Hidden gems close to Mykonos DEFINITELY worth your visit!

There is no way one can forget that they have visited a Greek island when spending their summer holidays in Mykonos. Besides the vibrant party scene, Mykonos is also one of the most representative islands belonging to the Cyclades complex. This means you get to lay eyes on charming sights, such as whitewashed houses, narrow cobblestone paths, blue-domed chapels, and cubic-shaped buildings, to name a few. However, besides the cosmopolitan Mykonos, you would be amazed by how many hidden treasures await to be discovered near the Island of the Winds. We present you some lesser-known yet equally stunning Cyclades islands that will make your heart leap with incredible gratification. 

Photo by Rania Samara on Unsplash


In the past few years, we have noticed an increased interest in the Koufinisia islands (this is a two-island complex). Despite their growing popularity, though, they still maintain their authenticity. Feel free to explore the paradisal beaches with the golden sand and the cobalt waters away from the crowds. You may even explore the sea caves or dip your toes in one of the many small natural pools and feel utterly rejuvenated. Besides, hiking and adventure lovers will probably find this captivating dot in the Aegean particularly inviting!

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Tucked on the eastern side of the Cyclades complex, Donousa is a mythology-rich island. It is believed that this is where Dionysus, the god of wine, parties, theatre, and vegetation, hid Cretan princess Ariadne from Theseus. Expect emerald-green waters, mind-blowing isolated shores, seaside tavernas, and a beautiful natural landscape offering utmost tranquility and serenity. 



Just a few miles from Mykonos, Anafi is another excellent option to spend some relaxed time. Not remotely as touristy as its other counterparts, this small paradise at the edge of the Cyclades offers lots of opportunities for composure. According to a myth, it had emerged from the bottom of the sea when god Apollo wanted to shelter his Argonauts from a terrible storm. Actually, the name Anafi means revelation! Take a stroll to the capital of Chora and be prepared to fall in love. The sandy beaches are also to die for, and the same goes for the temple of Apollo and the Rock of Kalamos – the world’s second-highest monolithic geological feature (the first one is Gibraltar).

Ios Greece
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Taking a tour from Mykonos to Ios will give you the chance to walk on the birthplace of Homer’s (the legendary poet and author of the Iliad) mother. This little island in the Aegean Sea features pristine shores, such as Agia Theodoti, Kalamos, and Mylopotas beaches, and more than 300 chapels. Also, the local cuisine is not to be missed. If you have enough time, do not leave before tasting pomegranate liqueur and mizithra cheese! They are simply mouth-watering. 


Other Mykonos tours to consider can include a visit to lilliputian Kimolos, pocket-sized Iraklia, picturesque Skyros, and breath-taking Folegandros. Each one has its own special way to enchant and pamper your body, mind, and soul. And, if you can arrange for a multi-day island-hopping cruise that involves visits to all these Cyclades gems, trust us, the experience will be truly one-of-a-kind. 

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