Ftelia Mykonos – Blending Cosmopolitan with Old-World Charm

On the northern part of Mykonos lies probably the most bohemian beach on the island, some 7km from Mykonos Town. Ftelia Beach is a popular hub among windsurfers due to the frequent winds that blow on that particular side of Mykonos. Those very gusts of the Meltemi wind, though, is the same reason why Ftelia is much less crowded than its other sandy siblings on the south, making it a much-favoured low-key option for those in search of undeveloped seaside areas of supreme raw beauty. 

Ftelia Mykonos

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From a beguiling quiet shore… 

The waters here are crystalline, although sunbathing might become a challenge as you will be called to combat the wind! Nevertheless, the tranquility and serenity of this region can certainly compensate for that. A small section of this sugary and picturesque beach houses a bar and some sunbeds that you can use/book. The rest of the shore remains at your disposal to use as you please, even if you are there only for the superb views. Without a doubt, the phrase “heart-stopping beauty” gets an entirely new meaning here when you watch the cobalt of the Aegean Sea meeting the blue of the cloudless Mediterranean sky.  


… to a place of historical interest 

Nevertheless, Ftelia is much more than another sandy and scenic Mykonos shore. Although nobody can defy the allure of the beach itself, there is another side of Ftelia worth exploring as well. You see, besides the luxury resorts and the vibrant nightlife Mykonos is so famous for, it is also a history-rich Cycladic island, with several historical sites and museums that deserve your attention. 

Ftelia is indeed one of the most enticing places to visit when things like ancient Neolithic settlements excite you. The archaeological site of Ftelia is within an arm’s reach from the homonymous beach and is the oldest one discovered on the island dating to around the 5th millennium BC. This refers to the final years of the Stone Age and a period of time described as the Neolithic Era. The Ancient Tomb unearthed here is said to belong to ancient hero Ajax, references of whom you can find in the famous epic poem The Iliad. And, yes, many historians are beginning to believe that the stories written by Homer may not be as fictional as once thought! The excavations here ended at around 2000 and revealing a total of four levels bearing significant findings that portray how people used to live some millennia ago.


Getting to Ftelia

You may get to Ftelia beach via private transfers, including a private VIP car or minibus. The pickup location can be arranged from your hotel, villa, the airport, or the port. A car rental is also a handy alternative. However, many visitors prefer to spend their Mykonos holidays at one of the exclusive mansions located in the surrounding area, some of which are even luxury beachfront properties. That way, they have both easy access to the bustling heart of Mykonos, Mykonos Town, and the peacefulness Ftelia has to offer. 

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