The hypnotic magnetism of Mykonos

When sunshine, VIP holidays, fun, ultimate luxury, natural beauties, and a vibrant night scene are prerequisites for dreamy vacations, Mykonos is among the first options that pop up in everybody’s mind. No wonder. The beautiful Aegean island is a popular meeting place for thousands of celebs, jet setters, Hollywood stars, athletes, and even politicians and royals, who choose to spend their summer vacation at the island that never sleeps.

Part of the allure that comes with Mykonos holidays is the high level of luxury and the ultimate VIP lifestyle that distinguishes the cosmopolitan island. At the same time, it offers authentic Greek experiences, with locally-produced foods, gorgeous natural surroundings, and lots of opportunities to enjoy the cobalt waters and the sandy shores under the glorious Mediterranean sky.

As for accommodation, you definitely have quite a lot of options. From hillside Mykonos villas of utmost elegance to chic beachfront mansions with access to a private beach, expect nothing but sheer opulence and staggering views. Now, if we had to choose three of these magnificent properties, the following would certainly be on our list:

Villa Winona Elia Mykonos

Villa Winona – Where style meets the Aegean blue!

A marvelous 6-bedroom exclusive mansion perched on a hillside at extremely famous Elia area, just a breathe away from the synonymous Elia beach. Designed to cater to the needs of up to 12 guests, it offers all the space and, nonetheless, the privacy, you need to enjoy your Mykonos holidays to the fullest. Expect the most impressive range of modern amenities, including a living room with its own home cinema, a massive infinity pool, a pool bar, a fully equipped kitchen, two stylish guest houses, a built-in BBQ, and more. Of course, comforts like private terraces and lounge areas also contribute to exceptional holidays. As for the unobstructed views you get from all around this wonderful villa, they are utterly heart-stopping. Time to sip that cocktail of yours while watching the sun sliding behind the horizon, don’t you think?


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Visit Villa Winona for more details.


Villa Siena Mykonos Town Mykonos

Villa Siena – Right in the heart of all the action!

Instantly exuding the allure of traditional Cycladic architecture, Villa Siena is the perfect choice if you want to be where it all takes place! Build in the heart of Mykonos Town, the island capital, Villa Siena pampers up to 10 guests with well-appointed ensuite bedrooms, open floor plan living areas, a private pool, three guest houses (each with its own individual entrance), indoor and outdoor dining spaces, a pergola, and the list goes on and on. What is even more amazing about this majestic property? The fetching panoramas of the charming Mykonos coastline and harbour that you get to savour from your balcony. This gives you the sensation that you are in a privileged mountain top location rather than in the heart of the bustling capital, which adds even more points to the overall glam and magnetism that accompanies Villa Siena!

Visit Villa Siena for more details.

Villa Alaia Agia Sofia Mykonos

Villa Alaia – Double the fun, double the pleasure, double the enchantment!

A breakfast bar awaits to welcome you to every new day with the delicacies your private chef prepares for you and up to 13 more guests. Enjoy a refreshing shower at the upscale bathroom, choose something light to wear from the walk-in closet in your lavish ensuite bedroom, and either open your balcony doors to access the picture-perfect pool area or head straight to the fully equipped kitchen to take a fulfilling breakfast. The evenings at Villa Alaia can have the colour and intensity you wish. You may spend some relaxing time by the infinity pool, share romantic moments at the private pool (it comes with its own Jacuzzi), organise a meaty BBQ, or join the partying crowds, either via private VIP-only entrance parties or by driving to party hubs like Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach or Mykonos Town. They are all a few minutes’ drive!

Visit Villa Alaia for more details.


Obviously, your options are limitless at Mykonos. Just decide on the type of vacations you want to have, the kind of endeavours you want to include in your stay, and leave the rest to those that know how to deliver the kind of luxury holidays you seek, like Kinglike Concierge Services!

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