Luxury Villas in Kounoupas, Mykonos

Kounoupas Villas

Luxury Holidays in Kounoupas, Mykonos Centrally located, right behind Mykonos airport is an area called Kounoupas. What’s so special about it is the fact that it is:
⎫ very near to the world-famous cosmopolitan beaches of Paradise, Super Paradise, Psarou, Kalo Livadi, Elia, Paranga, and Panormos,
⎫ a breath away from Mykonos Town and its vibrant night (and day-long party) scene, and finally
⎫ an area that provides amazing views towards not only the bewildering Aegean Sea and its cobalt waters, but also the sacred archaeological island of Delos, as well as other popular Cycladic islands, like Naxos, Paros, and Syros.

Given all the above, you may (rightfully) assume that Kounoupas is a busy hot-spot, with flocks of tourists passing through, making it impossible to get a shelfie with you solely in the frame! However, Kounoupas is, in fact, a peaceful area that has, somehow, managed to match isolation, relaxation, and easy access to the bustling part of the island perfectly.

Amidst such picturesque setting, you will find luxurious villas enjoying magnificent vistas and offering all kinds of amenities and facilities for luxury vacation of every kind. From infinity pools, BBQ, and helipad to al fresco dining areas, spacious lounge areas, and pool bar, they have it all.

Totally secluded from the busy and noisy town life, they provide a quiet and loving retreat to up to 18 people while their meticulously designed layouts allow each one to be connected with one another if need be or have the privacy they wish. Whatever you are looking for, be it a party escape or a quieter holiday, these deluxe properties will grant your wishes for sure.


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