Most Exciting Kid-Friendly Activities in Mykonos

Despite its cosmopolitan and utterly intense nightlife, Mykonos has a unique way to surprise you, providing exciting options for nearly all types of visitors. So, whether you are here to experience the vibrant party atmosphere or just vacationing with the family, there is definitely something for you to enjoy. In fact, you will be amazed by the plethora of ways you can have fun with the kids in Mykonos. Here is an illustrative list of activities to share some quality time with one another this summer!

Mykonos and Kids Activities

Photo by Andres Mora on Unsplash

The best sandy shores

Being on an island with such Cycladic charm and appeal like Mykonos, of course, entails exploring the sugary beaches that line the coastline. From long stretches of sand and organised beaches to more secluded and private shores, you have plenty to choose from.

Kalo Livadi, for example, is a popular beach south-east of Mykonos Town with tourist facilities like restaurants, tavernas, and beach bars. The lively and energetic beach is great for sunbathing and sea sports. Kalafatis Beach and Agrari Beach are both superb options if you love water activities, including scuba diving and snorkeling. The bustling shorelines are thriving with holidaymakers who visit them for their turquoise, calm waters. Other family-friendly beaches you could consider are:

The Picturesque Delos Island

Even if you are not a super fan of archaeological sites, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Delos is definitely a must-visit location. The natural beauty that defines it and the mythology tied to this place electrify the air, providing captivating experiences. Actually, many families following physical, spiritual, and mental practices like yoga, as well as martial arts that combine defense training and meditation, such as tai chi, choose the island of Delos to practice and exercise. Can’t blame them – the energy associated with the once considered the most sacred place in the Mediterranean is indeed magnetic. 

Now, if you are also into things like ancient ruins, Delos will satisfy that part of yourself, with historical landmarks like the:

  • Terrace of the Lions (aka The Avenue of the Lions) 
  • Sacred Lake
  • Temple of Isis
  • Theatre Quarter
  • House of Dionysus
  • House of Cleopatra

For pristine views of the Aegean that stretch all the way to the islands of Tinos, Naxos, and Syros, do head to Mount Cynthus. Just follow the ancient path to the rocky top that was home to an impressive temple dedicated to the gods of Athena and Zeus. 



Luxury Villas in Mykonos


Inland Attractions

Mykonos island can excite families in several different ways. The Mykonos Windmills, for instance, is a major landmark that is worth visiting. The area surrounding the Windmills makes a perfect picnic spot as well if you want to combine your walk with local goodies and a relaxed time with the children. While there, you may also enjoy a refreshing drink at the nearby Little Venice region. The beautiful Venetian-style houses with the wooden, bougainvillea-filed balconies that hang over the water make a spectacle on their own. 

Other things you can do with the children at Mykonos include:

  • Visiting an organic animal farm 
  • Seeing the exhibits of the Aegean Maritime Museum
  • Exploring local landmarks, such as Panagia Paraportiani and Faros Armenistis (the Lighthouse).
  • Wandering through the cobbled streets of Mykonos Town.
  • Joining cooking and mosaic-making workshops.
  • Cruising the Aegean Sea.


And, don’t be surprised if you also bump into Petros the Pelican, who is, too, strolling the alleys of Mykonos Town! The charming bird that has become the Mykonos official mascot is petted and loved by locals and visitors alike.

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