Planning your Romantic Honeymoon Or Adventures in Iconic Tuscany (Updated 2022)

Having a romantic endeavour in Tuscany is like living a second honeymoon if you did not get the chance to celebrate your new life as a couple with your significant other here in the first place. Unsurpassably romantic and incredibly idyllic, Tuscany offers endless options for cosy, soul-filling moments featuring breathtaking panoramas, savoury flavours, small medieval towns, dreamy locations, and views of human eyes rarely see. 

The truth is that wherever you go, there will always be something that pulls on your heartstrings. However, a few places are a tad more amour-infused than others in Tuscany. Here are some suggestions if you are planning a romantic getaway in probably the most lovey-dovey region on earth!

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Florence – Pure Magnificence 

Florence is a synonym for unconditional love, beauty, and art that can best be “felt” if you simply follow your heart rather than planning a day with a specific destination in mind. Feel free to immerse in the allure of the cobbled stone streets and get lost in the small alleys that host small antiques-filled bottegas, museums with cherished treasures, and quaint wine and cheese shops. You can also do some shopping and sample absolutely delicious local goodies and the best wines in the region.

Of course, there are plenty more to see in Florence, including the old square that’s declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and dive into Italian culture and art by visiting any of the world-class museums that line the square, housing masterpieces signed by leading Renaissance (and not only) artists. 

The perfect way to end this getaway would probably be with a ticket for the opera or a romantic dinner for two when you can pamper yourself with palate-pleasing tastes from locally grown ingredients.

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Lucignano – Declaring Your Love 

The lovely city of Lucignano is where the famous Tree of Love or Golden Tree lies, a tree under which newlyweds and soon-to-be-bridegrooms declare their love for one another and proclaim their vows. The tree is right in front of the Municipal Museum and is believed to strengthen the love promised between couples about to join their lives with marriage. According to legend, the Tree of Love is a symbol of divine love and gives an abundance of good luck to lovers who exchange vows in front of its branches!

The Tree of Love is actually a 14th-century shrine in the form of a tree, with lots of impressive relics hanging from its branches. But, besides this beautiful artwork, the picturesque hamlet will also catch your attention with the swirl of quaint cafes and residents that keep Lucignano genuine and alive. 

Pienza Tuscany
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Pienza – A Renaissance Pearl 

If you are in the roundabouts of Lucignano, you can head just a bit south of the town and step into the irresistible appeal of Pienza, a Renaissance gem. This is a town that calls you to drift in a soul-exploring trip as you stroll the tiny streets of the historical centre, where the heart of this adorable place beats, sending loving vibes to everyone inside its lap. 

And, if you are planning to propose, then pretend to get lost inside the maze-like viales and vias and find your way again right in the corner of Via del Bacio (Street of the Kiss) and Via dell’ Amore (Street of Love)! Isn’t it a unique way to seal this important moment between the two of you, lovebirds? 

Cortona Tuscany
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Cortona – The Very Essence of Tuscany 

Yes, most people have known about Cortona after watching the famous Under the Tuscan Sun film that had hit the headlines some time ago. However, Cortona has always been popular among the Tuscans for its intriguing history, captivating stone palazzos, and the sweet shops featuring local food products, hand-made jewellery, clothing, art, and, of course, the Syrah Cortona DOC wines! While here, you can venture out into the bewildering countryside with the rolling hills, low-lying forests, and olive trees, explore the town’s little corners, visit an Etruscan museum, hike the dirt roads circling the town, and even visit an Etruscan tomb. 

Pistoa Tuscany
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Pistoia – A Surprise in Every Corner 

We won’t say much about Pistoia for a reason. For starters, this city has so many hidden treasures that it would be impossible to list even half of them. Secondly, the best part of a Pistoia adventure is when you discover its wondrous treasures all by yourself! During this exploration, expect to come across underground passageways, fab churches, historic palazzos, imposing towers, and parks that offer a different meaning to the phrase “a sight for sore eyes”. 

Activities to Carve Unforgettable Memories 

Most couples prefer to choose a theme/activity rather than a final destination to be romantic and have fun. So, here are some things you could consider doing together and have a great time in Tuscany!

– The Classic Wine Tasting Experience

There is no place in Italy so full of knowledgeable sommeliers and cantinas than Tuscany. Drive to the stunning vineyards and hills of Chianti to spoil your taste buds with the internationally renowned Gallo Nero wines, or head towards Montalcino (south of Chianti) and enjoy a slightly more romantic and secluded journey to the infamous aromas and flavours of Brunello wine. 

Not far off, you will find another awarded local wine, Orcia DOC, which is paradisal for lovers of sweet wines. Finally, to delve into the unique experience delivered by Vino Nobile, the legendary Montepulciano wine, do drive slightly outside Pienza and sample the delicious wine that ages in oak barrels using traditional methods passed on from one generation of winemakers to another. 

– Castle Hopping

Lunigiana and Casentino are perfect towns to explore medieval castles and relive stories starring knights in shiny armours, kings fearlessly and fiercely defending their territories from invaders, damsels in distress, and lots of intrigue. Immerse in legends and fables about heroic figures that have drenched the lands and breathe life into an area. Along your way, take a moment to admire the dazzling scenery with the tranquil valleys, gorges, 19th-century parish churches, numerous national parks with lovely hiking trails, and lands that were once the cause for warring feuds. 

– Rejuvenating Baths at the thermal Water Springs

Tuscany has an amazing plethora of thermal springs with bubbling waters and chilly temps that provide a superb opportunity to snuggle a bit. You may either choose to enjoy the pampering of an organised spa and savour an experience that includes from jacuzzis and saunas to aromatherapy, or head to one of the many thermal water pools such as Saturnia or Bagno San Filippo. While there, you can have a little outing too. In this case, do pack a basket with some essentials, such as fresh fruit, cheese, bread, and wine, and combine this adventure with a nice picnic. And don’t forget your fluff towels!

– Cooking Classes and Hands-On Culinary Endeavours

You know what people say. The way to the heart is through the stomach! So, what about starting the day with a short visit to one of the many farmers’ markets in Tuscany specialising in locally grown products and foods, like honey, cheese, olives, and wine? Be prepared because you will have a hard time picking your ingredients as everything sold in these markets is absolutely tantalising and fresh. 

As soon as you go through the first challenge, you can enjoy a fun cooking activity with your partner and prepare a meal together at your luxury Tuscany villa, mansion, or farmhouse. Imagine treating your palate with the tasty things you have made on your own while gazing at the captivating Tuscany landscape or in front of your fireplace’s toasty fire! And, if you want to up your game, why not even get a private chef at your house to show you the tricks of making, say, savoury sauces and pasta, or a mouth-watering Tiramisu? 

– Watch the Sun Disappear Behind the Tuscany Horizon

There is nothing more romantic than soaking up the last rays of the sun just before it vanishes behind the cascading hills, verdant valleys, sky-high towers, and charming rooftops of the picturesque Tuscany houses. It’s like Mother Nature is putting on an incredible show of colours just for the two of you! With beauty beyond belief to be seen, you close a dreamy day in Tuscany in the best possible way for sure. Some of the spots that offer mind-blowing sunset views are Piazzale Michelangiolo, Arno River, Val d’Orcia, Livorno (the Terrace), Siena, and the San Gimignano towers. 


Being the ultimate year-round destination for honeymooners, newlyweds, and couples seeking experiences with an intimate atmosphere and fantastic landscapes, Tuscany is, indeed, an ideal place to be with the one you love!

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