Luxury Villas in Ftelia, Mykonos

Located on the north part of Mykonos, just 4 miles east of the busy Mykonos TownFtelia is not only a world-wide famous, isolated heaven for those that wish a quieter getaway option but also every wind surfer’s paradise. Its unique landscape, the turquoise waters, and the fact that it is not very crowded due to the windsurfing-perfect winds are some of the things that attract thousands of Hollywood stars, elite athletes, famous singers, jet setters, and VIPs every year.

Ftelia Luxury Villas

What is remarkable about Ftelia is the fact that it is….

So Close to Mykonos Town – Yet, Miles Away From the Hustle and Bustle of Modern Life. This makes it a dream place for those looking for holidays that blend the best of two particularly intriguing worlds that coexist in Mykonos – the vibrant night (and party) scene and the more laid-back side of the beautiful Cycladic island.

So, Ftelia is Perfect…

If you:

  • Don’t necessarily need the loudness and liveliness of a bar every single day
  • Are not in need of a sun lounge, and just want to enjoy the company of friends or family members in a lovely, idyllic bay.
  • Are seeking to explore hidden gems on the island to rejuvenate yourself while being as close to nature and its raw beauty as possible. 
  • Want to choose how you wish to spend each day – whether you taste the cosmopolitan characters of Mykonos or enjoy relaxed and more private vacations is totally up to you at Ftelia.

While here, you may consider…

Exploring the unique charms of the shores nearby. The beach is also known for a settlement found here, which is believed to be the tomb of Ajax the Locrian, an ancient Iliad hero.

That aside, it should also be noted that Ftelia forms the base to the largest bay in Mykonos, the Panormos Bay, home to Panormos Beach; another secluded and calm area of the island favoured primarily by busy businessmen and celebrities that wish for a place where they can be with just their towel, the sea, and the sand.

Do not be surprised if you bump into individuals practicing yoga, meditation, and other soul-filing techniques in this area, especially during the early morning hours and just before sunset – the tranquility and serenity of this place are indeed extraordinary.

How to get there…

One of the fastest ways to get from Mykonos Town to Ftelia and vice versa is by taxi. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to reach the beach. You may also take the local bus. However, there is frequent transportation from and to Ftelia from almost all around the island. Nevertheless, note that there is no direct connection between Ftelia and Mykonos Town (or Chora). This means that if you decide to use the bus services, you will need to get off at Mykonos Airport and then take a taxi to Ftelia.

Admittedly, the most convenient way to discover the allure of this scenic Mykonos neighbourhood is by using concierge services that provide not only luxury accommodation with all modern comforts, but also your private chauffeur, who will drive you around the Island of the Winds per your desires.

Luxury & Convenience Combined

Nestled amidst a stunning plateau of breath-taking vistas over the bays of Panormos and Agios Sostis and natural vegetation await luxurious villas exuding an aura of absolute Zen and grandeur. The posh residencies offer a relaxing ambiance and all modern amenities while showing full respect to the traditional Cycladic architecture that characterises the island. From pristine terraces and lush courtyards to several charming spots in which to entertain, dine, read or rest, these unspoiled properties have it all.