Mykonos Gastronomy – A Dive into Palate-Caressing Tastes!

Part of a dreamy Mykonos getaway is definitely pampering your taste buds with the exquisite tastes and flavours local cuisine is infused with. Indeed, besides an incredibly cosmopolitan island with a high lux factor, Mykonos pleases its visitors with a fantastic range of options for breakfasts, brunches, lunches, and dinners. Plus, you also get the chance to enjoy your food in different kinds of settings, from your elegant Mykonos villa garden overlooking the Aegean Sea to onboard a stylish yacht while on a private tour. Or even have a private chef prepare everything you desire from morning to evening at the comfort of your own luxury mansion and its fully equipped kitchen!

Below is a short guide with what to expect for each meal of the day to keep you pumped up and energised for your Mykonos endeavours!

Vitamin-Filled Breakfast Options

Start a fantastic day with foods that will fill you with the nutrients and energy your body needs to handle all the Mykonos excitement to come. From traditional delicacies, detox beverages, the finest coffee, and freshly-squeezed juices to seasonal fruits, local cheese varieties, organic eggs, yogurt, and pastries, you are definitely spoiled for choice. 

Everything is prepared according to your preferences and can even include fresh croissants and crepes. The best part? That your breakfast can be served at the patio of your villa with captivating views of the sea and the cloudless Mediterranean sky! Or you could opt for one of the many breakfast hubs and historic coffee shops across Mykonos with the fab casual vibe and soak up the first rays of the sun while savouring all-encompassing seascapes and panoramas of the Mykonos coastline. What a great way to activate your metabolism right before heading to the beach!

brunch mykonos
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Brunch – A Much-Needed Pit Stop! 

If you are not much of a breakfast person, then a toothsome brunch will introduce you to local tastes and open new culinary horizons for you at Mykonos. Besides the breakfast options mentioned above, you can also spoil yourself with various mezedes, vibrant salads, egg snacks (i.e., poached eggs), burgers, and fresh sandwiches. You will find plenty of brunch shops, with the most popular ones lining the Mykonos Town beachfront. 

Lunch – Dine like a local!

Expect homemade luxury or lunch that involves spontaneous socialisation among both tourists and locals! Depending on what to opt for, your lunch experience can be as private or touristy as you wish. Most spots offer Greek-style lunches, with feta cheese, tomatoes, rusks, olives, and extra virgin olive oil being the protagonists. In this case, feel free to share a glass of locally produced ouzo, beer, or wine with the friendly locals gathering at their favourite Old Port restaurant or kafeneio! Or get delicious spinach pie on the house!

However, you can also choose among sweet or salty pancakes, tortillas, toasts, fresh seafood, and more gourmet alternatives. Combine with dazzling champagne, classy caviar, hand-picked wines, or sublime vodka for an exquisite gastronomic journey. And, if you want to take this experience to the next level, why not ask for personalised services for ultimate opulence and composure? That way, you can have an entire restaurant dedicated to addressing your culinary needs. 

Dinner – Giving fine dining a new meaning 

Always using regional and local ingredients, most top-notch Mykonos restaurants offer tailor-made dinners to suit your lifestyle. So, whether you select a barbecue buffet, a traditional Greek or a more formal type of dinner, you won’t be disappointed. Your options include local fish (the day’s catch), seafood dishes, palatable appetizers, fresh salads with local ingredients, and mouth-watering traditional Greek cuisine (plus Mykonos staples, such as louza sausages, spicy kopanisti cheese, and onion pie), alongside dishes from all over the world. 

It’s known the world over that the Greeks have a unique way to enjoy every single day. Good food, great ouzo, positive attitude and vibes, smiles, being surrounded with loved ones, and a refined taste for all the best in life are key components of a balanced, happy, and fulfilling life. Mykonos is, of course, no exception. 

Don’t hesitate to ask us how we can bring the most authentic Mykonos dining experience to you! 



Featured Photo by J. Balla Photography on Unsplash

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