Luxury villas in Arezzo

Welcome to your Arezzo villa booking guide – the place that concentrates an extract of key information regarding the selection of the dreamiest and most luxury villas in Arezzo. Plus, details that justify travellers’ infatuation towards the idyllic Tuscany region of Arezzo. Just 80 kilometres from picturesque Florence, the spectacular city with the deep historic origins sits above not only one, but four, valleys and their heart-stopping landscape. Full of adorable parish churches, mediaeval fortresses, scenic squares, imposing palaces, and magnificent basilicas, Arezzo is a love at first sight that’s hard to resist (and why should you, after all?)!

With a profound naturalistic and artistic background, Arezzo is, undeniably, one of the most exquisite places in Tuscany to book an elegant mansion that provides everything even the most discerning guest could possibly request and desire. Some of the properties in our constantly expanding VIP villa portfolio go the extra mile and pamper with added amenities.. Others will simply steal your heart with their incredible views and comforts.

Best Villas In Arezzo for 2023

It is always challenging for us to pick a top 5 from our exclusive villa portfolio, considering that all of the estates in our collection have been hand-picked after meeting a particularly high set of standards. All providing extreme levels of pampering and customer gratification, our elegant mansions are cut to deliver on their promise for a dreamy Tuscany stay. That being said, if we need to recommend only five luxury villas in Arezzo, we would probably go with the following properties that stand out, each with its own unique set of features.

Borgo Gerlino

Borgo Gerlino Rapale Arezzo Tuscany

One of the most spectacular family villas in Arezzo, Borgo Gerlino is a 600m2 mansion that can sleep up to 18 guests in 9 lavish ensuite bedrooms. For maximum privacy, the villa has been specifically designed to accommodate guests on multiple floors (2 bedrooms on the entrance floor and 5 on the first floor, plus 2 at the individual-entrance annex at entrance level). Sitting in the heart of a beautiful, lush landscape featuring olive groves and verdant hills, it offers endless moments of relaxation and entertainment. Feel free to unleash your culinary talent at the fully equipped kitchen, enjoy some me-time with your favourite book at a reading room or under the pergola outside, or have a fun get-together evening by the fireplace. Even take a refreshing dive at the infinity pool, organise a hearty BBQ, or simply rest your eyes upon stupendous views of the amazing Mother Nature surrounding you, only a few kilometres from key locations like Siena and Montepulciano!

Villa Il Borro

Villa Il Borro San Giustino Valdarno Arezzo Tuscany

A gorgeous 700m2 property in the outskirts of the San Giustino Valdarno area in Arezzo with 10 deluxe ensuite suites spread across two floors. Spoiling guests with amenities like a wine cellar, complementary breakfast service, in-house staff, two pools (one inside and one outside), a sauna room, and a gym, Villa Il Borro is a VIP-level villa that definitely knows how to please its guests. Abundance characterises this stunning mansion. The stylish villa with air condition in Arezzo will meet all of your requirements with facilities like four fully equipped kitchens, a billiard room, multiple living rooms and sitting areas, lounging spaces, lots of dining places both indoors and outdoors, and even several BBQ areas!

Villa Petrolo

Villa Petrolo Bucine Arezzo Tuscany

If luxury accommodation had to have a name, Villa Petrolo would definitely be a strong contestant. Emerging from a lush scenery distinguished by olive groves, cypress forests, and the greenest of lands, this magnetic mansion can accommodate the VIP needs of up to 17 guests, even the most selective ones. Keeping all the chic bedrooms away from the activities taking place throughout the rest of the villa (except for one ensuite bedroom on the entrance floor), you can also expect lots of private nooks and top-tier facilities to spoil you. Besides the two fully equipped kitchens, you can entertain yourself inside the villa with the billiard table, at the playroom or by the fireplace, relax at the office or the reading room, or soak up the heart-stopping views from all around. Outside, Villa Petrolo keeps the bar high with a 72m2 private pool, a massive 36-seater dining area, a tennis court, and a mind-blowing garden and olive grove that are ideal for long hours of walking and composure.

Villa Casetta

Villa Casetta San Giustino Valdarno Arezzo Tuscany

Feeling as if a slice of heaven has just been gifted to you to fill your soul with out-of-this-world experiences, this spellbinding property is rightfully a supreme option when royal-like treatments is a top requirement. The hypnotic 4-bedroom mansion spans over 350 square metres and hosts beautiful indoor and outdoor dining and sitting areas, a portable BBQ, and even its own winery. Plus, an annex featuring an individual entrance with direct access to the spectacular exterior spaces of Villa Casetta, for enhanced privacy and convenience. Of course, the absolute must-haves are right there too, including an infinity pool, a fully equipped kitchen with a breakfast table, a laundry room, and massive balcony doors leading to the adorable garden. As for the city of Arezzo, it is just 19 kilometres away from this pet-friendly mansion!

Palazzo Rosadi

Palazzo Rosadi Monterchi Arezzo Tuscany

Although not the only villa with a private pool in Arezzo in our collection, 500m2 Palazzo Rosadi definitely oozes grandeur and a palace-like vibe. The 12-bedroom villa is tucked comfortably in the midst of the green pastures of the Monterchi region (30 km from Arezzo). Offering a wealth of amenities, it caresses guests’ senses with two floors that host the refined and impressively modish bedrooms with fantastic window views or direct access to its outdoor bliss. A kitchen that provides all the needed equipment to bring your creativity on your loved ones’ plates, an open floor living room encourages those happy get-togethers, and a private pool with loungers, a Jacuzzi, and even a grapevine are there to make this a dreamy experience for you all.

5 reasons why Arezzo is a magnificent place to stay

The place you choose to stay in while on a Tuscany venture, can contribute superbly to the quality of the overall experience. So, as with everything else when visiting another country or place, it all comes down to the type of endeavours you are after. What’s exciting and so much different about Arezzo, compared to other popular destinations worldwide, is the fact that no matter the sort of adventure you seek, it has a unique way to gratify every wish. Besides being home to some of the most stunning and VIP villas in Tuscany, Arezzo also ticks all of a guest’s boxes once considering the following factors:

It’s a quiet city

Arezzo is a popular tourist attraction, receiving the affection and love of thousands of travellers annually. But, at the same time, it offers a profound sense of tranquillity and serenity, even amidst the busy summer season. Not overly crowded like some of its other Tuscany siblings, it provides opportunities for utmost relaxation, and chances to experience a slower pace in your daily life. Simply select the Arezzo accommodation that meets your desires and requirements the most. Then, sit back with a glass of the finest Tuscany wine and enjoy spectacular natural landscapes, idyllic sunsets, and a wealth of amenities, while being surrounded by history and art.

It’s every art and architecture lover’s heaven

Even if you are not much of an arts or architecture enthusiast, you can’t help but feel ecstatic when sipping a cup of coffee at squares encompassing Renaissance and Gothic style museums, palaces, fortresses, basilicas, and quirky galleries. From the trapezoid-shaped Piazza Grande and the 16th-century Loggia to the 14th-century Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici and mediaeval buildings, Arezzo definitely feels like time travel. However, its wow factor raises even more with the imposing Medici fortress, the Basilica of San Francesco (and its gorgeous The Legend of the True Cross fresco circle), the many masterpieces found across all of the Arezzo churches (signed by several infamous artists), and the Museum of Medieval and Modern Art, to name a few!

It is close to other famous and interesting towns

Arezzo is a key location when wanting to embark on activities like a sightseeing tour to iconic Florence, Siena, and Perugia. It also offers excellent opportunities to explore other parts of Tuscany with relative ease. For example, the wine meccas, Montalcino and Montepulciano, where the most globally awarded Tuscany wines are made, are within easy reach. The same applies to hidden gems definitely worth visiting, such as Cortona, Castiglion Fiorentino, and Poppi, which are connected with Arezzo by bus or train (another fabulous way to discover the allures of Tuscany!).

It feels like jumping out of a fairy tale at Christmas

Many guests travelling to Tuscany during the Christmas or New Year holidays choose to rent a villa in Arezzo for the amazing Christmas Market. Starting around mid-November every year, the Villagio Tirolese di Arezzo is the largest market of this kind (after the ones of the northern Alpine regions). Walking guests all the way through almost the New Year’s Eve, the market excites with activities like ice skating, a Santa waiting to hear kids’ wishes, a Ferris Wheel, delicious local treats, wine-tasting, and a magical atmosphere overall that spreads joy and bliss to all that decide to join it!

It’s fine gastronomy

Arezzo’s culinary scene is truly a treat for your taste buds. Traditional tastes are offered with a tantalising modern spin and fill your plate with a multitude of options. From hearty Tuscan dishes like ribollita soup and stuffed pasta to cheese and salami platters, cold cuts, succulent sausages, and porchetta, you get an infinite number of alternatives to choose from. No matter what you do, though, don’t leave Arezzo without tasting its legendary T-bone steak (Bistecca alla Fiorentina). You can thank us later! And, if you wish to skyrocket your gastronomic experiences in Arezzo, pair your dishes with a glass of local Chianti, Vinsanto or a top-quality Super Tuscan produced at esteemed estates.

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