Luxury Villas in Kalafatis, Mykonos

Luxury Holidays in Kalafatis, Mykonos 

The organised beach of Kalafatis around 7 miles east of Mykonos Town is a pole of attraction for its clear, turquoise waters, golden sand, windsurfing fun, and water sports available, to name just a few. Those that have visited it admit that it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island that also provides natural shade to sunbathers from the trees that surround it, along with superb opportunities to relax, taste delicious Mediterranean cuisine, explore the magical underwater world, and send your adrenaline to the reds (if you love extreme sports). Without a doubt, if you are after a quiet retreat, this is definitely not your place!

Villas in Kalamatis

Some of the most popular hot-spots you could visit include:
• Agia Anna Beach – A short stretch of sand set amidst a tiny cove. Great place for those in need of privacy.
Lia Beach – Some miles further east, this beach is many celebs’ favourite place, for its calmer and quieter relaxation options.
Kalo Livadi – Perfect for the more active among you that wish to feel the rush and sweet madness that characterises cosmopolitan Mykonos.
Elia Beach – A much loved beach among the gay community that offers some of the most beautiful views of the Aegean.

Activities you Definitely Need to Try

If you love the sea but don’t picture yourself trying to tame the waves, then you could consider exploring the underwater world. The richness and beauty of the cosmos below the surface of the Aegean is absolutely gorgeous. Kalafatis beach, in particular, offers excellent snorkeling opportunities, which will introduce you to a lovely ecosystem, filled with sea plants and small fish.

Now, if you prefer lying on the sand, there are two options for you. You may either head to the somewhat organised part of Kalafatis beach and rend plush sun beds and umbrellas or move a bit further down the golden stretch of sand and enjoy raw nature. Regardless of which you choose, this place offers a wealth of chances to have fun with the family, your significant other, friends or, why not, even alone!


To get to Kalafatis beach, you will need to either catch the public bus from Mykonos Town, or the Chora as the locals call the capital/biggest city of Mykonos. Make sure you are at the Old Port bus station (also referred to North Station) and jump on the bus (it runs nearly every half an hour or sooner depending on the season). By car, it is a 25-minute drive from the Chora, despite the fact that it is just 12km from Mykonos Town. Alternatively, you could rent a motorbike. Note that although no water taxi services are available for Kalafatis beach, you may still drop anchor in the open sea and dive into the refreshing waters from the privacy of your luxurious yacht or catamaran.

Accommodation options for exclusive VIP holidays

Not far away from the dazzling Kalafatis Beach lie tranquil heavens of relaxation exuding elegance, style, and luxury. Deluxe villas that are beautifully nuzzled near the scenic villages of Ano Mera and Kalafatis offer superb views to the emerald waters of the Aegean Sea and a heart-stopping landscape. Their wide range of modern amenities and prominent location up on the gorgeous hillside, alongside the fact that they are fully equipped so that they provide guests with the comfort, privacy, opulence, and chicness they deserve, make them ideal for those seeking an easy-going pace and posh lifestyle during their vacation.

And, you long for some nighttime thrill, Mykonos Town is only a short drive away! You just name your wish and your private chauffer can take you straight into the heart of all the action!