Mykonos in Autumn

Like a true queen of the Cyclades, Mykonos is a cosmopolitan hub worshipped throughout the summertime, when it becomes a party mecca attracting thousands of “party pilgrims” from the international jet set, and not only. Nevertheless, the charm and allure of the island go far beyond the months between June and August. In fact, the Island of the Winds is also a fab early autumn destination; perfect for those longing for a more laid-back, luxury holiday experience, after the summer crowds are gone.

Autumn Mykonos

Some of the things about Mykonos that you will fall in love with if you come September or early October are:

The Great Weather

Despite other popular destinations, Mykonos remains an attractive retreat that welcomes tourists to warm waters and beaches still perfect for sunbathing. The sun shines gloriously, but is not scorching hot, with temperatures usually ranging between 22oC (72F) and 25oC (around 77F). The possibility of rainfall is quite scarce (rain showers are a bit more likely in October), and you can definitely go for a swim at sea or your private infinity pool at your exclusive Myconian villa with a nearly summery sensation!

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The Party Feel 

Although the most major festivals and parties take place in the heart of summer, with the climax of all festivities being in August, you will find plenty of popular party destinations open and ready to entertain the delectable autumn visitors with equally fun events. Be it a prominent beach bar or a fancy nightclub in the Chora (Mykonos Town); you will certainly be spoilt for choice, without having to worry about asphyxiating in people-packed locations.

The Privacy

Even though there are ways to savour your privacy even during the lively summertime in your elite holiday house or secluded, private beach, nothing compares to the sense of serenity and peacefulness autumn Mykonos infuses. The shores are significantly less crammed with tourists, and you have plenty of space to soak up the sun, enjoy your cocktail, and have fun with friends or family members without one falling on top of the other. Pure euphoria!

Autumn Mykonos Privacy & Sea

The Low Season Prices

Visiting Mykonos in September or early October will give you the chance to benefit from the lower hotel room and luxury Mykonos villa booking rates. Lacking neither their opulence nor their comforts and modern amenities, elite accommodation options (and practically everything else in Mykonos, from entertainment and food to plane/ferry tickets) are offered on much more attractive prices. So, just look for autumn deals and book your dream villa at a rate that is more to your liking.

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Autumn Mykonos Streets

The Slow-Paced Lifestyle 

Autumn Mykonos is beginning to regain its normal, everyday rhythms. You can still satisfy your shopping needs because the majority of boutique shops are still open offering a variety of high-end items at great prices, go to parties of world-wide fame, and visit popular sights, but you will also be able to see (and feel) the island’s natural beauty, elegance, and unique Cycladic charm from a local’s perspective.

The narrow, maze-like, cobbled streets are more peaceful, allowing you to take in all the hypnotic appeal and glamour of the whitewashed, cubic houses with the bougainvillaea-filled balconies and the distinguishing blue doors and windows, the picturesque villages that dot the rocky terrain, the bright Mediterranean sun, the cobalt waters of the Aegean, and the crystal blue skies.

Little Venice Mykonos

Autumn holidaymakers in the Island of the Winds have nothing to be jealous of the vibrancy, plethora of entertainment options, and allure of the summertime Mykonos. In fact, September and early October is the perfect time to visit the place to enjoy great value on everything from luxury accommodation to transport and be the blessed recipient of unique, soul-pleasing experiences.

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