Luxury Villas in Panormos, Mykonos

Villas in Panormos

Luxury Holidays in Panormos, Mykonos 

On the northern side of the island, and in a quite secluded area, is Panormos. Far away from tourist facilities and lively beach bars, this beautiful spot with the unspoilt, raw beauty is the ideal destination for those that desire to see the true colours of Mykonos and enjoy the natural Cycladic scenery at its finest.

The unique charms of Panormos beach

This calm and non-organised Panormos beach calls for visitors interested in visiting it to throw their watches away as time has its own rules here. Some people say it stands still at Panormos. Others simply feel a liberating sense of freedom, when they realise they have indeed escaped the boundaries of the hurried modern lifestyle.

With miles and miles separating the picturesque Panormos beach from its other more popular (and much more crowded) southern cousins, like Platis GialosEliaKalafatis, and Agios Stefanos, one can really find the tranquility and peace that is hard to break free from when living in the exhausting, busy towns and cities. However, if you wish to get to Panormos beach, it’s best to have your own private transport because no boat or bus can take you there (yes, it is that secluded and private!).

What to do at Panormos

Besides the gorgeous coastal views you can treat your eyes with, you also have the chance to watch some of the most romantic sunsets on the island. Combined with the rather isolated location of Panormos village, you and your significant other are in for a nice treat, where you may as well relight that fire!

Except for laying eyes on gorgeous seascapes, Panormos beach is also home to Principote, one of the most popular and lively beach bars and restaurants in Mykonos. Expect a dashing, unpretentious atmosphere and unique gastronomy while gazing the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. More than often, the tranquil ambience is interrupted by a party so legendary that it is hard to miss, even if you seek a more laid-back type of holidays. When this happens, don’t be surprised to realise that champagne can be used in a million different ways, like for example, to shower with! Overall, though, nothing is powerful enough to clash against the peaceful scenery and tranquility of Panormos and break your relaxed vacations unless, of course, you want to! In this case, the island capital and its beating heart is just a short, 10-minute drive away!

Finally, adrenaline seekers find Panormos a superb starting point to begin a self-drive 4X4 or Jeep safari along the Mykonos coastline or the hidden corners of the Island of the Winds. Now, if you prefer more comfortable endeavours, why not get a private helicopter ride or cruise on a luxury yacht to visit not only the most undisturbed coves but also the rest of the Cyclades islands?   

Panormos Accommodation Options

One of the best ways to enjoy majestic views of the Panormos bay and beach is to stay in one of the exclusive villas available in the area. All luxurious properties are a perfect blend of the modern-day comforts of the cosmopolitan Island of the Winds and Cycladic minimalism while also offering ample spaces to indulge yourself on a rejuvenating vacation. Spacious, with attention to detail, discreet opulence, utmost privacy, all amenities required for a comfortable and lavish vacation, elegance, and magnificent areas where you can spend your leisurely afternoons at while soaking in the alluring charm of the serene waters of the bay, these villas comprise your ticket to the best summer holiday in Mykonos.