7 Superb Mykonos Family Activities for a Memorable Time

Although it has been established as the epicentre of global attention due to a vibrant nightlife distinguished by an admittedly wild party scene in people’s minds, Mykonos has managed to maintain its unique Cycladic allure and traditional charm, offering a plethora of family-friendly activities to please all senses, and, of course, all tastes and likes.

So, if you are planning to visit the Island of the Winds with the kids this year, you’ve certainly got a long list of pretty exciting things to do, see, hear, taste, and experience!  Below are just some ideas to help you get started! We are sure that you will find a whole lot more to add within each passing day…

Mykonos Family-Perfect Adventures

Mykonos Family Activity #1: Hitting Family Beaches

Almost every beach in Mykonos is well organized with sunbeds, parasols, beach bars, and restaurants or quaint tavernas serving traditional Greek dishes and delicious fresh seafood. However, three of them have gone the extra mile and now hold a reputation as the most family-friendly beaches in Mykonos.

Lia Beach Mykonos

  • Lia Beach – Located on the south-eastern side of the island, less than 10 miles from Mykonos Town, Lia Beach is the ideal retreat if you are looking for tranquillity and serenity even during the high season. There is a big parking area (no parking charges) to leave the car (if you don’t want to use Mykonos VIP transportation services). Then, just sit under the luxurious umbrella by the sea and have your cocktail or meal served in your deck with the waves splashing right in front of you while the little ones play with the fine granite sand or swim in the crystal clear blue waters. Snorkelling and scuba diving are also great options too. Eager to get your first PADI star or even get certified as a scuba diving master? There is a fully blown Diving Centre that will grand your wish via an extensive range of PADI diving courses. The famous shipwrecks of Anna II and a mind-blowing cave system in various diving sites surrounding Lia Beach and Lia Bay are not to be missed!

Kalo Livadi Mykonos

  • Kalo Livadi – A sandy, long, beautiful and relatively quiet beach for families to enjoy the sun and the clean, turquoise sea, some 8 miles from Mykonos Town. The shallow waters here make it a superb option if you have small children. And, even though most of Mykonos is lashed by strong northern winds, Kalo Livadi is protected from them, leaving families with just enough waves to have fun playing with! With designated areas with beach beds, umbrellas, and tavernas, alongside idyllic spots away from prying eyes where you can lie your towel in the sand and relax under the shade of 100-year-old trees, you got yourself an excellent sandy, family-perfect getaway.

Platis Gialos Mykonos

  • Platis Gialos – A famous, well-organised beach on the south side of Mykonos, just 3-4 miles from Mykonos Town (aka Chora). Its long stretch of fine sand, cobalt waters, and the completely equipped installations that facilitate the bathers have contributed to shaping its reputation as a beach that can provide the means for some great family fun. Now, if you decide to use the babysitting services offered by elite professionals on the island (arranged via respected Mykonos concierge services providers), the famous-for-their-quirky-parties beaches of Paradise and Super Paradise are just a short sail away! Also, you can see the ruins of three towers dating in the Hellenistic season in nearby Lito area.


Mykonos Family Activity #2: Diving Opportunities

Submerge into the mysterious, yet always inviting waters of the Aegean Sea and dive into the past and ancient history of the island. Grab your equipment, gear up the kids, and explore the gorgeous seabed from selected diving spots, filled with pots and amphorae, as well as traces of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. The diverse underwater scenery, where rock walls give their place to impressive canyons, leaves no room for a single dull moment.

Given that the visibility is beyond incredible (30-40 meters), you will have no problem laying eyes on the Peloponnesos shipwreck; a once glorious ship that sunk in 1926 now transformed into one of the most magnificent reefs, inhabited by several fish species and plants. Another very well-preserved shipwreck is Anna II, which sunk in 1995. If the children are not old enough for such underwater explorations, there is always plenty to admire in the shallow waters and lots of limpets and sea urchins to discover behind rocks!

Mykonos Family Activity #3: Hiking

Mykonos’ diverse landscape is ideal for a wide range of nature-related activities. Except for bird-watching, you can organize a long walk in the countryside and just follow one of the many hiking trails throughout the island. Every single one of them is managed by the Municipality of Mykonos and has been specially created to satisfy the needs of both the amateur and experienced hiker (with varying levels of difficulty). Once there, you will soon realise that the use of natural materials in the trails is not a random choice rather than part of an active campaign to maintain the naturalness of the countryside.

Make sure you pack some snacks and lots of water, wear hats and light clothes and set off on an exciting trip. Alternatively, you can ride your bikes and conquer the hills!

Mykonos Family Activity #4: Kayaking

Mykonos offers a truly unique sea kayaking experience, with spectacular vistas, enchanting secret coves, local wildlife, and dramatic rock formations. The wild northern coastline delivers a revitalising break from the hustle and bustle of modern living. Paddle around the shore and reconnect with nature while reinvigorating your mind, body, and soul. What a superb way to spend some quality time with the family after a long and tedious winter!

mykonos kayak

Tip: Trust local experienced BCU qualified kayak instructors to help reveal the authentic side of Mykonos from the sea; aside very few have had the privilege of witnessing.

Mykonos Family Activity #5: Yacht Sailing

If you have an infant or toddler and don’t fancy the idea of kayaking around Mykonos with them along, you may also jump on a luxury yacht and sail to nearby destinations favoured by celebs and A-lists that visit the island with their loved ones every summer, like ancient Delos island (also a UNESCO World Heritage site), Naxos, Santorini, Paros, and, of course, Athens. There, you can learn more about the ancient Greek history, visit the birthplaces of famous ancient Greek heroes like Hercules, and step foot on the land that gave birth to the Olympic Games and democracy. To be able to enjoy the cooling breezes without worrying about anything, it is best to opt for a crewed charter for unparalleled, pampered, experiences.

Benefits of using a crewed charter for your family vacation

  • Relaxing for Parents – You can sit back and enjoy quality family time with the responsibility for the yacht, meals, plus daily activity planning left to their professional Captain and Chef.
  • Fun for Kids – Kids have plenty to keep them entertained aboard between sailing, snorkelling, wake-boarding, tubing, stand up paddle-boarding or even scuba diving (yacht depending).
  • Family Friendly Yachts – You can find a long list of yachts with well-equipped water sports lockers and crews that love having kids aboard.
  • Easy Sailing – Discover a new island each day, protected waters, shorter sails, plus a wide variety of excellent anchorages to choose from.
  • Abundance of Yacht Options – Large selection of yacht options at every price point, including high-end exclusive suggestions to more affordable recommendations.

More info for Yacht Sailing Mykonos here.

Tip: You can relish equally thrilling experiences from up above, via helicopter rides.

Mykonos Family Activity #6: Open-Air Cinema Experiences

Cinemanto Mykonos Town

There is a beautiful, little corner in Mykonos filled with pine trees and lush scenery that is also home to Cine Manto; the oldest (and only) open-air cinema still standing. Enchanting with its retro charm and delicious tastes from grilled meats and fresh salads (can also be enjoyed while you watch a film), Cine Manto comprises a fantastic option for families, couples, and groups of friends  that want to catch some old-time classics or some of the latest movie releases (including kids’ films and animated movies) in an environment that infuses warmth and elegance.

Mykonos Family Activity #7: Exquisite Villa Fun Options

Villa Harper Kanalia Mykonos

It may sound odd, but you can indeed have enormous family fun without leaving your elite Mykonos villa. Choosing one of the exclusive holiday properties nicely tucked in prestigious locations across the island (close to children-friendly beaches) means that you can have your own butler, babysitter, chef, and VIP driver to accommodate all of your needs. Spend the daytime by the infinity pool or the nearby family-perfect beach, organize a BBQ party, watch a movie in the at-home entertainment rooms, grab some lemons from the lemon trees at the back of the villa and make home-made lemonade, and re-spark that fire with your significant other while sharing a cocktail and heart-stopping views of the sun as it slips behind the colourful horizon.

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