5 Absolutely Exhilarating Things to Do in Mykonos

Besides one of the most popular party meeting points and hot summer destinations in the world, Mykonos is also an absolutely spellbinding Greek island with a cosmopolitan vibe, astonishing Cycladic architecture, great cuisine, beautiful natural landscape, vibrant nightlife, sugary shores, cobalt waters, and a wealth of fun activities to amplify the entire experience. What is also exciting about the Island of the Winds is that no matter how many times you visit it, it always finds a way to capture your heart in a different way, and re-establish the bond you have created, probably for eternity! 

And, although abundance describes the iconic Mykonos lifestyle and the opportunities to entertain, pamper, and please yourself, 5 things are a definite must-taste (except from endless partying, drinking, and dancing)!

Mykonos Bike

Explore the island on a bike

A bicycle tour is one of the most fun things to do in Mykonos that will introduce you to the natural charms of the island and enable you to share utterly amusing moments with your loved one(s). That way, you can also explore the countryside, the idyllic shoreline, and the local attractions much faster than with a walking tour. At the same time, you may even have the chance to be treated with homemade goodies and local beverages, depending on what’s included in your tour. 

So, feel free to enjoy the sandy shores of Fokos, Ornos, Super Paradise, or more remote and isolated shores, such as Myrsini, Agia Anna or Agios Ioannis, soak up some sun, and let the Aegean breeze rejuvenate every molecule in your body while pedaling across the bewitching island. 

Stroll around Mykonos Town

Lovely, whitewashed houses, adorable blue-dome churches overlooking the magnificence of the Mediterranean Sea, romantic cafes, vibrant bars, seaside tavernas, gourmet restaurants, elite boutiques, and a mind-blowing harbour await to dazzle visitors. Wandering the narrow, cobbled streets of the island’s capital is, indeed, something not to be missed, be it day or night. In fact, you’ll get an entirely different flair from your endeavours at Mykonos Town, depending on when throughout the day you visit it. 

In the morning, it is the favourite hang-out spot for Peter the Pelican, the island’s mascot, and a place with a relaxed vibe, friendly locals enjoying their morning coffee or afternoon ouzo shots at the harbour’s kafeneia (traditional cafes), and wonderful seascapes. In the evening, things change as it transforms into an animated capital, with loud music, clubs featuring from drag queen shows to cabaret-like experiences, and opportunities to get your share from the legendary Mykonos night scene. To get the most out of your evening ventures in Mykonos Town, you could rent a luxury villa in the heart of the Chora, strategically designed to provide privacy amidst the partying masses. 

Tip: A special place in everyone’s hearts is the marvellous seafront region called Little Venice. Lining the shore with colourful, Venetian-style, multi-store houses that were once the residences of sea captains and wealthy merchants, they enchant with their mind-blowing views and wooden balconies that are literally caressed by the waves splashing against the shore. 

Visit the captivating churches 

Although it would be impossible to see all 600 chapels and churches built across the island, you can certainly plan a visit to Panagia Paraportiani church, Panagia Tourliani Monastery, and Agios Nikolaos chapel in Mykonos Town and Ano Mera village. Apart from being the most famous churches on the island, they also amaze with their sublime panoramas of the glistering archipelago, chalky exteriors, imposing bell towers, and collection of religious relics and Byzantine icons of saints, Jesus Christ, and Virgin Mary. 

The pristine location of most Mykonos churches also makes them perfect for a Mykonos wedding. However, many exclusive Kinglike villas also come with their own stretch of sand and private chapel for a dreamy Mykonos wedding! 

Take a private cruise to Delos

Delos is a close Mykonos relative, just a couple of nautical miles away. This means that within 30-40 minutes, you can reach a fantastic archaeological site and one of the most captivating Cyclades islands. Also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Delos island is the birthplace of god Apollo and his twin sister, goddess Artemis, while even holding great significance in Greek mythology. 

Besides the impressive archaeological ruins it hosts all over its land, though, Delos is also home to pristine sugary shores with crystalline waters. And, as you stroll the Lions’ Gate, the Sacred Lake, the Palace, the Apollo temple, and the other sites, you could as well jump to neighbouring Rhenia island and take in the unique beauty and sense of tranquillity exuded from its land. Or even swim, snorkel, sunbathe, or dive in the transparent sea!

Try the local wines with a wine-tasting tour 

Mykonos has several organic farms and family-run vineyards offering superb wine-tasting experiences that stimulate the senses and tickle the palate. In most tours, visitors are pampered with local cuisine and snacks, such as the Mykonos cheeses (i.e., ladotyri, kopanisti, xirotiri, and more), louza (local sausage-type appetiser), rusks, and Greek salad, while spoiling their taste buds with delicious white and red wines in a relaxed environment featuring incredible seascapes or coastal views. 

Other Adventures to Seek in Mykonos

It is widely known that Mykonos has a fab shopping scene, with many designer shops and boutiques adorning Matoyianni Street (the shopping mecca) in Mykonos Town. Other than that, Mykonos is the island where no wish is left unfulfilled. So, whatever the desire, no matter how extravagant or sophisticated, it will be satisfied here for sure.  

Besides shopping, though, soothing your senses at the golden-sand shores will rejuvenate you and enable you to shed any stress you might be carrying with you from the craziness of the modern lifestyle and your daily city endeavours and responsibilities. Indeed, the Mykonos coastline is lined with more than 50 beaches offering a certain level of privacy, seclusion, peacefulness, partying vibe, or cosmopolitan ambiance, depending on what you are after. From family-friendly and gay-perfect beaches to party hot spots, you will definitely be spoiled for choice, with options like Super Paradise, Paraga, Kalafatis, and many more. 

Finally, do consider climbing the short hills that host the infamous Mykonos windmills and/or the Armenistis Lighthouse. Both amaze with their charming architecture, impressive construction, history, and, of course, the unbelievable views to the gleaming Aegean Sea. 


Wrapping it all up

There is no denying that Mykonos is a paradise for many different types of travellers, including the most discerning visitors. Catering to your specific needs with luxury accommodation, a wide range of activities, heart-stopping architecture, animated nightlife, and a plethora of unique experiences, the Queen of the Cyclades is, indeed, ideal for royal, VIP-like endeavours. 


Welcome and Enjoy! 

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