Kalo Livadi

Luxury Villas in Kalo Livadi, Mykonos for rent

Kalo Livadi is an increasingly trending region – a hot spot of celebrities, VIPs, and Athenians alike, and rightfully so. Fully organised, with lots of space to sunbathe, a family-oriented, sandy beach, plenty of music from some of the most notorious beach bars of the island located nearby, such as the world-renowned Solymar, an unbeatable party atmosphere in the air, loud ambiance, and crystal clear waters comprise a success recipe for those looking to live it all while on vacation here.

Kalo Livadi Mykonos Villas

Popular Meeting Points Within Close Proximity

Although less crowded than what you can expect from the wildly popular and cosmopolitan Mykonos Town, Kalo Livadi is one of the biggest and most favoured beaches near the heart of the island and all of its wonderful craziness (only 6 miles away), located between Kalafatis and Elia, two of its most popular and trendy counterparts.

If you are into less crowded party beaches, Kalafatis is an excellent option. You will find plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, as well as a section that allows you to be just you, the sun, the sea, and, well, your beach towel! Tranquility and lots of opportunities to enjoy water sports distinguish this beautiful shore.

As for Elia, it is a big, sandy, fully organised beach that provides ample choices of bars, taverns, water sports facilities, and many more. Note that it is also a popular option among nudists too. Although less noisy than Super Paradise, Paradise, and other beaches of the like, Elia is loud enough to attract the attention of both party-goers and sun loungers wishing for more laid-back experiences (yet quite luxurious and extravagant). 

For quitter adventures, you can always head towards Agia Anna beach (less than a mile far), where you can have the privacy and battery-recharge you desire, just before you blend in with the rich and famous of this planet again, spotted strolling the busy streets of Mykonos Town or rocking the island with their liveliness and party mood. All in all, Kalo Livadi has all the means for a posh lifestyle; exactly the kind of lifestyle you can expect to have when visiting the Island of the Winds.

Top Things to Do Around Kalo Livadi

From biking to nearby organic farms and testing your skills on activities like kayaking, snorkeling, diving, and horseback riding, you may also find thrill visiting some intriguing archaeological sites and other landmarks worth seeing. These include the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, whose red dome, charming bell tower, altar, marble carvings, stained glass detailing, and museum are said to be eye-poppingly beautiful! You will also come across a plethora of hilltop, sea-gazing spots that are ideal for practicing yoga and meditation, along with catamaran sailing cruise options to visit Delos island or, why not, the rest of the dashing Cycladic islands.

Getting there

You may take the local bus from Mykonos Town and reach Kalo Livadi in about half an hour. The taxi is a much more convenient option that will get you there at half the time (around 10-12 minutes). However, you could also consider hiring a private chauffeur and/or your own car and easily visit all the places of your interest when you so desire.

High Quality, Opulent Accommodation

As for places to stay to ensure a comfortable, luxurious stay, there are plenty of options. Elegant, deluxe villas, fully equipped with all modern comforts and amenities, mix the Cycladic architecture with sleek modern design and create a traditional, yet, lavish atmosphere inside them. Distinguished by their white-washed exteriors and an open-air environment, both staples of the Mykonian style, they provide scenic views of the majestic Aegean and the wondrous natural surroundings while allowing their guests to enjoy a ritzy and classy stay.