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Is Kinglike just a villa rentals company?

No! When you decide to collaborate with us, the villa is just the beginning! Our main focus is on your experience. Right after your booking process is completed, you are going to be assigned an experienced personal concierge, located in the destination where your villa is located, who will assist you in organizing the important details of your stay. We have dedicated people located in all the destinations we represent in order to be close to you for last minute arrangement and/or problem solving. We are always (literally 24/7) available on whatsapp when you need us: before, during and after your stay. The reason why we offer so many complimentary services along with your booking is because we want to make it easier for you. When you hire Kinglike for your luxury villa rental, the only thing you have to worry about is how to have fun on the selected destination. We offer personal concierge services in the region of Tuscany as well. Quite often, we collaborate with the villa owners leveraging their local expertise and connections. In other cases, we rely on a list of trustworthy service providers who provide a series of services, from wine tasting and cooking lessons to organized tours and private transfers. In all cases, there is a common goal: the satisfaction of our guests.

Does Kinglike manage exclusively the villas displayed on this website?

No. Kinglike only represents the villas displayed on the website. The villas are managed by their owners (or by property management companies who act as owners). However, we do have direct contacts with these owners: no other intermediaries are involved between our guests and the owners of the villas.

Does Kinglike offer any complimentary services along with the booking?

Yes, we do! On the island of Mykonos, we will pick up for free the first ones of you arriving at the airport, drive you to the villa and assist you with the check in & check out. We will make sure that the list with the groceries & alcohol you order arrives to the villa right after you check in (free delivery). We provide guest support on a 24/7 basis. Last but not least, we take care of all your reservations at Mykonos’s best beach clubs and restaurants. Special arrangements are made for large groups. Due to the large dimension of the other destinations we represent and the long distance from the closest airports, we are not in a position to offer a complimentary airport pick up but we do offer the rest of the services: villa pre-stocking, 24/7 customer support, check-in & check-out assistance, reservations.

How often should we expect the villa to be cleaned up?

The standard agreement we have with the owners on the islands (apart from few exceptions) is for daily housekeeping and change of the linen and the towels at least twice per week. If our guests desire more than that, special arrangements can be negotiated with the owners (usually at a small extra charge). Some of the villas we represent have in-house staff. In those cases, guests can make direct arrangements with the live-in staff. In Tuscany, each villa provides a different level of service when it comes to housekeeping. This is clearly mentioned on each villa's webpage.

I have explored Kinglike’s website and I haven’t managed to find the suitable villa for my group. Is this all Kinglike can offer?

No! Our portfolio with luxury villas goes well beyond what you can see displayed on our website. There is also our offline portfolio, villas whose owners do not wish them displayed on any website. Feel free to send us an inquiry at and our villa specialist will send you these villas with an email.

Is all the information I need to know displayed on the website?

We want our listings to be as informative as possible. For each villa we list about 20-30 images, the layout in bullet points, a short description in English, the rates per season, the distances from all major destinations, the location on Google maps as well as all the complimentary services you get when you rent each property. Moreover, there is our blog where you can read several interesting articles on the island of Mykonos. However, we are always at your disposal in order to ask to any additional questions you might have on the villas or the island.

Do you offer villas for large groups?

Absolutely yes! In our portfolio, there are properties that have a minimum of one to a maximum of twenty double bedrooms. Moreover, we collaborate with a series of villa complexes where guests can rent two or more adjacent villas that can accommodate really big groups.

Does Kinglike represents villas only on the island of Mykonos, Paros, Antiparos and Corfu, in Greece, and in the region of Tuscany, Italy?

For the time being, yes! However, we have an expansion plan in mind, that will cater carefully selected destinations able to offer a truly luxurious villa vacation.

Is there a minimum stay in the villas?

Yes. The vast majority of the villa owners require a minimum of seven nights stay, especially during the peak season of July & August. The minimum stay can be less (like three, four or five nights) during the low seasons. There are some rare cases that owners require a minimum of fourteen nights or, on the contrary, they are happy with less than a week’s stay even during the peak season. A significant number of really high-end villas run bookings only Saturday to Saturday in order to avoid gaps in between bookings. This is mainly the case in Tuscany, Paros and Antiparos. Our listings display all the necessary details concerning the minimum stay per season for each villa but we always encourage our guests to double check this with us.

The island of Mykonos

What is the ideal period to visit Mykonos?

Mykonos is strictly a summer destination. The season starts in April and ends at the end of October. The ideal period to visit the island depends entirely on you. You should expect a really busy and crowded island between June 15 and August 31, and a more relaxing experience during the rest of the season. The weather is ideal during all that time, with temperature oscillating between 20 and 35 degrees Celsius (68 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit).

Is Mykonos an ideal destination for families?

Absolutely yes! Mykonos is an island for all types of tourists. Kinglike can advise the most family friendly beaches. We can also assist parents in hiring experienced and reliable babysitters if they desire to spend some time alone while their children are in good hands.

Which are the most wind-protected areas of the island?

In theory, the southern part of the island should be more wind-protected as most of the times the wind blows from the north. However, we in Kinglike reckon that this is a myth. To our point of view, on a very windy day, there is no point where someone can be fully protected from strong winds. The position of the villa also plays a major role. A well-located villa can be fully protected from the wind even if it’s built in the north part of the island.

I have heard that it’s better to rent a villa close to the main town of Mykonos. Is this the case?

Absolutely no! Mykonos is an island to explore. Of course, the main town of Mykonos is one of the major attractions. So are the 20+ amazing beaches spread all over the island, though. Mykonos is not a huge island: in max. 20-30 min drive (depends on the traffic) you can get from one edge of the island to the other. What we always advise our guests is to select the villa that best matches their criteria and not bother a lot on the distance from the main town.

Is Mykonos a safe destination?

Compared to other luxury destinations around the world, Mykonos is not considered to be a dangerous one. However, several attempts of robberies inside the villas have been registered in the last couple of years. It is advisable not to carry a lot of cash and valuable items with you. Using the safe boxes, wherever they are, is highly advisable too. If you still feel insecure we could always assist you in hiring one or more security guards at reasonable rates.

Is it true that on Mykonos there can be shortage of water or electricity?

Mykonos is an island in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Expecting to have all the comforts of a big city located in the mainland is quite unreasonable. It can happen that the central system of the island stops for some time, especially during the peak season of July & August when the number of tourists increases significantly. Some of the villas have power generators and private water tanks but this is not always the case. In any case, the cut offs can last more from thirty minutes to a couple of hours. The guests are kindly invited not to panic as this unpleasant situation will not last for more.

How fast in internet on Mykonos?

All the villas we collaborate with have free Wi-Fi. However, it can happen that internet connection slows down or cuts off completely sometimes. Very often this doesn’t depend on the villa management but on the internet provider. Again, here, guests should take under consideration that it is quite unlikely to have an internet connection as fast as they have in their homes.

Are there more villas being built on the island of Mykonos?

Yes. There has been noticed a significant increase in the demand for new villas. As a result, there are several new constructions spread around the island. Works mainly take place during winter time but Kinglike cannot be held responsible in case of a new construction being built close to the villa its guests decided to rent. This is completely beyond our reach. We are definitely not in a position to know what is going to happen in terms of new constructions in nearby plots between the time of the booking and the check in date.

Collaborate with us

I am a villa owner and I want to display my luxury villa on Kinglike’s website. Is there a fee for this?

No! Displaying your villa on our website is free of charge. If you are interested in a collaboration with Kinglike you are kindly invited to contact us at:, in order to learn more on our terms.

I am a luxury travel agent and I want to offer the Kinglike villas and services to my clients. Does Kinglike work B2B?

Absolutely yes! We collaborate with a series of luxury travel agents around the world and we act as their alter-ego at the destination that their client decided to visit. If you want to establish a partnership with us, you are kindly requested to send us your inquiry at:

Not only villa rentals

Should we rent a boat and sail around the island?

Absolutely yes! All our previous guests who decided to rent a boat and sail around the island (or visit the nearby islands) say that this was the highlight of their trip. We can assist you in renting a motor yacht, a catamaran or a sailing boat. The protocols of these yachts for the daily boat trips are a maximum number of 12 - 15 people. Larger groups will have to rent two vessels.

I want to celebrate a special occasion on Mykonos. Can you assist me?

Absolutely yes! Feel free to send us your inquiry at and take advantage of our experienced personal concierge professionals as well as of our connections with key people on the island of Mykonos.

Do we have to book a villa through Kinglike in order to have access to your services?

No. Even though we strongly believe that we offer the best accommodation options, we enjoy providing our services to people who have booked hotel rooms or a villa that we do not offer. Feel free to reach out to us at in order to learn more on our fees.


What is the payment procedure when someone wants to book one of your villas?

Unless a special arrangement is made between the villa owner and the guests, the standard procedure is a 30-50% non-refundable prepayment at the time of the booking in order to secure the villa and the payoff of the balance due one or two months prior to arrival. Preferred means of payment is the bank transfer.

What is the security deposit?

The security deposit is standard procedure in the villa rentals industry. This is an amount to be paid, usually together with the second installment, that is held by the owner during the stay. The purpose of the security deposit is for the guests to make a good use of the property. The security deposit is fully refundable at the end of the stay provided that there are not any serious damages or dirt in the villa when the guests check out. The amount of the security deposit is set by the owners. It can be from a minimum of EUR 1’000 or a night’s stay to a maximum of EUR 15’000 or 25% of the total rent.

Do we sign any kind of contract when we book the villa?

Yes, we sign the standard short term lease agreement that we sign with all our guests. This includes all the necessary details of the stay, such as the total cost, the exact dates, the amount of the security deposit, the payment details as well as the house rules.

Can I pay the villa rental with my credit card?

In some cases, yes! Some of the villas belong to companies who can process credit cards. In most of these cases, American Express is not accepted. On the other hand, there are several villas in Kinglike’s portfolio that belong to private individuals. These people are not obliged to have POS machines. In those cases, the only means of payment is by wire transfer.

Can I pay in US dollars or other currency?

No, Mykonos is in Greece and Tuscany is in Italy, both countries are members of the Eurozone. The only accepted currency is the euro.

Do I need to carry a lot of cash with me?

No. Both Mykonos and Tuscany are full of ATM machines where you can withdraw cash. Moreover, almost all shops and restaurants accept credit cards. We advise you to bring enough cash for minor expenses, like your transfers, and take advantage of the ATMs and the POS machines for all the rest. Please make sure with your local bank that the daily limit of cash withdrawal is enough for your programmed expenses.

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