The Definitive Guide To Mykonos Wedding (Updated 2019)

Mykonos is an undeniable winner in the race for the top wedding destinations in Greece – and probably, the world over! The magical island combines unique natural beauties, chic nightlife, plenty of local colors, and cosmopolitan lifestyle;…

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2017 Top Villas Selection by Kinglike Concierge

Villa Peace If you want a break from the pollution and the hustle and bustle of the city life, nothing could be better than spending some time near the serene Greek sea.Villa Peace gives you the opportunity to have the most amazing and relaxing time of your life in a luxurious villa

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Mykonos connoisseur levelling from 1-50 Kinglike checklist

Ever wondered what will make you a real Mykonos connoisseur? Want to be the person with expert Mykonos knowledge? Especially in this field of expertise Kinglike Concierge has the absolute knowledge to suggest the refined top 50 connoisseur checklist. Even if you have

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The absolute Mykonos Chora Town Kinglike guide

Even from the early shadows of time, Mykonos was in the epicentre. A perl of an island opposite to the central island of cyclades; the sacred island of Delos. The Cyclades, Cyclos, means circle in Greek; Islands in the Aegean archipelago. Named Cyclades because

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Exclusive Mykonos Family Retreat

by Nikos Vasilakos The importance of experiencing a family “first” together Any time you experience something for the first time, it creates a special memory in your mind. So, why not do something, neither…

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