Center you can get an extensive range of PADI diving courses from Discover Scuba Diving (Begginers) to Dive Master (Certified).

Kalo livadi beach

2-4Is a long, beautiful, relatively quiet beach: one of the best I have seen on Mykonos so far.

Even better than Elia! The only minus is that you are not allowed to swim in the nude here. Kalo Livadi Beach is long, clean and sandy, and roughly about the same size as Elia Beach.

The water is shallow and clear and it is easy to go into the water here. No high waves when we were there, so perfect for families with children I would think.

There are beach beds and umbrellas for rent but there are also parts where you can just lie your towel in the sand. There are a few trees on Kalo Livadi Beach in case you want to lie in the shade. ]

At the beach you can find different kinds of hotels and there are a couple of taverns. The distance to the main town of Mykonos is about 10 kilometres and the village of Ano Mera is about 2 kilometres away.

Until recently you could not get to Kalo Livadi Beach by bus, so you had to hire a car or a motor, or take a taxi (14 euro in 2016).

Platis Gialos

Mykonos Platys Gialos Beach
Mykonos Platys Gialos Beach

Platis Gialos (or Platys Gialos) is a popular family beach in Mykonos.

It is found to the south side of the island, in distance 4km from Chora.

The beach of the region is very well organized.

The long sandy beach, the crystal waters and the completely equipped installations that facilitate the bathers are the reasons of the fame of Platys Gialos.

From here leaves the boat with which you can approach the famous beaches Paradise and Super Paradise.

Also, you can see in the location Lito the ruins from three towers of Hellenistic season.

Mykonos Mountain Bike for families

Mykonos Mountain Bike
Mykonos Mountain Bike

Mountain biking will make  you appreciate Mykonos’ island nature even more.

You will create new acquaintances and friendships. It will leed you explore other parts of the country. It will make you even healthier and fitter. It will take the edge off some negativity and cynicism that are present in everyday life.

It makes a difference to give a lot of  your free time and focus to mountain biking in Mykoknos, and will give you so much more in return. You will get exercise. You ‘ll experience the very definition of fun. Mountain biking will change your life, truly. You ‘ll wonder “what’s keeping people off the trails, whether on foot or on a bike?”.

Yacht family cruise to Delos

yacht-transportationA world away from troubles whatever is happening onshore, you are king of your own world on a luxury yacht.

Summer is the perfect time to live aboard a yacht, cruise the waters, explore the beautiful islands, and luxuriate in cooling breezes.

A holiday on a yacht is an unparalleled pampered experience.

Sailing yacht family travel

5A crewed charter in Mykonos is an ideal vacation choice for family groups and first-time charterers.

Why choose a Kinglike crewed charter for your family vacation?

  • Relaxing for Parents: Parents can sit back and enjoy quality family time with the responsibility for the yacht, meals, plus daily activity planning left to their professional Captain and Chef.
  • Fun for Kids: Kids have plenty to keep them entertained aboard between sailing, snorkeling, wake-boarding, tubing, stand up paddle-boarding or even scuba diving (yacht depending).
  • Family Friendly Yachts: We have a long list of family friendly yachts with well equipped water sports lockers and crews that love having kids aboard.
  • Easy Sailing: Discover a new island each day, protected waters, shorter sails, plus wide variety of excellent anchorages to choose from.
  • Abundance of Yacht Options: Kinglike offers the largest selection of yacht options at every price point, including high-end exclusive suggestions to our more affordable recommendations.

Take a one-of-a-kind trip

4Whether it’s a cross-country trip to see a friend, a cruise to Mykonos island or spending a week in a secluded cabin, take a one-of-a-kind trip that your whole family will never forget. In Kinglike way you can start a family journal and have each member of your family jot down notes throughout the trip so you can see each family member’s first-hand thoughts about the experiences.

Start a family hobby

Hobbies are all about doing something you love. So why not enjoy a hobby you love with the people you love? Finding the right hobby that the whole family enjoys can create some special memories, and once you find the hobby that’s a perfect fit for your family, you’ll rack up the memories. Kinglike Concierge can make arrangements for you.

Start a family tradition in Mykonos

Family traditions are the foundation of strong family bonds. Aside from holidays, create some special traditions that will surely become special family memories. This special tradition can be something small and easy (but nonetheless special!) such as pancake breakfasts on Sundays or taking a walk around the neighborhood after dinner.

Make a family date every night in Mykonos

We know how busy families can get, but don’t let a hectic schedule rob you and your family of the time to create special memories. Make a hard-and-fast family “date night” every day. Whether it’s making dinner together or going out for ice cream, make this family time a priority above all other things.

Make lemonade from original greek lemons

Instead of mandating family time, let it come to fruition in a natural way. Take note of what your family enjoys doing together, then try to foster more opportunities for those special memories to take place.

Kinglike Family Concierge Services

babysitterSpending quality time with your family is our most important goal and it can feel as though you are coming up short.

At Kinglike we understand your busy life. Between work, eating dinner, after school activities, homework, and yard work… the list never ends.

Let us assist and relieve the pressure you face during the working year, so you can spend exclusive leisure time with your family.

Whether you need a single special VIP family table to enjoy, a birthday party, or a wedding anniversary Kinglike services are sure to fit your needs.

We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured design travel concierge company so you can have peace of mind while you enjoy your leisure time in Mykonos.

Family Matters holiday pack

delos-rhenia-flotila-4Family Matters provides you with the best villas for your spouse and kids. Built close to children-friendly beaches, these villas provide everything for a family holiday.

Enjoy pick up/drop off from/to the airport, villa pre-stocking service and a welcome package of wine and snacks on your family vacation. Sunbathe in the first row sun beds at the best beach bars, as your kids enjoy water sports. Your VIP tables at posh restaurants and night clubs await, so let the babysitter take care of your little ones as you two head out for a romantic night out.

Book a week’s worth of stay, a boat trip to the nearby remote islands of Delos & Rhenia and your transfers with Kinglike through Family Matters, and get the above premium services for FREE!

Choosing the Kinglike Family Matters Exclusive Luxury Holiday Package you get for free:[rt_bullet_list list_style=”style-1″ icon=”check” id=”” class=””]

  • Free: a baby sitter for a romantic night out
  • Free: Pick up & Drop off service (from and to the airport on the days of arrival and departure)
  • Free: Welcome package (wine & snacks)
  • Free: villa pre-stocking service
  • Free Reservations: VIP tables at the best clubs and restaurants & first row sun beds at the best beach bars


Over and above value added services:[rt_bullet_list list_style=”style-1″ icon=”check” id=”” class=””]

  • In-house chef & waitress
  • Butler
  • Water sports
  • Mykonos Island Tour with licensed guide
  • Massage sessions


Mykonos Exclusive Family Retreat Kinglike mix

Mums and dads, be prepared to relax and have a good time in a country where everyone, young and old is a kid, and “family” is still a special strong bond that holds us Greeks together.

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