Spending 4 Days in Mykonos (A Must-Read Guide for Splendid Holidays)

Mykonos has always been a mesmerising juxtaposition between a cosmopolitan jet set lifestyle and traditional life. With every beach, every rock, every building narrating its own story, the most fashionable destination for VIPs and celebs from all over the world enchants not only with its legendary parties and vibrant night scene but also its unique energy and unbeatable Cycladic charm. So, if you want to spend a few days in the Island of the Winds, there are plenty of hidden gems waiting to be discovered and a side of life that is filled with opulence and palatial flavours.

Below, we give you a 4-day itinerary and some ideas that could make up for a lovely stay. However, feel free to improvise per your likes and tastes!

Day 1 – Getting into the Mood

Discovering Mykonos Town, or the Chora as locals call the endearing capital, is a great way to slowly be introduced to the island’s pulse, before you dive even deeper into its allure. Although your luxurious Myconian villa’s fridge probably has everything you will need for a superb first meal, you may also explore the roundabouts, walk through the narrow cobblestoned alleys, and appreciate traditional or gourmet tastes in family-run tavernas or delectable eateries. An impressive plethora of shops, cafes, and ateliers make sure you will definitely be spoilt for choice.

Caprice Partynig
Photo credits: Caprise

Stroll all the way down to Little Venice and enjoy not only delicious welcome drinks and beverages but also one of the most beautiful sunsets you could ever lay eyes upon. End the night next to the bewildering waters of the Aegean. Benefit from VIP Table Reservations and dine at popular Kastro, Aqua, or Caprice – all providing exceptional sea views, sublime food, enchanting atmosphere, and, of course, superb Greek hospitality to go with a lovely and relaxing first evening in Mykonos!

Day 2 – Exploring the Island

Start the day with a rejuvenating yoga session and you will instantly feel the island’s energy working its wonders on you. Its close proximity to ancient Delos island make Mykonos ideal for meditation and holistic treatments. You may also ask for your very own personal trainer to ensure you don’t miss your daily fitness routine while on holiday.

After a wonderful freshly cooked Mykonian breakfast cooked by your estate’s chef, it is time to savour the Mediterranean warm sun and cobalt sea waters. Depending on what you are looking for, your VIP driver can take you to the northern corners of the island, where the fashionable Elia, serene Lia, and cosmopolitan Kalo Livadi beaches are located. Celebrate the crystal waters while treating your palate to mouth-watering light lunches or cocktails at fanciable Solymar, a beach club eatery nicely tucked on a pristine strip of golden sand with specially designated VIP areas fir those that cannot be bothered with the more touristy areas in Mykonos town.

Caprice-Bar-Mykonos-Book-Your-Event-02-minPhoto credits: Caprise

Or you could head south and enjoy front row sunbathing chairs at upbeat gay-friendly Super Paradise and Paradise beaches and their celeb-favoured bars. Here, champagne flows abundantly and, in the evening hours, when the legendary Mykonian parties take place, it is used to shower with!

However, you may also choose to take your yacht and enjoy the luscious experiences of top-class seaside restaurants without even disembarking the vessel! Facilities like bespoke Nammos at Psarou Beach have made sure that you can have exquisite drinks or a bottle of the finest champagne and their tantalising dishes delivered to you at the privacy of your yacht or facilitate the transfer from your yacht to the dock in utmost style and comfort. Or just drop anchor to wherever you feel like it at sea and dive into the inviting crystal clear waters, away from prying eyes.

On your way back to the Chora, stop by at Ftelia or Alemagou to get a warm-up dance before clubbing tonight at Scandinavian Bar, Babylon, Jackie’ O, or another club or your likes. Now, if you have kids and need to explore Mykonos by night, you can always ask to have an experienced and trustworthy professional babysitter come over to your exclusive Mykonos villa. Rest assured your children will be well taken care of and entertained!

Day 3 – Helicopter Ride

Leave your estate’s helipad and fly your private helicopter to nearby Delos and the islands of Paros and Naxos. Raw beauty, archaeological sites, and majestic isolated coves, to name just a few, will provide heart-fulfilling sights.

helicopter rent mykonos

While returning to your elite property, you may arrange for your private top-tier, awarded chef to prepare appetising recipes for you so you can all relax after a long and interesting day exploring other Mediterranean gems. However, you can always make dinner party arrangements or have a BBQ organised for you and your friends or family.

Click here to find how to rent a helicopter in Mykonos.

Day 4 – Reinventing Battery Recharge

The day is perfect to give yourself some precious me time and strictly personalised spa-like treatments and massages. Trust the experienced hands of an in-house massage therapist and find new soul-pleasing ways to awaken all your senses. After a revitalising massage, ask your personal beautician to give you a special hair treatment to pump it after long sun exposure or other relaxing beauty therapies. Complete the experience with a nice pedi and/or mani!


If you feel like partying one more time before you leave the island, your limo will be at your service around the clock; ready to drive you to exclusive parties for which you will have VIP access and popular bars and clubs perched across Mykonos.


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