Ultimate Guide to Mykonos Luxury Living (Top Tips inside)

Mykonos has been considered the most iconic Greek island for both A-lists and celebrities alike since the late 1960s.

What was originally a nude beach and hippie destination has managed to establish itself as the ultimate cosmopolitan destination of the international social elite, VIPs, and celebrities from the global jet set that rivals the likes of bon viveur hot spots like St. Tropez and Ibiza.


If you feel the time has come to embrace the true Myconian luxury in every aspect of your life while visiting the Island of the Winds (=Mykonos) – an experience that also combines an unlimited party atmosphere with luxury – then this guide will satisfy all your needs.

From the most exquisite, world-renowned bars and restaurants with VIP table and bottle service to some of the most exclusive VIP-access clubs, villas, and private, HIP escapades, the island of exaggeration and contrasts will not disappoint you for sure.


Exploring the True Essence of Gourmet Cuisine

Unveiling the Most Palate-Pleasing Tastes Ashore

Mykonos offers an impressively wide range of different culinary experiences to please even the most discerning taste buds. Available per your preferences are from little, family-run, beach-side tavernas to the most elegant gourmet restaurants with special guest DJs, panoramic views of the marvellous Aegean Sea, the best seafood in Mykonos, as well as Mediterranean and fusion dishes inspired by multinational influences, and some of the most knowledgeable bartenders to please your most extravagant wishes while partying till dawn.

Mykonos Unique Restaurants

Below is a list with some of the most VIP-preferred restaurants in Mykonos for the past few decades that provide distinct experiences and unparalleled views of the Aegean Sea. However, kindly note that Mykonos is a live community that constantly transforms to meet our own changing needs and demands!

Private Chef Services & Yacht Catering

If you want to treat yourself with an exclusive private dinner at the comfort of your luxury residence, your private chef and their team of dedicated food specialists will cater for every aspect of your culinary journey in your own Mykonos villa, with strictly personalised menus. Whatever the gastronomic experience you are looking for, be it a cooking lesson, closed-circle dinner, BBQ party, lavish theme dinner, or even live cooking on a private beach, your wish will be granted.

You may also choose to take live cooking to an upper level and enjoy a 5-star service with a menu of the highest calibre prepared by highly skilled chefs boasting rich high-end restaurant backgrounds abroad a deluxe yacht charter sailing amidst of the enchanting Aegean blue.

Glamorous Clubbing at the Beating Heart of the Aegean

High-end nightclubs throwing ritzy and glamorous parties that don’t end until the early morning hours welcome you to their premises with the air of elegance and fun that characterises the vibrant Mykonian party scene. Seek arrangements for VIP tables and VIP entrance to the best clubs for you and your group and spend your time like a true Mykonian while discovering the most best-kept (night) secrets of the island.

VIP-Access Clubs (with a casual, yet chic, dress code)

Cavo Paradiso (Paradise Bay)


Bonbonniere Mykonos

Super Paradise

Queen Champagne & Cocktail Bar (Chora)



Scandinavian Bar (Agios Ioannis)

Astra Bar (Chora)

Caprice Bar (Little Venice, Chora)

Dive Into the Cycladic Culture

Besides parties, though, there is a wide range of interesting cultural events that take place throughout the summer months, which are definitely worth considering. So, whatever your tastes and preferences, you will find an inviting array of events that can fit in your cultural agenda, ranging from mini festivals of young artists and educational programs to art exhibitions and theatre.

Our suggestion? To try, at least once, the experience of an outdoor movie theatre, like Cine Manto has to offer. Located in the heart of Chora, the atmospheric summer cinema is indeed a pearl of entertainment. Watch a film under the stars with your loved one(s), enjoy delicious grilled meals and fresh salads at the adjacent grill restaurant (or ask to be served in the open-air cinema), and relax with a bottle of beer (or a fine glass of wine) at hand while watching one of the latest releases!

Mykonos Beaches Luxury

Luxury Beach Living in Your Flip flops

Get a sweet taste of the glamorous and intense Mykonian beach life from a wide plethora of options. Whether you need a more laid-back party hotspot that accommodates the young and beautiful from night to dawn or luxury bars frequented by the crème de la crème, Hollywood stars, and famous athletes, you can now have it all. Sunbeds and table reservations can be made for you, and you may also enjoy access to VIP events open only to a selected few! You just name the party you want to attend, and you will most likely get an invitation for your group with the assistance of those that pull the strings – like our VIP service specialists at Kinglike!


Located in some of the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos, these beach bars (just an indicative list offered here – contact us if you need more options) have created an excellent scenery to enjoy a relaxing day under the sun, right next to the crystal clear waters of the Aegean, offering a transportive approach to understated luxury.

Mykonos clear blue waters

Accompanied by the glimmering sparkle of champagne, refreshing, signature cocktails prepared by the best mixologists, luxurious sunbeds, vibrant music, surroundings that tantalise the senses, beautiful sunsets, soothing water elements, nonchalant experiences with the use of shisha pipes, and elegance at its most unpretentious, cool is definitely reinvested in the heart of these Cycladic havens.

Caressing The Senses with Refreshing Body Treatments

Luxurious spas featuring an inviting blend of traditional Cycladic architecture and more modern touches, distinguished by marble floors beautifully complemented by locally crafted wood features, soft lighting, and natural fabrics in earthy tones – all tastefully combined to evoke the serenity of the island – offer signature body treatments, massages, and rituals. Also available are wellness programs and holistic therapies based on the healing benefits of the surrounding local ingredients and a broad array of organic face treatments.

Elite spa journeys in Mykonos include:

  • Hatha yoga private sessions for less experienced yoga practitioners (breathing exercises and guided meditation included).
  • Energy treatments and oil-based massages.
  • Personalised programs of more advanced practices of hatha yoga.
  • Men-only grooming packages to help reduce stress and cleanse the body.
  • Anti-age facials.
  • Rituals (Detoxifier and De-Stress).
  • Spa services specifically for couples.

Villa Athena Ornos Mykonos
Villa Athena Ornos Mykonos

Refined & Prestigious Stay

Ultra-chic, spacious villas and sumptuous holiday homes nicely nestled in pristine locations all around the island, featuring amazing sea views, impeccable design, high aesthetics, and modern amenities, become your top summer accommodation choice in Mykonos. Whatever you need your exclusive beach house to be, be it a peaceful retreat away from the bustling Chora that never sleeps, the centre of all action and fun, or an interesting blend of both worlds, there is always a luxury residence with your name on it. You simply choose the level of privacy you desire and pick the ideal location. Leave your footprints on the private sandy beaches nearby or relax by your elegant pool while others enjoy a BBQ, a party, or their nice, quiet time alone with nobody ever stepping on anybody else’s toes!


Celebrating a Special Event

From a small, private gathering to a large, luxury affair, your party or event can become an exceptionally magical experience. Whether you need to organise a corporate function, bachelor party, birthday surprise, or even a grand wedding or alumni reunion, you can have first-class services and perfectly planned and executed events, which may also include luxury VIP cars, private yachts, and even helicopters to accommodate all your needs and requirements.

Your expectations will probably be exceeded, regardless of where you want all action to take place; in the comfort of your own private villa, an exclusive yacht amidst the Aegean, or another VIP-access-only venue across the island. Simply share your vision and a team of experienced event planners will make sure it becomes a reality. They will manage every aspect of your event, from RSVPs and invitations to galas, branding, engagement parties, and more. 

Finally, as already mentioned above, exclusive air services are also available to help turn your celebration into a memorable experience. Experienced pilots will take you and your guests to the desired location quickly, reliably, and, of course, safely.

Much More Than Inland Thrill

1 – Setting Sails

A swanky boat that provides all the comforts and posh you deserve will take you and your family or friends to an exciting whole-day tour in the waters of the Cycladic archipelago. Drop anchor at the island and archaeological site of Delos, have a refreshing dive in trackless beaches with crystal clear waters, and feel free to explore hidden caves that very few have laid eyes upon, just before you set sails again for the nearby islands of Naxos and Paros. If you feel like it, you may even go as far as the island of Santorini – perhaps, the most romantic island in the Mediterranean – and enjoy an idyllic, heart-stopping sunset at the closure of a great day.

Of course, there are more than one ways to have fun while cutting the waters of the Aegean. Having a private party is one of them, so don’t hesitate to ask for a unique experience and turn the decks into a party far away from the shore. Seduced by the stars (or the bright sun) and with champagne flowing abundantly, you can take delight in exclusive cruises to unreachable destinations around the Island of Winds, such as isolated little islets, along with some of the most secluded beaches of the Southern part of the cosmopolitan Mykonos, uncovering the underwater magic and living a truly unforgettable experience away from prying eyes at the same time.

Tip: Once you reach the shore again, watch out for the successor of Peter the Pelican – the mascot of the island; he is a real charm!

Petros Pelican Mykonos

2 – Relishing The Beguiling Underwater World

Mykonos offers spell-binding moments both ashore and under the sea. One of the best ways to explore its rich and indeed alluring under-water world is from the comfort of your private, palatial yacht. How? There are companies on the island that offer action and excitement through lux boats featuring an imposing glass floor which gives you full visibility of the ecosystem that develops and flourishes under water. It is a wonderful experience not only for adults but children too, who get the chance to have a clear view of an entirely different world living under their feet without having to deprive themselves of the affluent lifestyle they are used to or mingling with 100s of other people also looking for the same experience. Or you may rent a glamorous and desirable yacht and just dive in, with the guidance and assistance of your personal diving instructor; one of the many certified and experienced divers that not only know how to introduce you to the crystal waters of Mykonos the safest and most exciting way but also teach you the secrets to tame the waves and explore a rich seabed, filled with 2 shipwrecks that date back to a couple of centuries ago, and an amazing marine life.

360 Degree Private Shopping and Luxury Goods

Have uniquely-designed personal shopping experiences with the assistance of a long-established network of highly experience fashion professionals and stylists. From making arrangements for the design of an outfit tailored to your precise needs to locating hard-to-find luxury items, your shopping dream can come true in Mykonos.

Mykonos Street Shopping Private

Let us also note that all your endeavours on the island, including shopping, can be backed up by a high level of security and protection, if necessary. You can have a team of security experts and personal bodyguards (a team with careers in the law enforcement, military, and special anti-terrorist forces, among others) to watch over you and your family, alongside your luxury villa using the most sophisticated equipment, technologies, and VIP protection techniques.

Ready to enjoy a seamless, all-inclusive holiday experience in the Island of Winds? Kinglike provides an unrivalled luxury concierge service that covers all your exclusive needs, from access to highly demanded events and luxury accommodation to first-class entertainment and private shopping with the creativity, resourcefulness, and professionalism required to make your holiday as secure, memorable, and pleasant as possible.

Mykonos Luxury Villas and properties to select yours


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