Mykonos – Every Outdoor Recreation Lover’s Paradise

Despite the fact that Mykonos has been established in people’s minds as a party hub for the world’s jet-set, the truth is that it hides so much more besides a glam lifestyle and night-long parties that you would be impressed!

To begin with, the local topography is characterised by hills filled with aromatic herbs and flowers, which become the raw ingredients for many local recipes, such as the Mykonos-signature almond cakes and Louza, the delicious meat side dish. Other than that, the Island of the Winds is home to beautiful spots, like the Marathi lake, a major water conservatory that supplies Mykonos with water during the summer months, and the scenic beach at Choulakia region that looks as if it has jumped out of paradise. So, nature lovers definitely have quite a few things to add to their to-do list once they step foot at Mykonos. Time to start highlighting all the gorgeous adventures you can have here, besides taking blissful bites of the island’s vibrant night scene.

Mykonos Recreational Adventures & Natural Allures

Some of the things that could help create unique and unforgettable memories in Mykonos if you love nature are:


Water Sports


You have probably heard of the Meltemi winds. These are strong northern winds that blow in the Cyclades region and create the best waves for windsurfing, parachuting, and similar water sports that need a gentle push from up above (or the side)! So, it comes as no surprise that thousands of surfers and sailors come to Mykonos from all around the world to try their skills in water sports while having the time of their life. As for those new to the particular sport, the coastline is home to plenty of schools that will teach you how to surf, master deep-sea diving, and many more. As for the shores that you could visit to put your adventurous side to the test, these include Ammos, Korfos, Kalafatis, Elia, and Ftelia beach, to name a few. 

Mykonos Wind Surfing

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Now, if you prefer scuba diving and feel drawn into the underwater world of the island, you can consider Kalafatis beach, Paradise beach, and Paranga beach as they all offer excellent visibility and crystalline waters filled with hypnotising rock formations that are home to various schools of fish. Alternatively, you could join a personalised yacht charter snorkelling cruise that will take you to remote locations a bit further from the coastline, where you can explore more of the rich marine cosmos that lies beneath you.


Golf, Tennis and Bird Watching


Head to Agios Stefanos to play tennis or for a round of mini-golf or drive to Agia Anna beach to indulge in activities like beach volleyball. Bird watching enthusiasts, one the other hand, will have their slice of heaven as they sail from one island to another, for whatever reason. Expect bird sightings that include the long-legged buzzard, the blue rock thrush, and the cacique. And, if you are in for a sunset cruise, then keep your eyes open for the Shearwaters that appeal at night. The really fortunate ones may even come face to face with a Bonelli’s Eagle too!

Mykonos Tennis

Photo by Miguel Teirlinck on Unsplash


Panoramic Vistas


Some of the best views on the island are seen from the area of Prophet Elias, the highest spot in Mykonos. It is not a region widely known, which makes it an ideal getaway location if you prefer some more privacy. While there, you could dive into the refreshing waters of Merchia beach. The fact that it is still unspoilt and unorganised gives you the chance to enjoy the true natural beauty of the Mykonos shoreline while the trees will provide enough shadow to savour the warm Mediterranean sun without getting burnt. 

And speaking of heart-stopping panoramas and enchanting natural landscapes, your exclusive Mykonos villa is another place that can pamper your senses. Just select the desired location and then sit back with a glass of wine at hand and watch the sun slipping behind the horizon.



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