Mykonos Town

Luxury Villas in Mykonos Town (Mykonos Chora)

Luxury Holidays in Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town is definitely one of the most charming and cosmopolitan towns of the Cyclades, with a picturesque maze comprised of white-washed houses, Bougainville trees, small endless streets, quaint windmills, shops, churches, stylish terraces and bars, and, of course, a hugely vibrant party scene that makes night sleeping seems like a utopia!

Mykonos Town Villas

It is practically impossible to get bored here as there is something for every taste, whether you are an entertainment junkie out for a great time or somebody that wants to know more about the island’s tradition and history.

Fancy shopping? The island capital has the most exquisite shops that welcome and serve customers until the small hours. From beach-club boutiques and international brands to art galleries, jewellery shops and venues that deliver anything, anytime, anywhere on the island to their elite clientele, your options are limitless, literally!

Want a relaxed drink while enjoying the views? Quaint neighbourhoods like Little Venice open their arms to anybody seeking some romantic times or simply a chance to feel one with the glistering sea spreading below their feet.

Care to grab a bite or treat your palate with delicious dishes prepared by top chefs? Mykonos Town is home to a wealth of lovely eateries and deluxe dining facilities that people with a sensitive palate or a good taste in food can find mouth-watering. Anything from creative fusion dishes with a quirky Mediterranean twist and traditional tastes to grilled foods and gourmet cuisine is within an arm’s reach. And, all that, in beautiful seaside spots, next to breath-taking pools, and outdoor terraces that dazzle with their style and bizarre simplicity.

How about dancing and drinking until you collapse? You are covered. Chic spots, extravagant cocktail bars, lounge bars with theatrical décor, champagne bars with chill music, and venues that host the wildest parties that last from sunset to sunrise are all here.

Even if you only want to go out all dressed up or wearing just the basics, Mykonos Town gives you the chance to spend your holidays exactly as you wish, with no must’s or but’s.

Mykonos Town must-visit attractions

For starters, there are tens of beaches to enjoy the warm Mediterranean sun and the cool sea. Depending on the type of vacations you seek, you will find stretches of golden sand for nudists, families, water sports, snorkelling, beach fun, partying, and more.

Of course, the windmills is a huge pole of attraction offering heart-stopping views of the Aegean and the striking coastline that lights up every night.

Other than that, the mysterious island of Delos is just across the capital and is certainly worth your time. Besides the impressive archaeological sites there, the land is drenched with a rich mythological background that involved gods, titans, legendary battles, and rulings that forbid burials and births on the island.

The city with the most cosmopolitan character

Mykonos Town is decidedly the place where celebrities, families, and college students mingle together to celebrate the Greek summer and worship the sun. It is, for many people, the part of the world where glamour meets simplicity in every aspect, from the way you can entertain yourself to where you stay.

Speaking of stay…

Specifically designed to provide you with an ultra-luxury vacation experience are the exclusive villas situated close to Mykonos Town. Featuring idyllic views of the Mykonian sea and offering the widest range of amenities and comforts necessary for a posh and memorable holiday, these deluxe properties combine traditional Cycladic architecture and elegance with an ideal location that could be overlooking the popular Kalafatis bay, the beaches of Super Paradise and Paradise, or other scenic spots nearby (depending on their exact location). Secluded privacy, discreet opulence, access to some of the finest beaches on the island, and utmost comfort are what you can expect from your stay here.

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