Mykonos Birthdays

Luxury Mykonos Birthday

Your Luxury Mykonos Birthday in GreeceWhether you wish to celebrate your birthday with a selected few away from prying eyes at your luxurious yacht or villa, right next to your private pool, or bring a taste of Mykonos’ wild party scene into your special day, there is no doubt you can have exactly what you wish for in the Island of the Winds.

The Mediterranean hotspot with the gorgeous Cycladic charm and cosmopolitan character makes the perfect setting to an outstanding birthday party, creating a magnificent experience for you and your guests. Thanks to its natural beauty, distinguished by sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and a sky so blue that it feels like it becomes one with the emerald green waters of the Aegean somewhere in the horizon, Mykonos is the ideal place to honour the closure of one more great year and welcome the new beginnings, joys, and successes the year lying ahead will bring.

Depending on your particular preferences, you may choose to treat yourself and loved ones to a traditional Greek birthday celebration, with lots of dancing, singing, and authentic Mykonian feasts involved. Or you may enjoy exhilarating dining and entertainment experiences over a romantic dinner at world-famous Buddha Bar while overlooking the bewildering Aegean Sea from your private window.

Want to discover secret places on the island and unique beaches only a few people ever have the chance to see and enjoy? Then we can arrange for you to cruise by not only all the most notable beaches of the South, like Super Paradise and Paraga Beach, but also secluded coves and isolated inlets on a luxurious yacht and celebrate with lots of champagne and birthday surprises.

Of course, there are plenty of options if you just wish to spend your special day in a totally different environment – under water – or pamper yourself with personalised luxurious, exotic treatments designed to awaken the senses at a top spa in Mykonos with avant-garde thalassotherapy pools in a tranquil setting of refined relaxation.

If your dream birthday celebration includes an under the radar experience without having to sacrifice class or style, Panormos Beach is one of the best places to spend some relaxing time amidst the natural beauty and relish soaking up the sun, savouring delicious food while sitting on plush pillows in the sand, and swimming in the inviting cobalt waters of the Aegean.


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