Luxury Villas in Tigani, Mykonos

Luxury Holidays in Tigani, Mykonos Your search for a beach that defines isolation has just ended. Tigani bech is the ultimate getaway location in Mykonos if what you desire is to enjoy the raw beauty of the island, away from the busy beaches and crowded hot-spots, where people drink, dance, and party 24/7. What you can find in Tigani is the true colours of Mykonos. No hotels or rooms accommodation is available at this part of the Island of the Winds, which is renown to be one of the most casual and natural parts of eastern Mykonos. It will be just you and the endless blue of the sky and the Aegean that, at some point in the horizon, seem to become one.

However, don’t think for a second that Tigani is a “dead” beach. On the contrary, due to its isolated location and little crowds, it is very popular with boat parties and people, mostly celebs and VIPs, that use their yachts or boats for beach BBQ trips and cruises. So, don’t be surprised if you see a famous singer, actor, athlete or even politician cast anchor there and light a fire on the beach! Many of them also leave their luxurious yachts to try the amenities and comforts of the equally posh, best Mykonos villas located in the hills above the area of Lia Beach and Tigani.

These properties offer staggering views of the turquoise waters of the Aegean, thanks to their elevated position in the heart of the Mykonian nature, and a distinctive combination of privacy, comfort, luxury, artistic elements, and close proximity to the secluded Tigani Beach. All residencies blend uniquely into the rocky landscape and feature tasteful interiors that combine the minimalist chic with the old Mykonian charm. All in all, they are superb holiday properties for those in need of grandeur, splendour, and comfort when away from home.


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