Is Mykonos Safe to Visit? All the Answers you Want.

The latest coronavirus-related circumstances have everybody wondering about the safety of places, especially popular tourist destinations. This, of course, includes Mykonos island. Although travelling across the borders of European countries is an on-off situation, with flights being forbidden and then re-enabled every now and then, things will hopefully come to an end soon with the dreadful disease, and we will all return to our normal everyday routine. Nonetheless, questioning the safety of a place we wish to visit is ongoing, amidst a pandemic outburst or not. Here are some information about Mykonos and how safe an island it really is.

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How Safe is Mykonos During COVID-19

To answer your question about the safety of a Mykonos visit, here are some stats for COVID-19 in Greece overall. Let’s remind you that Greece was among the first countries that have dealt with the first COVID-19 wave efficiently (perhaps, most efficiently than any other European country). With under 100 deaths in total during the March spread of COVID-19, Greece managed to keep the virus at bay with strict measures, such as a complete national lockdown and restrictions in how (and when) its citizens would exit their homes. Despite being quite harsh on people, the measures did lead to Greece reopening schools and borders by mid-summer, allowing safe travels to and from Greece. No other EU member state has achieved this.

The second coronavirus wave has found Greece in a bit more difficult spot than the first one, as the rest of the world, of course. Still, it appears that the government is handling the situation quite well, and infectious diseases specialists in Greece claim that we will soon be through this challenging time in Greece because the Greek citizens seem to comply with the imposed measures fully.

As for the ones that get the disease in Greece, the overwhelming majority of them recovers relatively fast, while many of them are asymptomatic (and remain that way throughout the course of the disease in their body). Plus, you see everybody taking all health-related precautions and measures to keep themselves healthy, with distance keeping and maintaining good personal hygiene, among others, without ever losing their good spirits and positive thinking.

When it comes to Mykonos itself, only one confirmed COVID-19 case has been reported so far, which is unprecedented! This, in fact, indicates that the island is a health-safe spot in the Mediterranean. However, for your own safety and the safety of other people, it is best to avoid travelling as long as this pandemic lasts.


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First-Time Mykonos Visitors – What to Look Out For

Many people have related Mykonos to hedonism, wild parties, and drunk crowds. Others, with a luxury lifestyle. However, Mykonos is more than just a vibrant party mecca. It is an island that can please a wide range of visitors, from party-seekers and jet setters looking for fun to families with children and individuals loving traditional Greek island-style living. The best news? There is a sense of appreciation, friendliness, and acceptance swirling in the Mykonos air.

This means that whatever you are here for, nobody will judge you, and nobody will make your life miserable. So, whether you visit the island for family vacations or to join a gay festival, nothing will get in your way, ruining your holidays and your kind of fun. So, in that sense, you have nothing to worry about as there are no dangers in Mykonos that could prevent you from experiencing the Mykonos vibes – whatever vibes you wish to experience.

The only thing you should beware of is the weather as it often gets quite windy, which might be great for windsurfers, but it can be a bit tough on vacationers. And, that’s about it!


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