Luxury Villas In Siena

Siena is, hands down, one of the most alluring Tuscan cities with similar architecture as its nearby and hugely popular sibling, Florence, and a unique sense of authenticity that fits like a glove to those after a 360 Tuscan venture. Although less touristy than other regions, Siena impresses with a rich culture and history, imposing castles and mediaeval walls, fortresses dating to the Etruscan times, and magnificent squares and cathedrals, such as the amazing 13th-century Gothic-style Duomo di Siena Cathedral and its intricate carvings, statues, frescoes, and mosaics.

Besides the iconic architecture and incredible landmarks, though, Siena is also located in the Chianti region, which is considered a wine-making mecca in Tuscany. Come in July or August to watch the widely-loved Palio di Siena historical horse race that takes place at shell-shaped Piazza del Campo twice a year along with thousands of people flocking from across the globe to be in it, in any shape of form!

Of course, the local flavours, such as the delicious pici (a slightly thicker version of spaghetti) served with black pepper and pecorino cheese, the open-air market, and the sublime luxury villas in Siena allow visitors to fully immerse in the local culture and the award-winning concierge services that complement perfectly every experience.

Below is a list with the top 5 exquisite mansions in Siena in our collection, as well as the most prestigious locations in Siena to stay.

Best Villas In Siena for 2023

In an incredible swirl of colours, aromas, flavours, sights, and unique experiences awaiting to enchant every visitor, Siena is also home to some of the most exquisite mansions. Below is just an illustrative list with five of the most luxury villas in Siena in our current collection. Kindly contact Customer Support to be presented with all available options that meet your specific requirements and desires.

Villa Campo al Doccio

Villa Campo al Doccio Casole d Elsa Tuscany

A beautiful mansion with a spectacular garden on the edge of the idyllic Casole d’Elsa region in Siena, with adorable traditional architecture and a full range of luxury amenities. Sitting right in the heart of Tuscany’s most spellbinding heartlands, Villa Campo al Doccio magnetises with the rugged wilderness encompassing it, which can be admired and appreciated through its massive floor-to-ceiling glass walls from all around the villa. Five deluxe bedrooms, two power rooms, a cosy living room with a fireplace, a shimmering infinity pool, and lots of dining, sitting, and lounging areas complement guests’ experiences. And all that, just a short drive from Siena, Florence, and San Gimignano.

Podere san Gerolamo

Podere San Gerolamo Monteroni D Arbia Tuscany

Occupying a prestigious spot at a key location in the Siena region with profound artistic and natural value, this hypnotic villa is designed specifically to pamper up to 10 selective guests used to a VIP lifestyle or seeking exquisite accommodation. Besides the five lavish ensuite bedrooms with the adorable rustic furniture and traditional architecture featuring vaulted ceilings and stone walls, Podere san Gerolamo also spoils with a ton of high-end facilities. Among others, expect a fully equipped kitchen, a forno room with its original brick oven, both a living room and a media room with a fireplace, a private salt water pool, and a jacuzzi. Jaw-dropping sunsets, heart-stopping countryside panoramas, and grassy grounds add to the overall experience, creating long-lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

Villa Volterra

Villa Volterra Volterra Tuscany

Around 14 kilometres deep in the fabulous Cecina and Era valleys at the picturesque Volterra area in Siena lies this captivating exclusive property with the striking contemporary design. Elegant interiors featuring simple, modern lines, earthy shades, matching décor, warm brown accents, and beautiful beamed ceilings are in perfect harmony with the sensation exuded from the exterior spaces, which blend absolutely harmoniously with the natural landscape all around. Endless green spaces, a lush garden, an open floor plan, a fully equipped kitchen, ensuite bedrooms with crystal showers, a heated pool, an underfloor cooling and heating system, and a jacuzzi are some of the perks waiting to spoil guests. Waking up to expansive countryside views and sunset panoramas are also part of the package!

Casale la Casa

Casale La Casa Casole d'Elsa Siena Tuscany

Delightful arches, stone walls, massive glass windows, pergolas providing shade to cosy dining and sitting areas, hypnotic gardens, green lawns, magnetic vaulted ceilings, wood accents, pastels mixing with beiges harmoniously, and unobstructed views of the magical landscape surrounding you are on the other end of this journey. Pet-friendly Casale la Casa epitomises refined luxury, sophisticated elegance, and VIP amenities that are readily available for up to 8 guests. Two connected living rooms with a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen, multiple indoor and outdoor dining and sitting areas, an outdoor fire pit and a wooden oven, a private heated pool, a BBQ, and a luxury annex offering the same high levels of privacy and exclusiveness of the main unit are also right there for you to pamper yourself with.

Villa Collalto

Villa Collalto Colle di Val d'Elsa Siena Tuscany

Perched along the lush hills near the so-called Capital of Crystal, namely Colle di Val d’Elsa in Siena, Villa Collalto gives 2000 reasons to fall in love with it – just as many as its total square footage. Two stylish floors hosting chic suites with ensuite baths, and an individual-entrance annex and guest house give utmost privacy and exclusiveness. The long list of provided amenities includes a tennis court, a game room with interior bar, a billiard room, a cellar, a fully equipped kitchen, several dining areas, fireplaces, loungers, and even a cricket court and ping pong table. Plus, an outdoor jacuzzi for utmost relaxation, a private pool, a sauna, and a BBQ area granting every wish for fun and joyful times with your loved ones while being in the very heart of the lushest natural Tuscan terrain.

Where are the villas located? The most exclusive Siena areas

All the exclusive villas in our Tuscany portfolio have been hand-picked for their supreme location and their top-tier amenities. You will find the most exquisite luxury villas in Siena primarily situated in the following areas:

Casole d’Elsa

Set along a hill in the Sienese countryside, this scenic Etruscna settlement offers pristine views of the lushest Tuscan landscape. Dating back to the 11th century, the mediaeval village impresses with its characteristic oval-shaped fortifications that encompass the historic Town Hall, two 15th-century round of towers, and the magnificent Arte Viva gallery featuring children’s works from the Siena province.Some stand-out buildings of a high prestige are the 12th-century Gothic-Romanesque-style Collegiate di Santa Maria Assunta, the Archaeological Museum, and the Church of San Niccolo that dazzles visitors with its adorable frescoes and main 14th-century altar.That aside, parks, nature reserves, hiking trails, meditation corners, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a series of exciting events, including the popular Palio di Sant’Isidoro, a historical horse race, await to capture your heart for eternity.Some of the villas within this region are the lavish Casale la Fonte, Casale Pietti, Casale San Giovanni, and Casale San Damiano.



With deep roots in ancient times, this picturesque town is drenched in history, spellbinding visitors with its charming parish churches, glorious 16th-century walls, impressive castles, and the panoramic city views from the Poggio Imperiale summit.Apart from traces of the mediaeval era that left its mark upon this region, Poggibonsi is also home to idyllic trails featuring unique landscapes dotted by the grand San Gimignano towers and a faithful reproduction of a 10th-century village within the Archeodromo park.

The Museums of Paleontology inside the Pretorio Palazzo, the Sienese Sant’Agnese Forest Nature Reserve, the Romituzzo Sanctuary, and the statue-fringed mediaeval springs (made from casts of local residents) are also not to be missed.As for the local cuisine, the village sits in the heart of a famous wine-producing region, so expect to be pampered with the finest Chianti Classico (DOGG and DOP) as you soil your taste buds with juicy meats and delicious pasta dishes. Both Villa Ellerone and Villa Vianci are amazing mansions to stay in if you have already fallen in love with!



Oozing grace, elegance, breath-cutting natural beauty, and majesty from every stone, acre of lush land, and green hill, Tocchi is right where one would expect to find a fairy tale-like hamlet – amidst pure and undisturbed divinity.Very close to Monticiano, a town particularly visited and beloved for its thermal waters, Tocchi is a peaceful retreat welcoming visitors with a soothing atmosphere exuding tranquillity, promoting relaxation, and encouraging exciting ventures out in the wilderness of the Tuscan countryside.Just a 30-minute drive from Siena, this fantastic destination is, no wonder, home to some of the most exquisite properties in the entire province, such as Villa Ferraia, whose exclusiveness and list of VIP amenities have gone above and beyond the typical facilities of a Tuscany villa, catering to the needs of even the most discerning traveller with royal-like experiences.


Colle di Val d’Elsa

Colle di Val d’Elsa is a popular pit stop for everybody straddling the ancient Via Francigena path connecting Rome and Canterbury and leading through mediaeval villages, hills, unspoiled landscapes, and lands rich in artistic and historical beauties.Besides the centuries-old limestone traces, intriguing history, unique urban profile, and distinctive tower houses, the charming town is particularly known for the production of the most high-end glassware in the country. As for the Crystal Museum, the Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli and the Civic Museum of Sacred Art, they will surely please archaeology and history enthusiasts.The Elsa river, a path dotted with boardwalks, rest areas, a 15-metre-high waterfall, and bridges starting at San Marziale, a great array of riversports, lots of hiking and cycling opportunities, music events, dishes featuring local sheep milk cheese, cold cuts, and truffle-based flavours paired with a glass of Chianti Colli Senesi, as well as comfortable, VIP accommodation will accompany this journey. Speaking of places to stay, Villa Collalto and Villa Le Porciglia are both on the forefront in this exciting venture of yours in this particular area.


Monteroni d’Arbia

Sitting in the heart of a verdant landscape this picturesque village with the distinctive 14th-century water mill is much-visited for its exceptionally-preserved fortified mediaeval farm (Grancia of Cuna) and the 12th-century Hospice of Santa Maria della Scala. Ancient churches, incredible valleys filled with clay, rolling hills, olive groves, and forests, 14th-century towers, and the infamous Via Francigena passage starting at Siena and ending at Ponte d’Arbia are a few things able to create a sense of justified infatuation for this place.A plethora of festivals and perhaps the most delicious cured meats in the region also await to excite visitors, who can enjoy every bit of this amazing endeavour with a glass of the finest Vin Santo DGG or DOGG Riserva at hand, made from the local vineyards, either outside or inside their elegant villa’s premises, be it Podere San Gerolamo or another spectacular mansion.


Calmly and peacefully resting between the valleys of Dell’Era and Cecina on the borderline of the Siena province, Volterra is an idyllic Roman-era city with impressive Etruscan walls still surrounding its centre in almost mint condition.Strolling along its scenic alleys, one can instantly feel the strong mediaeval vibe setting deep in their skin as they rest their eyes on stunning landmarks like the amazing Palazzo dei Priori at Piazza dei Priori with the fabulous marble emblems adorning its facade.The Tower of the Little Pig (at Palazzo Pretorio), the Romanesque-style Duomo, the Baptistery (the artwork housed there is truly exceptional), and the Roman Amphitheatre that’s also home to the remains of Roman baths are all worth the visit for sure, among so many others.Full of much-anticipated food and wine festivals and fascinating mediaeval reenactments, Volterra definitely leaves visitors with utmost gratification. Of course, the available accommodation options could not be anything but astonishing, including Villa Volterra, a rare find epitomising contemporary style and a fine blend of traditional Tuscan architecture with modern, VIP amenities.

Luxury Villas In Siena – FAQ

Do all villas in Siena have a pool?

Their overwhelming majority, yes. It is paramount for us to provide our customers with top-tier accommodation. A swimming pool is considered a needed requirement before accepting a luxury villa in our collection. However, you may find a few properties not featuring a pool. In this case, expect to be compensated with a superbly enhanced level of extra pampering through other services and VIP amenities.

Which are the best villas for large groups or families?

Some of the larger mansions in our current Siena portfolio are Villa Ellerone (sleeps up to 24 guests), Villa Ferraia (sleeps up to 28 guests), Villa Corsano (sleeps up to 20 guests), and Villa Collalto (sleeps up to 26 guests). Nevertheless, you will also find properties suited to smaller groups of people or families, which can accommodate between 8-14 guests.

Do the luxury villas in Siena have air-conditioning?

 Indeed, most of the properties in our Siena collection come with A/C units or underfloor cooling systems. However, it should be noted, though, that traditional Tuscan architecture is distinguished by thick stone walls and tiled roofs that help keep the entire building much cooler in the summer heat than other properties without these features. 


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