Luxury Villas in Kanalia, Mykonos

Kinglike Mykonos Kanalia Villa experience

In Mykonos Kanalia, luxury and beauty is a promise well kept. No chances taken, no prisoners allowed! Surrounded by beautiful views of Mykonos town, no holiday experience will be alike.

Ornos Beach: in walking distance from Mykonos Kanalia.
Villa Want a genuine luxurious leisure time? Mykonos Kanalia is top destination in your compass. The picturesque Ornos beach is in walking distance. After enjoying a healthy breakfast in Mykonos Kanalia Villa you will dive for a swim in the crystal blue waters of Ornos beach.

Mykonos night out: ease of transport in a jiffy!
Is a full of surprises night out in Mykonos Town, what you came from in the first place? Search no more! Mykonos Kanalia Villa will nurture your dreams and nest your niche expectations. Ease of transport matters a great deal when in Mykonos. No arrangements necessary when in Kanalia, right next to Mykonos Town! Villas includes large parking spaces for cars in safe distance, a unique Mediterranean garden and a BBQ /Grill next to the pool with a large party area, well sheltered from wind and sun.

Minimal Mykonos Kanalia Villa decoration.
Decoration of Mykonos Kanalia Villa is minimal and not cluttered at all. Minimal decoration design approach in vacation time, guarantees peace of mind. Over and above, a sensory body experience is provided by surrounding Mykonos landscape fauna and flora. All you have to do is just pick Mykonos Kanalia Villa premises as your destination.

Mykonos Kanalia: everything within reach.
No complicated transport arrangements, no need to go by car for a swim, lunch or dinner alike. Walk yourselves to pleasure and enjoy!

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