Mykonos all Inclusive

Whether you are travelling for business or fun, Mykonos has rightfully earned its place among the most highly desired destinations, most favoured by VIP, Hollywood stars, celeb athletes, well-heeled Athenians, and jet-setters.

Voted the top summer holiday destination time and again due to its award-winning restaurants, pristine beaches, legendary party scene, dreamy villas, expensive yachts, warm and hospitable people, and 5-star services, Mykonos can satisfy the appetite for adventure and luxury with something to seduce every type of traveller. Put your hand on its beating heart and you will fall hopelessly in love. Submerge in the sparkling Aegean waters in a majestic sunset and emerge transformed.

For those that wish for tailor-made VIP Mykonos experiences, you will be spoilt for choice. From luxury accommodation and fine dining to crazy partying and clubbing, and first class, private transfers and tours, you can have it all…you can live it all – with the grandeur, splendour, and magnificence you seek.

Luxury Mykonos Villas


Exclusive Stay

The most selected luxury villas in Mykonos beloved by celebrities, royals, and A-lists are available not only for vacation rentals but also special events, including weddings, video productions, photo shoots, and other corporate or private functions.

Lavish properties with all required amenities and comforts to ensure the ultimate vacation experience welcome you with dreamy panoramas of the sparkling Aegean, pristine private beaches for your eyes only, and close proximity to some of the island’s most talked about hotspots.

Of course, there is always room for more to enjoy. Complementing your getaway holiday with VIP concierge services can get you world-renowned chefs cooking for you, maids, VIP club service, yacht and/or helicopter rental, and a fleet of the most luxurious vehicles to go around with class and safety at all time (mentioned below), among many others.


VIP Clubbing, Dining, and Partying

Since the 1950s, Mykonos has been the favourite child of many famous people. Legendary names of the international jet set, including Aristotle Onassis, Pierre Cardin, Princess Soraya, Elizabeth Tailor, Maria Callas, Stavros Niarchos, Jackie O, Grace Kelly, and Marlon Brando chose the Islands of the Winds to party like never before; like only they knew how. Followed by their successors (see Giorgio Armani, Harrison Ford, Shakira, Jean Paul Gautier, Hugh Jackman, and Monica Bellucci), Mykonos remains one of the most elite destinations in Europe for the rich and famous of the world looking for non-stop fun.

Mykonos has an impressive array of delicious Michelin star restaurants and family-run tavernas, along with nightclubs offering the most premier entertainment in the Mediterranean. It is also known for its luscious private after-parties and social gatherings. From the earliest sunset admired from the hill edge of Cavo Paradiso’s outstanding nights to some of the most unforgettable dining ambient and palate-pleasing tastes by the hands of executive chefs who manage impeccable menus of organic meat, the freshest seafood, seasonal vegetables, handmade pastas, and exquisite side drinks, there is definitely lots to see, taste, and do up until midnight, when Mykonos clubbing kicks off. Clubs like Cavo Paradiso and Super Paradise turn Mykonos into an endless party scene, with parties starting well before sunset and going on until the late morning hours.


Indicative List of the Best Restaurants & Clubs in Mykonos



Uno con Carne (Mykonos Town)

Cavo Paradiso (Paradise Beach)

Interni (Mykonos Town)

Babylon (Mykonos Town)

Buddha Bar (Ornos)

@54 (Mykonos Town)

Funky Kitchen (Mykonos Town)

Scandinavian Bar & Club (Agios Ioannis)

Scorpios (Paranga Beach)

Tropicana (Paradise Beach)

Spilia (Kalafatis Beach)

Super Paradise (Super Paradise Beach)

luxury yachting Mykonos

Luxury Yachts & Sailing

A fine line of superb, well-maintained luxury yachts and sailboats awaits to give you the opportunity to explore more of this beautiful island by sea. Nearby Delos, romantic Santorini with the infamous volcano and legendary sunsets, and sun-bathed Paros and Naxos, even the Greek capital are all within easy reach. Whether you go alone, with your friends, or have your own captain, skippers, chefs and other crew members to relish a more relaxing cruise is totally up to you!

helicopter rent mykonos

Jets & Helicopters

Elite private helicopters and jets will allow you to travel between Greek islands comfortably, conveniently, and swiftly. A particularly handy option for leisure trippers that want to travel with supreme comfort away from prying eyes and/or have little time to spare, alongside business professionals that are on a tight schedule and need to meet strict timelines. Besides taking in the beauty of Mykonos from above, you may also explore famous hotspots, untouched beaches, and isolated coves that provide the perfect setting for heart-fulfilling experiences.

luxury cars rent mykonos

Exotic Cars 

A fleet of elegant and prestigious cars with an attentive, reliable, private chauffeur and personal protection officers (optional) are at your service for your daily Mykonian drives, parties, weddings, and other special events to make sure you are in the right place at the right time.

Private Jeep Safari

Feed your daring soul by driving through steep rocky roads and trails that will definitely challenge your driving skills, and not only! Accompanied by a professional driver to show you the ropes (or not), the most talked about locations of Mykonos are easily reached.

Suggestions? A stop at Super Paradise or Panormos for a refreshing dive or cocktail (or both), a visit at the lighthouses, going past the long-standing windmills and ending the day atop the hill overlooking Mykonos Town to lay eyes on a majestic sunset and savour panoramic views of the bustling and vibrant Chora.

Private Excursions

Want to explore the island the most comfortable and relaxing way? Private excursions offered from stellar local travel agencies unveil the majesty and magic of the island in a unique and satisfying way. You will get a taste of both the cosmopolitan side of Mykonos and its charming traditional face, dive into its astonishing history, and visit the most popular and famous places, with special care towards meeting your particular requirements (i.e. visit family-friendly beaches or have a romantic picnic in a secluded islet). Swim into the crystal clear waters, relax at one of the most wonderful beaches, and sunbathe under the warm Mediterranean sun while enjoying your drinks or lunch at seaside eateries and beach clubs.

Mykonos luxury wedding services

Events & Weddings

From Gala dinners, mykonian weddings, and exhibitions to alumni reunions and corporate meetings, seminars, and conferences, expert event planners can work with you and provide the stellar experience you deserve down to the last detail. Committed to client-oriented excellence, with extensive insider knowledge, and unbeatable contacts Mykonos is home to some of the most famous and respected professionals in the VIP event planning industry.

Here you can read the Ultimate Guide to Mykonos Luxury Wedding.

Health Beauty & Wellness

Who says that you can’t have your personal trainer, superb spa treatments, or private yoga sessions while on holiday? Mykonos accommodates a wide range of avant-garde health, beauty, and wellness centres offering superior services to discerning vacationers.

VIP Security & Child Protection

Enjoy your Mykonos holidays with peace of mind. Experienced guards dedicated to looking after you and your loved ones in any situation, armed with the most advanced equipment (i.e. TETRA radio networks) and vehicles, will help make your stay is pleasurable and safe. The people assigned to your safety are the same people that keep high profile visitors and VIPs that are threatened safe through discreet and responsible guarding.

Medical assistance

When it comes to medical assistance, there is a well-organised network of highly qualified medical professionals, air ambulances and air medical transportation companies to ensure the best possible medical evacuations.

To make the entire Mykonos experience even more seamless and exhilarating, you may use our incomparable quality VIP concierge services to cover all your needs, from reserving a table in the most exclusive VIP clubs and restaurants in Mykonos to coordinating your days and nights with luxury car hire, rare liqueur orders, and everything in between while offering VIP assistance to your special requests.

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