No Wish is Unfulfilled in Mykonos – Top Concierge Services to Cater to your VIP Needs

It is widely known that Mykonos is the land of unsurpassable luxury and VIP-worthy services. Indeed, no rock is left unturned to deliver on elite visitors’ wishes, no matter how extreme or uncommon (as if such a term exists in Mykonos!). In fact, bespoke Mykonos-based luxury concierge companies with a global appeal offer a cinematic approach through tailor-made services that fit your demands, budget, and lifestyle. Among the provided services are yachting experiences, private transportation, event planning, VIP reservations, and many more! 

Here is an illustrative list of what you can ask for while soaking up the irresistible Mykonos allure and royal-like pampering.

Elegant villa accommodation 

With an extensive and exclusive experience in luxury accommodation, the Mykonos luxury rental estate experts at Kinglike Concierge will match your specific requirements with the perfect stylish villa or combo at prestigious locations across Mykonos. Needless to say, all properties listed in our portfolio are hand-picked and fully equipped to deliver luxury accommodation at its finest. As expected, all Kinglike Concierge mansions and holiday residences come with their own set of complementary services (depending on the chosen holiday package), which can include:

  • Chefs
  • Bodyguards
  • Personal trainers
  • Spa wellness
  • Nannies
  • Hair stylists
  • DJs
  • Catering
  • Personal assistants
  • Housekeeping staff

Luxury transfers & car rentals

Private or not, with a private chauffeur or otherwise, you can request luxurious transfers with a concierge agency’s fleet and drive around the island with a VIP or executive vehicle (including sedans or SUVs), from and to various locations, such as the airport, port, villa, night club, restaurant, event spot, yacht, and more, without any signs or stickers. In short, expect nothing but an impressive range of value-added transfer and car rental services to accompany your ventures! 


Exclusive tours and air services 

You have the chance to collect authentic and memorable experiences through private excursions and tours organised by knowledgeable professionals for exquisite Mykonos adventures. Of course, every available tour can be customised to fit your particular needs, and can include from private yacht charter vacations to helicopter rides or even more individualised air services with company-owned Lear jets. That way, you can enjoy sailing the crystalline waters of the Aegean with a catamaran, speed boat or yacht or take in the natural beauties of Mykonos (and the Cyclades island complex as a whole) from the cloudless Mediterranean skies. 


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VIP nightlife

For even more thrilling and dynamic holidays, you can get a taste of the legendary Mykonos nightlife and party scene without rubbing shoulders with thousands of other Mykonos visitors. Getting yourself on the VIP Guest list opens the doors to exciting and private endeavours, be it at a beach club, restaurant, private party, event, clubs or another entertainment option/venue/facility. 

Tip: Combined with a private chauffeur service, you can enjoy a hassle-free night out without worrying abo0ut how to navigate the narrow and windy Mykonos roads.  


And, if the luxury lifestyle management services above are missing a service that’s essential to you, or have a specific demand, don’t hesitate to contact our highly competent and adept staff at Kinglike Concierge. We will utilise our extensive ties and network of local and international partners to provide you with an outstanding and dreamy Mykonos experience.  


Welcome and Enjoy!

Featured Photo by Dimitris Kiriakakis on Unsplash

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