Luxury Villas in Greece

From the lush, pine-scented, north-west mainland mountains and Ionian islands to the rocky and charming Cyclades and the Peloponnese, holidaymakers will certainly be spoilt for choice when visiting Greece to get a taste of its crystal seas, picturesque beaches, incredible natural scenery, profound history, and wide array of activities to please all likes. As for the distinct relaxed Greek lifestyle, it is found throughout the mainland and the more than 3,000 Greek islands that are speckled across the Aegean and the Ionian Sea.


Villa Edge Agios Ioannis Mykonos

Even if the beach is not your thing, you can enjoy the beautiful Grecian weather from the privacy of your luxury villa while watching fishermen ply the rod onrushing streams, the sun setting behind the horizon leaving behind an alluring medley of colours, clouds resting in the hilltops and high-altitude trees, or the world preparing for a midday fiesta or a night craze. No matter where you choose to spend your time in Greece, you will never be far from charming, heart-fulfiling countryside waiting to dazzle you with its well-kept secrets and Mother Nature’s wonders that are far from just a few across this blessed land.

The only thing you need to do is simply choose the ideal type of holiday property. Below, is a list to help speed up your decision-making process!


Luxury Villas in Locations of Archaeological Interest

If you feel the time has come to lose yourself in the temples of Corinth or the palaces of Knosos, you will find a palatial home waiting for you near impossing ruins that transform into gate keepers of the glorious Greek history with every unforgettable sunset one lays eyes upon. Alongside scenic whitewashed villages that are licked by the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean lie posh vacation properties, perfectly aligned with their mystical surroundings. From contemporary classics in Crete to modern marvels in Mykonos, luxury Greek villas offer the highest standard of comfort, elegance, chicness, safety, and style.

Luxury Beach Villas

Whether your heart desires the perfect sea vista right from the window of your bedroom or pure white sand right outside your front door, hand-picked, luxury coastal villas will meet all your requirements and fulfil your idea of the perfect beach vacation.

Norah's House Kalo Livadi Mykonos


The Ionian Islands provide unsurpassed sandy beaches backed by dramatic coastlines and beautiful, unspoilt islets. Corfu is one of the most family-friendly islands offering idyllic sleepy spots and natural views of unbeatable beauty. The birthplace of Apollo and a UNESCO World Heritage, Delos, boasts the most extensive remains from the Golden Hellenistic age of classical Greece. Mykonos has a profound barefoot chic and party atmosphere along with cutting-edge lodgings. Crete produces a surfeit of edible goods that redefine Greek cuisine the most pleasing way. Koufonisia is an excellent destination if you want to ditch your watch, switch off your cell phone, and dive into unpretentious summer holiday.

We could go on forever, listing the charms of every Greek destination. Bottom line is that your grand coastal villa will enjoy a privileged location with proximity to the things that matter to you the most.

Villa Alba Kalafatis Mykonos

Family-Friendly Holliday Villas

Having a home away from home that provides all the comforts you would expect is the best solution for people seeking for flexibility, freedom, and, at the same time, privacy. For that reason, well-appointed villa holidays are a popular choice for families. Contemporary or traditional, large or small, coastal or inland, rest assured your vacation home in Greece will cater for your particular tastes. Among other amenities, you will find properties with:

  • private playgrounds
  • games rooms
  • sparkling swimming pools
  • tree-lines gardens
  • tennis courts
  • BBQ spots to ensure you get what you wish for when visiting Greece with the family.

Like an all-inclusive solution.

Finally, let us not forget the concierge services offered all over Greece, which give you options for added luxury, from private helicopter tours and yacht rentals to event planning, as well as extra protection and safety for you and your loved ones, should you feel you need it.

Villa Alpha Agios Lazaros Mykonos

Elegant Villas for Special Occasions

Almost every single of the 3000+ islands – and just as many islets that dominate the Greek Archipelago – alongside the thousands of km of coastline offers an Elysian spot to host the wedding of your dreams or your honeymoon. Besides that, though, you will also find sumptuous properties large enough to cater for large groups of people, granting them with the comfort, splendour, opulence, and space required.

Apart from weddings and honeymoons, these fine, spacious, exclusive villas can easily and effortlessly accommodate parties or BBQ gatherings too. So, whether you have a long invite list or wish to spend your holiday with friends and family members, there is always a deluxe property to comfortably house your group.

Villa Dima Agrari Mykonos

Lavish Mountainous Villas

For a romantic getaway with your significant other that includes enjoying a chilled bottle of champagne next to a roaring fire amidst lush and green (or snowy) mountainous areas offering heart-stopping panoramas of soaring valleys, satisfying sunsets, and quaint villages, there are not many settings better than an affluent mountain villa featuring a sun-dappled private pool and spots to celebrate your love with your partner in a romantic scene.

However, these properties are also a superb option if you are not much of a beach fan and prefer the raw beauty and serenity found in the heart of Mother Nature, but don’t feel like sacrificing neither elegance nor style.

Villa Dahlia Platis Gialos Mykonos

Mykonos: The Ultimate Holiday Destination?

Of all the incredible Greek islands, Mykonos gathers an impressive array of pros that seem to fit every bill. From jet setters and VIPs that wish to experience the cosmopolitan ambience and legendary party atmosphere to sweethearts in search of a heavenly location to make their dream wedding come true, it seems that the Island of the Winds has something to please every taste and requirement.

Although Santorini is probably the most famous of the Cyclades islands, known for its rugged landscapes, volcanic regional style, and dramatic sunsets, and Crete comprises the go-to destination for the holidaymaker that would rather stay away from island-hopping but still get to enjoy its impressive mountains, pristine beaches, and ancient Minoan ruins, Mykonos is still king for many reasons.

With a night scene to rival Saint Tropez and other cosmopolitan hot-spots, high-end boutique shopping to quench your designer addiction, and the charms of Cycladic architecture combined with picturesque views and the luxury of modern amenities, which can be enjoyed in your private villa, can you think of a better place to be?

Watch the sun glistening on sun-bleached villages and relish superb views of dramatic cliffs emerging from the cobalt waters of the Aegean Sea without moving an inch away from your elite holiday residence. As for the times you are not exploring the charms of the island or throwing yourself at one of the wild parties that take place every afternoon, you can still enjoy the company of your loved ones in a spacious outdoor lounge area or float on your very own infinity pool, unwind, and recharge your batteries.

Without a doubt, Mykonos is where the finest of the gorgeous Greek nature meet with traditional Cycladic architecture, exquisite tastes, mind-blowing beaches, romantic spots, and more than enough opportunities to live a lux lifestyle, creating a panorama of sights, tastes, and sensations that are hard to beat. And, with a plethora of exclusive beach villas offering all amenities and comforts you need to choose from, you can definitely tailor your stay to experience everything the serenaded Greek island has to offer.


Ready to enjoy a seamless, all-inclusive holiday experience in the Island of Winds? Kinglike  provides an unrivalled luxury concierge service that covers all your exclusive needs, from access to highly demanded events and luxury accommodation to first-class entertainment and private shopping with the creativity, resourcefulness, and professionalism required to make your holiday as secure, memorable, and pleasant as possible.

Mykonos Luxury Villas and properties to select yours


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