Luxury Villas In Pisa

Besides the piazza where miracles are believed to happen, the infamous Piazza Miracoli, and the quintessential Leaning Tower, in the shadow of which sits the iconic Cathedral that rivals the Tower in striking beauty and architecture, Pisa is also home to a hand-picked collection of elegant mansions. The luxury villas in Pisa in our portfolio have a unique way to increase the wow factor of any escape to the spectacular Italian region of Tuscany.

In this guide, you will find a list with five suggested stylish villas in Pisa that meet guests’ demands for privacy, exclusivity, proximity to key attractions, and a wealth of VIP amenities and services. We also provide you with a “road map” with the most popular and scenic places near Pisa where you will find the majority of the villas in our collection, and why Pisa is a cardinal pit stop in every Tuscan adventure.

Best Villas In Pisa for 2023

The following is an illustrative list with just some of the luxury villas in Pisa hosted in our current collection. These are indicative of the offered amenities, facilities, and services, although each experience can be fully customised per your particular needs. Kindly contact our Customer Support for assistance in selecting the mansion that best caters to your specific requirements and desires.

Villa Fagnana

A beautiful 590m2 luxury villa with a pool and eight elegant bedrooms to sleep up to 14 guests sitting at the picturesque Palaia region in Pisa. The delectable mansion is around an hour’s drive (on average) from key locations, including Lucca, Pisa, and Florence and spoils guests with multiple outdoor lounging and dining areas that accommodate up to 24 people, built-in BBQ, and even an extra chic guest house with an individual entrance away from the main unit. Of course, we cannot skip mentioning the magnificent garden in the heart of which rests Villa Fagnana that fondles the senses in the most pleasurable way. As for the interior perks, expect a fully equipped kitchen totally ready to welcome your culinary adventures (either yours or your private chef’s) and a cosy living space with a fireplace, among others!

Villa Francia

A stylish 6-bedroom villa in Pisa spanning over 500 square metres of floor coverage in the scenic Palaia area. Only around 40 kilometres from Pisa and the wine-making mecca of San Gimignano, Villa Francia makes the ideal base for your Pisa explorations, and not only. Vaulted ceilings, charming Tuscan architecture, lovely colour pairings, stone-adorned arches, exquisite décor, and unique style await to complement your ventures. Its outdoor spaces? Just as magnetising as its interior areas, featuring a private pool with loungers and umbrellas, a stunning garden, a wonderful terrace with views to the lushest landscape, and a cosy dining area for everybody to enjoy their Tuscan breakfast, morning espresso or evening glass of Chianti. Inside, the deluxe bedrooms are spread across two floors for maximum privacy, while the fully equipped kitchen will accompany your gastronomic endeavours (always with views to the spectacular green countryside)!

Villa Larino


Perched almost atop a verdant hill in the Palaia neighbourhood in Pisa, this captivating Tuscany villa will cause irreversible damage to your cardiovascular system with its profound allure. For most guests, it is a love at first sight acquaintance, as it pairs the traditional and rustic with the contemporary so beautifully. Blending harmoniously with its natural environment, the stone-embellished mansion has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of up to 4 guests and spoil them with amenities like a wooden oven, a built-in BBQ, a private oval pool, hammocks, open floor plans, a fully equipped kitchen, and several indoor and outdoor dining and sitting areas. Offering numerous opportunities for ultimate relaxation and composure, you can enjoy anything from a nice hike to a refreshing swim, while also being close to the lively action of Pisa (whenever you feel like joining it).

Villa Valle

Think about cascading hills, green valleys, olive groves, cypress trees all around, and a hypnotic villa tucked in the heart of it all. This is just how your story will unfold at Villa Valle, a ravishing family villa in Pisa that feels as if emerging from a fairy tale story in the middle of an amazing natural scenery. The 7-bedroom property covers around 770m2 and can easily and comfortably sleep up to 14 guests. With nine exquisite baths in total, a fully equipped kitchen with breakfast bar and high chairs, a billiard table, a laundry room, and a separate annex that shares the same levels of luxury with the main unit, there is nothing more you could possibly need. If there is, you can always check out the offered concierge services that can complement the time you spend by the private pool, the heated jacuzzi, or the outdoor or indoor dining/sitting areas with some extra pampering!

Villa Guardistallo

Villa Guardistallo Guardistallo Tuscany

Bewitching with the most heart-stopping kaleidoscope of colours, starring shades of green, and perhaps the most ample spaces provided by a Tuscan mansion, Villa Guardistallo locks the very essence of a villa cut for large groups. Sitting outside, either at the adorable terrace, the beautiful dining area, or the private heated pool will fill you up with exquisite and unique views of the Tuscan countryside that will make you forget you are on earth. Loungers, umbrellas, pergolas, a BBQ space, two fully equipped kitchens, and several lounge rooms all contribute to making this experience even more unique, gratifying, and memorable. Moreover, the property’s particular location provides maximum privacy as it is quite far from any residential area and the noise of the bustling Pisa, Florence, or Rome. However, should you desire to get a taste of their animated lifestyle, they are all about an hour’s drive away!

Where are the villas in Pisa located?

Below is a list with the top 7 Pisa regions our exclusive Tuscany villas are located in.

  • Palaia

A historically-rich area in Tuscany with Etruscan remains dating back to the 4th century BC. Some of its most iconic landmarks are the Castle, 13th-century San Martino parish church, Romanesque church of Sant’Andrea (the works hosted inside, such as the wooden Crucifix, are extremely precious), Watchtower, Palaia Municipal Palace and, of course, the charming Piazza della Repubblica. Also, museums dedicated to local farming, places that have starred in several Italian films, and the most incredible natural scenery offer opportunities for heart-pleasing excursions (see the Great Nature Trail, for instance) by bike, by foot, or on horseback! Not to mention the many events and the food and wine festivals that take place here annually . Villa Fagnana, Villa Valle, Villa Casolare, and Villa Centolivi are some of the VIP mansions in the area.

  • San Miniato

A hillside village close to the Arno River that serves as an excellent base for both Florence and Pisa endeavours. Famous for its delicious local cuisine (the white truffle dishes are a must-try), it has also welcomed many important figures, including a pope, in its Etruscan-Roman castle. While in the area, expect to stroll along unspoiled natural scenery, go past a glorious 13th-century Cathedral with a stunning facade, come across the notable churches of San Michele and Santo Stefano (their frescoes and mosaics are mind-blowing), and be greeted with ravishing palaces and convents. Also be prepared to be welcomed by an authentic artisanal district sitting at the foot of the village, amazing countryside views, and even seaside resorts and sugary shores near Pisa, not far from San Miniato. Umamma is an incredible luxury villa here that allows you to experience all your options, from horse riding, golf, tennis and underwater fishing to the National Truffle Exhibition and the cured local meats!

  • Fauglia

Rolling hills that shift shades with the change of the seasons enclose the perfect hideaway town with the wonderful rural history. Fauglia is dotted with cosy squares and emits an overall comforting and relaxing vibe that’s hard to resist. Feel free to walk towards the bell tower, one of the best highlights of the area, as well as the San Lorenzo church, the town hall, and the historic grain silos in the Mercato piazza. Home to several painters, writers, intellectuals, and artists, Fauglia slips into its most spectacular dress during the summertime, although it feels magical year-round. One of the most quintessential villas in our portfolio in this particular area is Villa Gioli, which enchants with its special and unique perks, including a painter’s atelier!

  • Montelopio

Nestled in the hills close to Pisa, this beautiful hamlet with the charming country-style eateries and shops features picture-perfect scenery framed by vineyards crisscrossing olive groves, cypress forests, and billowing grain fields. Scattered with mediaeval farmhouses and ancient castles, Montelopio is also close to the popular Etruscan and Maremma regions, making it an ideal destination for ventures involving visits to San Gimignano, Livorno, Lucca, Siena, Florence, and Pisa sights. Besides its artistic appeal, architectural wonders, Romanesque remains, and history-drenched lands, the wonderful little town is also surrounded by delightful hill villages, such as Fabbrica di Peccioli and lots of restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, bars, and other tourist facilities to enjoy your leisure time. One of the VIP mansions we suggest in this area is Villa Lestra, which truly oozes a unique sense of grandeur and elegance, turning every visit into a lifetime experience, no matter what.

  • Fabbrica di Peccioli

This tiny town in the rolling Tuscan hills will capture your heart with its natural appeal and Middle Age remains. No wonder it has been awarded the Touring Club’s “Orange Flag” as one of the most charming Italian villages! Churches dating back to the 1200s with adorable bell towers hosting valuable works, holiday farms, oil mills, wineries, endless lines of grapevines, and an impressive palace with a striking facade featuring Podesta’s coat of arms and the Museum of Russian Icons inside it are some of the landmarks that await to dazzle you. Also, several different museums, an astronomical observatory inside the iconic Church of Santa Maria Assunta, a botanical park nearby, and Pisa within close range. Feel free to enjoy the local flavours infused with pecorino, truffles, and extra virgin olive oil, in addition to wine and skyrocket your dining experience either from Villa Angelica’s fully equipped kitchen or an elegant restaurant in town. There are also cycling competitions, theatrical performances, and many festivals taking place annually that will spark your ventures even more.

  • Guardistallo

lovely hamlet just 13 kilometres from the sugary Etruscan shores sitting on a lush, hilly area that is believed to have been inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC! One of the most popular local attractions is the church of Chiesa dei Santi Lorenzo e Agata (the version you now see is the outcome of an 1870s restoration after a massive earthquake that destroyed it almost to the ground). Come spring to join the Sagra della Crogiantina festival, where olive oil stars in a gigantic feast, or around Christmas time to see from up close the place with the most nativity scenes across the country! Or any time of the year, so to speak, as your luxury mansion (see Villa Guardistallo, for example) will provide everything you will need for a dreamy stay regardless of the season!

  • Montecatini Val di Cecina

You will find this scenic town tucked in the hills encompassing the picture-perfect Cecina valley. Being the bone of contention between Volterra and Pisa for many years (both wanted to add Montecatini under their dominion), before the second won the battle in the late 1400s, the Instagrammable town welcomes visitors to its historic centre with an 11th-century tower in the shadow of a magnetic castle. Also, a Romanesque church, a 14th-century palace, a Mining Museum, old copper mines, and mediaeval villages within close range are must-add to any itinerary. Roe deer, mouflons, and wild boars roam around the Miemo region nearby, while the alabaster city (Volterra) is just a 20-minute drive away. As for local events to thrill your senses, most are primarily gastronomic that take place between May and late August. One of the most captivating properties in this area is Villa Siroque, with amazing countryside views and a plethora of modern amenities and VIP facilities.


5 Reasons to make Pisa your base during your Tuscan ventures

Pisa is home to beautiful, mediaeval and Romanesque architecture and myriads of idyllic places of historical and cultural interest. Plus, an abundance of natural sights, parks, and nature reserves. Besides finding some of the most luxury villas in Pisa, the charming town is also worth every second of your time and every bit of your energy for the following reasons:

You combine tranquillity with sightseeing

The hand-picked elegant villas in our collection are all located in the picturesque suburbs of Pisa or the iconic countryside surrounding it. This is because we wish them to be close to Pisa, yet not in the midst of all the bustle and noise of the busy city. It is critical for our customers’ best experiences overall to be provided with a comfy and cosy place that promotes and encourages utmost relaxation and composure to return to after a long and exciting day out and about this magnificent part of Tuscany. That way, guests can enjoy sightseeing historical monuments, visiting local attractions, and driving through the scenic Tuscan countryside and its heart-stopping, lush landscapes.Speaking of jaw-dropping lands, Lucca’s rolling valleys, vineyards, olive groves, and cypress forests are also within easy reach from Pisa and your chic mansion. Yet another reason why Pisa is a fantastic Tuscany “headquarter” for any type of venture!

The food scene is absolutely palate-pleasing

The Tuscan countryside pampers visitors and locals alike with hearty stews, dishes where white truffles are the guest of honour, and staples like artichoke, cod, cuttlefish, and squid-inspired flavours. Add to that the quintessential Pisa cecina, a chickpea flour-created pizza-like flatbread, as well as carb courses starring risotto, and soups with recipes originating from the Apennine Mountains, and you start to gather the ingredients for a mind-blowing culinary experience.And, if you are willing to take this gastronomic venture just a but further off Pisa, then we suggest visiting a bakery at either Siena or Lucca (could be both) for a slice of the famous buccellato bread that you can enjoy while sipping your morning espresso at the city’s historic square! Of course, no meal in Tuscany is 100% complete without a glass of Pinot Bianco, Sauvignon, or Semillon (some of the most popular white DOC wines in the Monte Carlo region, close to Lucca)!

It’s perfect for families

There is absolutely nothing a family may need that Pisa does not provide in profound abundance. Besides the infamous Leaning Tower of Pisa, you can stroll along Piazza dei Miracoli (where the tower is located) and visit the enchanting Duomo di Pisa (the Cathedral), the Cemetery, and the Baptistery – all with pleasant surprises for the little ones. There are also playgrounds (you can try the one at the Parco Don Bosco that also features a bike path), along with beautiful places to have a picnic, such as the Giardino Scotto Park with the imposing 15th-century fortress and fortified citadel, and also Piazza dei Cavalieri (just 10 minutes on foot from the Leaning Tower).There is even a museum with a special armour collection that kids find fascinating (namely the National Museum of the Royal Palace), and several different family-oriented tours (for instance self-guided bike tours). And, let’s not forget the picturesque Marina di Pisa that is dreamy for seaside walks and family-friendly activities like swimming (the water is crystalline and shallow) and water sports. Along the mouth of the River Arno, you will also find some of the best ice-cream shops, pizzerias, and souvenir stores.On a warm, summer day, you may also claim your fair share or family fun at the Piccolo Mondo Amusement Park, and an exciting waterpark full of lounge areas, pools, slides (including the highest Tuscan slide), inflatable games, go-karts, and even a cinema!

Its nightlife is iconic

Despite not being one of the most animated European cities (when it comes to its night scene), the fact that Pisa is a university town means that it is, indeed, more than able to create some nice buzz, especially at venues close to the university. Expect a wide range of bars, pubs, and bars inviting you to dance, listen to live music, drink delicious cocktails, and raise the wow factor related to Pisa after sunset.Some of the most quintessential regions for vibrant nighttime activities is Via Lungarno, which is home to several popular bars and entertainment venues in Pisa offering a good assortment of drinks, snacks, and a fine selection of music. Among the numerous options, you may even find places hosting thematic music and dance nights, as well as clubs pampering with live concerts and opera representations!As for the summer months, the action seems to shift from downtown Pisa towards Marina di Pisa and other coastline resorts, such as Viareggio and Tirrenia – all giving every split second of the time spent there worth it a hundred-fold.

It is an utterly romantic destination

Simply wandering through the cobbled streets of the historic centre and through the scenic squares sends out an unbelievably romantic vibe to the atmosphere. Going past Romanesque-architecture buildings with spellbinding facades and streets lined with charming cafes and restaurants is a unique experience on its own, especially around sunset. Speaking of which, the Square of the Miracles (Piazza dei Miracoli) is truly where miracles can happen as the sun puts on a sense-caressing light show for your eyes only just before it slips behind the horizon. Surrounded by adorable architecture, you may also indulge in a romantic dinner for two with views of the breathtaking Arno River. Or join a private Pisa and Florence shore excursion from Livorno, or even play a real-world adventure at the romantic-themed open-air escape games full of challenges, fun, romantic stories of the present and the past, and picturesque places!

Villas In Pisa – FAQ

Do all villas in Pisa have a swimming pool?

Indeed, most of our Pisa mansions feature a pool. You can find all the necessary details in the villa description section. Or contact our friendly Customer Support for assistance!

Which are the best villas for large groups or families?

At the moment of this writing (our luxury villa collection is always expanding), the mansions that can accommodate the largest number of guests (between 20-22 individuals) are Villa Guardistallo, Villa Girasole, Villa Ginestra, and Fattoria Poggioasciolo.

Are the villas in Pisa air-conditioned?

The overwhelming majority of the properties in our Pisa villa collection have air-conditioning units throughout. However, kindly be reminded that Tuscan architecture features thick brick walls that keep the inside of the building cool even during hot summer days.

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