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The website, www.kinglikeconcierge.com (hereinafter ‘Kinglike’) belongs to the private company owned by Athanasios Mougios (hereinafter the ‘Company’), seated in the City of Athens, Greece, at 12, Stratiotikou Sindesmou Str., 10673, Kolonaki. The company’s General Commercial Registry (GEMI) Number is 148174. Access and use of Kinglike and services provided through it (hereinafter ‘Services’) are subject to the following terms and conditions (hereinafter ‘Terms of Use’).

Any user accessing and using Kinglike’s services is assumed to have read, fully understood, consented to and accepted all of the following terms without reservation:

1. General

All of Kinglike’s terms of use, as in force from time to time, must be accepted before use is made of any of its contents. For this reason, users must review this page before using the services in order to ascertain whether any of the terms have been amended.

The use of Kinglike implies full knowledge, understanding and unreserved acceptance of its terms of use. In the event you do not understand or do not agree with the terms of use, you are kindly requested not to use the Kinglike website.

Access to Kinglike is permitted throughout its operation; however, the Company reserves the right to withdraw or to suspend its services at any time without prior notice. The Company bears no responsibility in the event access is not possible to all or part of its services for any reason.

The Company makes every possible effort to ensure that the Kinglike content includes complete, accurate, clear, valid, informative, timely, true and non-misleading information. Nevertheless, there is no responsibility, commitment or guarantee on the part of the Company with regard to the safety and the content of this information. Kinglike users accept the possibility that the Company may be unable to control all of the site’s content and its services.

Users are exclusively responsible for their use of Kinglike and the content does not constitute advice, nor can it be interpreted under any circumstances as providing advice or as directly or indirectly inciting users to undertake any action. The assessment of the content is up to the users, who verify that they are legally competent under Greek law and assume full responsibility for the use of any part of the site. In the event that information related to a specific person is inserted in the appropriate fields of the webpage, it is irrefutably presumed that the information is true, that it has been entered by the individual himself and that the person is legally competent in accordance with Greek law. Otherwise, the Company reserves every legal right to claim compensation from those responsible for any damage, material or consequential, financial or otherwise, is suffered as a result of the use of Kinglike and any order for service.

The Company provides its services within the Greek territory.

Users should note that there are hyperlinks and banners on Kinglike that link to other websites. The Company does not manage nor exercise any control over them, the services they offer or the personal data protection policies they adhere to. The use of the aforementioned links is exclusively subject to their own terms of use, about which users should be informed. Kinglike is not responsible for any losses or damage that may be caused to users of these sites. Connecting to the above links is the personal responsibility of users.

2. Purpose of the website

The Company created this website with the aim of providing services, including online services, related to bespoke travel planning, particularly personalised concierge services to individuals who wish to spend the holiday of their dreams in Greece. The Company offers its clients a number of services aimed at helping them to enjoy their stay in Greece to the greatest extent possible: basic tourism services such as booking luxury homes, boat or yacht rentals, air or road transport and bookings at restaurants with specialised services, such as chefs, bar tenders, DJs, bodyguards, babysitters, personal trainers and professional shopping assistants are just a few of the services that we can arrange for our clients. In addition, we can organise special excursions and events to make your holiday a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

3. Registration / Member account

In registering for Kinglike services, wherever required, users agree to: a) provide true, accurate, valid and complete information with regard to the information requested by Kinglike on the applications for access to its contents and services; and b) maintain and diligently update the registration information in order to ensure it remains true, accurate, valid, up-to-date and complete. As soon as users complete the registration process established by Kinglike, they receive confirmation with a personal password and user name that users submit. Users are exclusively responsible for all actions taken with the use of their user name, password and their user account in general, and are exclusively responsible for the proper use of their account. The Company is not responsible for any malfunction or damage that may occur as a result of users’ inability to respect and abide by these terms. Users agree to immediately notify the Company of any unauthorised use of their account and any resulting and/or potential security breach.

4. Procedure for entering into agreement

a. To benefit from the services offered, you must register as a member of Kinglike, as described above.

b. To ensure the validity of the submitted proposal, the following are required cumulatively: i) Completion of the required fields with your details; ii) completion of the fields related to the payment of the consideration to be paid for the service; iii) the acceptance of these terms. Placing a tick (✔) in the special check box (⎕) marked “Accept” implies the unreserved acceptance of these terms and any other specific terms occur on this web page.

c. The notation “Your order was successfully completed” or any other similar indication constitutes acceptance of the proposals and implies that the agreement is final. From this point forward, withdrawal is not permitted, except under the circumstances recognised by Greek law and the contractual terms listed on this web page.

The notation “Your order was successfully completed” constitutes the consumer’s express consent to execute the required services and the understanding on the consumer’s part that once the order has been filled by the merchant, the consumer loses the right to withdraw.

d. The Company establishes the possible forms of payment, and it is up to the client to select one.

e. The Company provides the services to private individuals. Any mediation between the services provided by the Company and the final service recipient is expressly prohibited.

5. Provision of services

a. Services will be provided within a reasonable time or as agreed in writing.

b. In the event that erroneous delivery information has been provided, the Company is not responsible for problems related to the provision of services.

6. Intellectual / industrial property rights – Trademarks / Brand names / Logos

Kinglike and its contents (which includes but is not limited to all of the trademarks, logos, patents, brand names, texts, images, graphics, designs, photographs, programs, informational material of all types, data, software, database) are the intellectual and industrial property of the Company and as such are protected by applicable provisions of Greek, EU and international law. Any use or exploitation in any form by third parties is expressly prohibited without the written consent of the Company, pursuant to specific provisions of Law 2121/1993 (as amended and currently in force), the international Berne Convention (ratified by Law 100/1975), Law 4072/2012 [Articles 121-183] on trademarks) and all of the related provisions of Greek law and international regulations in general which have been ratified and are in force in the state of Greece. Other prohibitions include but are not limited to: any type of copying, modification, intervention, transfer, distribution, resale, leasing, republication, reproduction, rebroadcasting in electronic or mechanical form, storage, printing, creating of derivative work and downloading by anyone or misleading the public with regard to the true ownership of the contents. Products, services, brand names, trademarks or logos belonging to third parties which appear on Kinglike are the intellectual and industrial property of the third parties, who are also duly responsible.

7. Consumer protection

The client as consumer within the meaning of Law 2251/1994 (on consumer protection) verifies that: a) he knows the identity and address of the Company as supplier, since this information is written above on this web page; b) the full cost of the service provided is clearly written, and if VAT is not included, such fact is stated clearly, while any additional costs are also clearly stated; c) he understands and fully consents to the method of payment, delivery and performance; d) he has not been asked to submit any amount for contacting the Company and particularly for the provision of a proposal and its acceptance and in general for entering into the agreement; e) he is fully informed in detail about all of the characteristics, whether essential or non-essential, about the products and/or services.

The client/consumer is entitled to withdraw within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date the agreement is concluded. Withdrawal must be made in writing by the client and forwarded to the Company. In this case, the Company is obliged to refund the amount paid by the client for the returned product within thirty (30) calendar days. The right to withdraw does not apply: a) after the service has been fully provided, if its performance began with the prior express consent of the consumer and with the consumer’s acknowledgement that he will lose the right to withdraw once the service has been performed by the merchant; b) if providing the required service depends on fluctuations in the money market which are not within the Company’s control and which may occur within the time limit for withdrawal; c) if the service involves providing accommodation for purposes other than residential, transport of goods, car rental services, dining or services related to recreational activities, if the agreement stipulates a specific date or deadline for performance.

The statement of withdrawal must be written out as follows:


Athanasios Mougios, Private company

12, Stratiotikou Sindesmou Str., Kolonaki, 10673, Athens, Greece

Dear Sir, I/We/The undersigned

………………..….(full name, address)……………………………….

hereby cancel our agreement with you,

ref. no. …………………………/ …(date)…

Consumer signature


8. Personal data

The data you enter on Kinglike for your registration as a member and your use of services will be included in a personal data file about which the Hellenic Data Protection Authority has been duly notified. The entity responsible for processing these files is the aforementioned “Kinglike Internet Services Single-Person Ltd.” company, seated in the City of Athens at 12, Stratiotikou Sindesmou Str., 10673, Kolonaki, which may be contacted by telephone at +302130338975. The purpose of creating this file is the use of services provided by the Kinglike website, conducting transactions after your order has been placed and keeping you informed of products and services promoted through the website. There are no third-party recipients involved, other than the individuals to whom the information must be forwarded in order to complete your order. The subjects whose particulars will be included in this file may have access to it and raise objections as regards the data that applies to them.

9. Responsibility of the Company

Access to Kinglike is permitted throughout its operation; however, the Company reserves the right to withdraw or to suspend its services at any time without prior notice. The Company bears no responsibility in the event access is not possible to all or part of its services for any reason.

The Company makes every possible effort to ensure that the Kinglike content includes complete, accurate, clear, valid, informative, timely, true and non-misleading information. Nevertheless, there is no responsibility, commitment or guarantee on the part of the Company with regard to the safety and the content of this information. Kinglike users accept the possibility that the Company may be unable to control all of the site’s content and its services.

Any reference and/or links to other web pages or sites are provided for your convenience and the Company is not responsible for the contents, the products and services provided (advertising or sale) on these websites.

The use of this website and receipt of information is undertaken at your own risk. The Company is not responsible for any loss and/or damages, specifically to data files, machines or software belonging to users, that may result from such use.

Within the realm of transactions through Kinglike, the Company is not responsible for any further damage that may result from the performance or non-performance of orders, or possible delay in performance, for any reason. No guarantee can be provided regarding the availability of products.

In the event that the proposed service is not available or the delivery time differs from that requested by the consumer, the Company will inform the consumer as soon as possible.

In any event, web page users unreservedly acknowledge that the Company bears no civil, criminal or other liability for any loss (financial or otherwise), damage, loss of profits, data, financial satisfaction, etc. suffered by users of the website and its services, or by a third party for reasons related to the function or non-function and/or use of the website and/or the provision (or inability to provide) services and/or products and/or information. It is also expressly acknowledged that the Company bears no responsibility for the quality of services provided by any third party aside from the Company, particularly anything included in planning bespoke travel and personalised concierge services. The burden of proof lies exclusively with the client. In all events, the user/client has no rights, demands or claims on the Company related to any loss or damage, material and/or consequential, financial or otherwise, which may be caused by the services provided, and expressly waives such rights herein.

10. Responsibility of the user

Users agree and assume responsibility not to use Kinglike to send, publish, send by e-mail or transmit in other ways any content that is illegal for any reason, such as but not limited to: uses that may cause illegal violation and harm to the Company, any third party, to principles of morality, to social values, to underage individuals, to any patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property rights or other third-party property rights; violations of confidentiality or confidential information related to any natural person or legal entity; revelations of personal data belonging to third parties, confidential information acquired through confidential relationships; offending the character of anyone; transmission in any manner of software viruses or any other code, files or programs designed with the intent of interrupting, causing damage, destroying the equipment or the function of any software or computer material.

11. Applicable law and other terms and conditions

Kinglike’s terms and conditions for use and any amendments thereto are governed by and interpreted according to Greek law.

All of the terms of use herein are substantive. If any of its provisions are deemed invalid or liable to be declared null and void, they automatically cease to have any force, without this having any effect on the validity of the other provisions.

It is agreed that the courts of Athens, Greece, have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from the use of Kinglike.

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