Top 3 Mykonos Private Helicopter Rides and Sailing Tours Ideas

There is nothing better than seeing the Mykonos sights and attractions from the air or cruising the tranquil cobalt waters of the glistering Aegean Sea. The good news is that you have plenty of options to enjoy private and strictly personalised helicopter tours that may even take you as far as Athens and back. And, if you prefer an experience that includes island-hopping and dropping anchor on remote coves and sandy shores away from prying eyes, you can certainly pamper yourself with a private sailing tour. In this case, you only need to choose the preferred itinerary and the vessel you wish to travel with, be it a luxury catamaran, elegant yacht, or ornate monohull sailboat. 

Private Helicopter Mykonos

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When it comes to the most popular ideas to explore not only Mykonos but also the wider Cyclades region, you could consider the following:

Ancient Delos – Rhenia – Tinos – Syros

This is the most common route preferred by the majority of VIPs that choose a helicopter ride to familiarise themselves with the charms of Mykonos and the surrounding islands. This particular itinerary will give you the opportunity to discover places throughout Mykonos and other major Cycladic islands that are unreachable by other means. If you only have a couple of hours to spare, you can definitely have your concierge service provider arrange it for you as it only lasts around half an hour. Even if you don’t fancy the idea of hovering over the entire Cyclades, do visit full-of-myths-and-legends Delos and Rhenia islands – both of supreme archaeological interest and incredible energy tied to them. 

However, if you are willing to give this adventure a bit more time, you could opt for a one-hour (or longer, depending on your personal preferences) flight from Mykonos to Antiparos island, with several stops at Delos, Syros, Paros, Naxos, and Tinos. Of course, the same routes can also be part of a private sailing tour. 

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Various Mykonos Tours (Beaches, Major Sightseeing, Historical Places)

Take an excursion to the most popular (alongside the less accessible) Mykonos shores or feel free to have something scheduled for you that will introduce you to all the major historical sites or tourist attractions. Most of them include your personal guide while they can also be customised per your specific requirements (i.e., include stops for shopping or swimming). Since the majority of tourist attractions are located in Mykonos Town, you can start the day with a walking tour and then either hop on a comfortable Airbus helicopter or a swanky superyacht. 

Mykonos Yacht Sunsets

Sunset Yacht or Catamaran Cruises

Whether it will be just you and your partner, your family, or group of friends, a private boat trip that will allow you to lay eyes on the most spectacular sunset views in the entire Aegean Sea is an experience worth living. Large, elegant, comfy yachts and catamarans can take up to 12 people anywhere they desire. Expect amenities, such as an open bar serving wine, ouzo, raki, water, and sodas, full Mediterranean-style lunches and meals prepared by your personal chef in front of you, fishing equipment, organic food options, and many more. 



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