Top Locations to Stay in Mykonos – A Complete Guide

Welcome to Mykonos – the so-called Island of the Winds! The idyllic Greek island with the world-spread fame of an island that never sleeps greets visitors with sandy beaches, crystalline waters, a never-ending night scene, a cosmopolitan character, and pristine natural beauties. So, where will you be staying in Mykonos? A luxury villa close to facilities like boutique shops, party beaches, and vibrant nightlife? Perhaps an elegant beachfront property with family-friendly amenities? Or a luxury mansion featuring scenic landscapes somewhere on the outskirts of the island? Maybe, you prefer a chic estate that exudes traditional Cycladic architecture allure and a romantic sensation for your honeymoon? 

Depending on what kind of experience you wish to have while holiday-making in Mykonos, there is an area that feels just perfect. Here is probably the most comprehensive guide to date, with Mykonos locations you could choose for your next summer vacations. You will find out what to expect from each spot and will also be provided with a list of the best, most lavish properties in these respective areas with the most impressive range of concierge services and VIP facilities. 

3 Exclusive Mykonos Villas Epitomising Luxury

Villa The Spot, Mykonos Town

  • Staying in Mykonos Town 

Also referred to as Chora, Mykonos Town is the capital of Mykonos and a delightful tangle of narrow, cobbled streets and charming maze-like alleys lined with whitewashed houses and flower-filled balconies – sheer pleasure just to stroll around, get lost in, and rediscover yourself. Mykonos Town is where you can find everything you may need gathered in one place. From boutique shops and art shops to a densely packed beachfront with restaurants, tavernas, and bars. 

Of course, one of the main attractions here is the picturesque Little Venice with the colourful buildings (once the residences of wealthy merchants and sea captains – now turned into bars) and the verandas that literally hang over the water! 

Another popular gathering point in Mykonos Town is the Kato Mili windmills. Come here to admire the gorgeous sunset views or try an open-air cinema experience as one of these historical giants is now being used as an open-air cinema. Another one serves as a museum, demonstrating how islanders’ used to grind wheat.

Needless to say, Mykonos Town is within close proximity to some of the most magnificent beaches that can be easily reached via local bus or car. And, if you wish to explore some more of Mykonos, the Chora is a perfect starting point for such endeavours as it is connected with all Mykonos villages and more of its other shores. 

As for accommodation options, you are greeted with a large variety of luxury villas and private mansions, even in the heart of Mykonos Town, providing proximity to all the action and a wide array of services and amenities. 

Villa Sophie Ornos MykonosVilla Sophie, Ornos

  • Staying at Ornos 

Ornos is composed of a picturesque sheltered bay some 3km south of the island’s capital and a homonymous beach that gathers thousands of sunbathers every summer. Expect to be welcomed with pure white sand and a well-organised place, with sun loungers and plenty of seaside restaurants and tavernas serving delicious local tastes, traditional Mykonos dishes, and tasty seafood. Also, the shallow and calm waters make Ornos the perfect option for families with children. 

Another advantage to staying at Ornos is the fact that you are just a 5-minute walk away from another, quieter shore around the north side of the bay. So, feel free to explore beautiful Korfos beach and enjoy not only fewer crowds but also excellent weather conditions for sports like windsurfing. 

Note: Ornos is the starting point for many destinations around the island, including Super Paradise, Platis Gialos, Paradise, and Paraga beaches, which can also be accessed via the water taxi. 


  • Staying at Platis Gialos 

Platis Gialos provides an exceptional mix of low-key nightlife, restaurants, fine sand, and luxury accommodation. It’s just 4km from the island’s capital (to the south) and offers everything you may need, whether you visit Mykonos with your family, friends, or partner. This means lots of trendy hip beach bars, sugary sand, calm waters, a wind-protected spot, and restaurants preparing everything from sophisticated fusion to traditional Greek dishes. 

Plus, it’s a water sports-favourite beach for offering plenty of opportunities to try your skills in flyboarding, wakeboarding, standup paddleboarding, kayaking, and more. As for ways to get here and around Mykonos, there are hourly water taxis available, as well as bus connections to the Chora and other south coasts. 

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Villa Edge Agios Ioannis MykonosVilla Edge, Agios Ioannis

  • Staying at Agios Ioannis 

The idyllic landscapes and sunset views of Agios Ioannis became much more popular among tourists after the shooting of the much-loved Shirley Valentine movie. The beach also entices with its unique crescent-like shape and is just as inviting as its other siblings, featuring fine sand, crystalline waters, and a shore studded with umbrellas.

Several buses run from Mykonos Town to Agios Ioannis and its picturesque whitewashed churches. However, you may want to visit the nearby Kapari beach, which is less than 10 minutes on foot from Agios Ioannis beach. Once there, the small, isolated, and wind-protected cove will await to fill you with utterly relaxing moments of utmost privacy. 

Besides excellent seafood tavernas at Agios Ioannis, the delightful Mykonos region is also home to some of the most lavish and charming hillside villas overlooking the glistering Aegean Sea.   


  • Staying at Agios Stefanos

This location is very close to both the Mykonos Old Port and the Mykonos New Port at Tourlos area and less than 3km from the Chora. This means that you have access to a pristine wind-protected beach and lively nightlife Mykonos is so notorious for. Plus, you can reach (or get to Agios Stefanos from) most Mykonos destinations since water taxis run from and to Agios Stefanos daily and frequently. You may even jump on a water taxi from here and visit the archaeological site of Delos island across Mykonos. 

Don’t expect the wild crowds of other Mykonos neighbourhoods, though. Agios Stefanos has a handful of beach clubs and restaurants offering mouth-watering foods and heart-stopping ocean vistas. No wonder some of the most stylish estates are perched in the hills that comprise the backdrop of Agios Stefanos! 


  • Staying at Psarou Beach

Psarou beach is perhaps the most beloved Mykonos region among honeymooners and families. Can’t blame them. The location is absolutely ravishing, the atmosphere incredibly relaxing, the cove is protected from the northern Meltemi winds, the sand is powdery white, the waters crystal-clear and the deepest shade of azure ever seen, and the scenery is totally enviable (to say the least). The beach will treat you with end-to-end rows of lounge loungers and a water sports facility, where you can learn and try waterski and windsurfing, among others. This is yet another shore that’s well-served by local transportation services. However, you can definitely reach this place with a rented car or private chauffeur from your regal holiday rental.  

Think this is it? Mykonos is an exemplary example of top tourist destinations that provide something spectacular wherever you stand on it. It is just a matter of perspective and what kind of Mykonos experience you want to live during your summer holidays. 

Villa Miramar Elia MykonosVilla Miramar, Elia Mykonos

  • Staying at Elia 

Elia is home to one of the most scenic golden sand beaches in Mykonos, around 8km from the capital. It is a peaceful and quiet place that many visitors refer to as “love at first sight”. That’s about how most celebs think of Elia, given that they have turned Elia into a popular meeting point to enjoy the sun, sea, and Mediterranean allure. And, if you are a water sports enthusiast, Elia will definitely please you with opportunities for jet-skiing, windsurfing, and waterskiing adventures. For that reason, Elia is also ideal for families, which prefer to stay at an exclusive traditional Cycladic property rental within close proximity to the shore. 

That aside, Elia dazzles with its turquoise waters, exotic atmosphere, magnetic scenery featuring rolling hills, and charming sunset panoramas. Want more similar options nearby? Do consider heading toward the pretty Agrari beach, nicely tucked in a sheltered bay around 10 minutes on foot from Elia beach. They both welcome sun-worshipers with beach chairs, a relaxed vibe, deck chairs, restaurants, and cafe-bars. 

Elia beach is reachable from Ano Mera or via the water taxi from Platis Gialos. 

Villa Stephanie Paranga MykonosVilla Stephanie, Paranga Mykonos

  • Staying at Paraga Beach

Paraga is a vibrant and lively place in Mykonos on the south coast that blends refined sophistication with a vivid beach party vibe. This is perhaps the region with the most beach bars that host parties kicking off in the afternoon and lasting till the wee hours. On the far end of Paraga beach, you can pamper yourself with the mind-blowing views offered by the lofty vantage point of one of the most legendary beach bars in Mykonos. Of course, they compete with the vistas you get from your luxury Paranga mansion, but they are still hypnotising. The bar spoils its guests with things like a club-lounge bar after dark, a sunset-watching amphitheatre, and a shady canopy to relish your lunch. 

Just a couple of minutes away is the pebbly Agia Anna beach, which is known for being an incredibly chilled-out shore with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent and palate-pleasing seafood. 

Villa Vintage Agios Sostis MykonosVilla Vintage, Agios Sostis Mykonos

  • Staying at Agios Sostis Beach 

Welcome to the bewildering shore of Agios Sostis and its long (and wide) stretch of white sand around 2km from Mykonos Town. You will find a few umbrellas and bare-bone tourist facilities, which is part of this region’s pull. The north coast with the calm and shallow waters is away from the crowds and perfect for wind-loving water sports, such as windsurfing, especially in July and August. You won’t be able to reach this shore with the charming sheltered cove, on its northern end without a private car, ATV or scooter, though. Word of advice? Prefer either an ATV or a scooter to get here as the road is narrow at places and quite steep for a car. 

Want to open your eyes to raw natural beauties and unsurpassable views of the Aegean Sea spreading below your feet every single day? Then these VIP holiday estates will tick all of your boxes for sure. 


  • Staying at Super Paradise Beach 

Luxury villas dot the hills above the world-renowned Super Paradise beach and its much-celebrated night-long parties. Located on a sheltered cove it enthralls with things like nightly international DJ sets, refreshing cocktails, cobalt and totally transparent waters, a namesake beach bar and club, and a sugary shore. Expect to rub shoulders with lots of A-lists working on their tan in the morning or afternoon hours or having a fantastic time after sunset. Many of them even arrive at Super Paradise beach with their elegant yachts, drop anchor in the open sea, and join the vibrant parties that always take place around here. 


  • Staying at Paradise Beach

Competing for the fame of its closest cousin – that of Super Paradise Beach –  Paradise is another big draw for partygoers and people looking for refined beach fun. Also home to hugely popular beach bars, Paradise Beach is where you don’t drink a Dom Perignon; you shower with it! It, too, welcomes international DJs to excite the crowds with parties that go on until the early morning hours. 

Paradise beach is where you can expect everything from nude sunbathers (during the high season) to families (in the shoulder and low seasons). An exceptional sandy beach that caters to the needs of even the most discerning ones the exact way the luxury properties with the wealth of amenities at Paradise Beach do! 


  • Staying at Kalo Livadi Beach 

This particular side of Mykonos is more isolated than the south side of the island and the beaches that line the coastline there. This enables you to enjoy more seclusion and tranquility while also relishing the charms of this wide and long sandy beach and the crystal blue sea. It got its name from its location at the end of a southern Mykonos valley (Kalo Livadi means “Good Valley” in Greek), and you can find it between the Kalafatis and Elia beaches. Despite its proximity to the cosmopolitan and crowded shores, though, Kalo Livadi mas managed to maintain an Ibiza-like atmosphere with a more laid-back character, attracting all kinds of sunbathers. Kalo Livadi is even dreamy for families with children thanks to its shallow waters, seafront restaurants, and impressive mansions of impeccable grandeur, and an amazing array of facilities and services. 


  • Staying at Megali Ammos Beach

This is a beautiful and quiet Mykonos beach within an arm’s reach from Mykonos Town (500-600 metres south of the island capital). Its name means Large Sand, and you will probably figure out why as soon as you come here. It is a fabulous option if you seek remote shores that provide maximum privacy, a very small number of sunbathers, and raw nature charms. Megali Ammos has no tourist facilities, such as sunbeds and umbrellas, primarily due to the strong northern winds that blow in this area. So do make sure you bring some essential stuff with you and either relax by the beach, walk along the shore, or dive in the ravishing underwater cosmos of Megali Ammos. Of course, windsurfers will find their earthy heaven here! 

The fact that Megali Ammos is so close to the beating heart of the island makes it a prestigious location to rent a villa. Imagine waking up to a shimmering Mediterranean Sea and starting the day with a revitalising cup of coffee after a long night of entertainment and fun! Or sharing romantic moments with your significant other under the starry sky with a cocktail at hand! 


Sheer divine…just like Mykonos…


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