Top Tips For First-Time Mykonos Visitors to Blend in (and cope!) with the Unbeatable Vibes

Although mainly known as a party island, Mykonos offers much more than just vibrant nights and an animated party scene. Undeniably, the loud Greek answer to Ibiza enchants visitors with its superclubs that accompany guests and insatiable revellers till the early morning hours with pounding bass lines, dazzling sand, sugary beaches, and bronzed bodies thronging the shores. 

At the same time, though, Mykonos will capture your heart forever with its Cycladic charms, quiet seduction, cobblestone maze of its capital, scenic landscapes, superb gastronomy, and backcountry adventures, to name just a handful. Whether a first-timer or not, this guide will help serve an all-around Mykonos appeal right on your plate for you to enjoy! 

Mykonos Beaches

Which Beaches to Visit 

You are about to realise that the Mykonos coastline provides an unimaginable abundance of 25 different types of beaches – from wide stretches of pure-white sand hosting celebs, elite athletes, and sun worshippers to secluded coves and small islets lapped by the azure of the Aegean Sea. 

You simply decide if you wish to experience the vivid, party side of Mykonos or a more laid-back endeavour. In the first case, Super Paradise, Paradise, Psarou, and Paraga beaches (most of them are dominated by elegant, eponymous beach clubs) are superb options to enjoy your evening in the most intense and gratifying way, with signature cocktails and the beats of international DJs in the background. 

For water sports fans, Kalafatis, Agios Ioannis, and Platis Gialos are awesome choices, and the same goes to Elia beach (the longest sweep of sugary sand in Mykonos) if you come with your family. 

For more naturalist-friendly and more isolated shores (far from the bustling crowds) the north coast is ideal, especially Agios Sostis, Fokos, Myrsini, and Panormos beaches. And, let’s not forget Ornos, in the southwestern side of Mykonos, which pampers visitors with tons of seafront tavernas serving delicious fresh fish dishes, a magnificent beach, and a picturesque village next to an idyllic bay. 

mykonos club

Where to Party on Mykonos 

Mykonos is an island that never sleeps, especially during the peak summer months. This means that you’ll find a plethora of entertainment options to spoil yourself with, from gay-friendly and gay venues to beach clubs that have put Mykonos on the map as the most cosmopolitan party mecca in the Mediterranean Sea. Paradise Club, Super Paradise Club, and Cavo Paradiso are just a few of the beach clubs worth exploring after sunset if you are after legendary parties that kick off in the early evening hours and will take you throughout the night. 

However, the bars in Mykonos Town, the island’s capital (aka the Chora), and the scenic, beachfront Little Venice area are perfect places to be for a more sedate pastime. Anything is served here, from cheap shots to champagne cocktails at the infamous Skandinavian Bar, Jackie O, and other bars, drag queen show venues, and cabarets.  

Where to Eat on Mykonos 

The dining scene in Mykonos is beyond belief and is almost as renowned as its parties. Coming forward with upmarket fusion cuisine, traditional tavernas, fine dining restaurants, international gastronomy and local cheeses and meats that’ll make you drool, Mykonos has a unique way to hypnotise you, yet one more time. 

The densest concentration of options lies in the lively capital, where the above-mentioned choices are represented by M-Eating, Niko’s Taverna, N’Ammos, Remezzo, and more (you can check out this extensive guide to the Mykonos dining scene for more details). That aside, though, Ornos Bay and Platis Gialos, as well as Little Venice, and other spots along the shoreline also feature exceptional restaurants and places to pamper your taste buds while caressing your senses with exquisite views of the star-lit Aegean Sea. 

Villa Capri Kalafatis Mykonos

Where to Stay on Mykonos 

It all depends on the type of experience you want to live while on Mykonos and, of course, your budget. The truth is that the sky’s the limit, in this case, as well. Mykonos greets its VIP visitors beachfront hotels and luxury resorts, alongside elegant villas, exclusive mansions, and stylish combo units – all bearing whitewashed interiors, infinity pools, delightful Cycladic curves, beamed ceilings, private terraces and balconies overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and other key trappings of an upscale Greek island estate. As for the locations these marvellous properties are situated, the majority of them are clustered around the southern coast and the Chora. However, the Kinglike Concierge portfolio includes over 200 luxury villas of varying budgets at prestigious spots across Mykonos to choose from. And, if you need help deciding which one best meets your needs and specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our guests support team for assistance. 

That being said, those on a tighter budget can find excellent accommodation options at wallet-friendly hostels and contemporary hotels near Mykonos Town – some even featuring beautiful gardens and nice seascapes. 

When to Visit Mykonos

Mykonos slips into its more festive colours from late April through mid-October. Its prime time is anywhere between the months of June and mid-September and this is when it’s the most packed with tourists, parties, and events. Of course, it is also the high season and everything has its highest price tag. For more laid-back experiences (and friendlier, budget-wise), the shoulder season is ideal (between April and early June, as well as late September to late October). Of course, you may even come to Mykonos during the winter and enjoy utmost privacy, have the shores all for yourself, and get lots of bargain accommodations and some decent entertainment options. Here is a much more detailed guide as to what you can expect from a Mykonos getaway, depending on the time of the year of your trip and your preferences. 

Tip: When it comes to how to come to Mykonos, this guide will shed some light into your options! 


What to do at Mykonos 

Besides hitting the beaches, you could also consider:

  • Wandering through the bougainvillaea-draped Mykonos Town alleys. 
  • Enjoy the exquisite Mykonos shopping scene that revolves around Matoyianni Street in the Chora. 
  • Lose yourself in the picture-perfect, cobbled streets of the town – lined with tiny chapels, boutiques, restaurants, and chalky houses with blue, red, or green doors and shutters, it is definitely worth your time. 
  • Visit the Aegean Maritime Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos. 
  • Savour a cocktail at a Little Venice cafe or bar and take in pristine seascapes. 
  • Spend an evening at Cine Manto, the open-air cinema also offering mouth-watering food and snacks. 
  • Plan an afternoon at the quirky Mykonos art galleries, such as Art and Soul and Rarity Gallery. 
  • Explore the countryside on a bike, moped, Jeep, or your private chauffeur. Dotted with picturesque, traditional villages, the island’s hilly interior is an exciting contrast to the bustling coastline. 
  • Discover both popular landmarks and more rare gems, including the impressive Tourliani Monastery, the idyllic Windmills, the scenic Armenistis Lighthouse, 
  • Have a sailing tour at the historical site (and UNESCO World Heritage Site) of Delos Island. 
  • Watch the sunset from Agios Ioannis beach, Kato Mili (a hilltop region surrounding the windmills), Little Venice, your villa’s garden or any other shore along the coastline, so to speak.
  • Sharpen your water sports skills and even try diving into the crystalline waters that hide a heart-stopping aquatic world full of caves, walls, wrecks and schools of fish. You’ll find many water sports facilities at Kalafatis, Lia, Paradise and other popular beaches. 
  • Join an evening or late-night beach party and rub shoulders with a-lists and Hollywood stars who also have a blast at VIP sections of the infamous Mykonos clubs. 


Final Thoughts 

Whether you are planning a first-time Mykonos escapade or have already declared and accepted your eternal bond with the Queen of the Cyclades and are ready to pay your tributes to her yet one more time, Mykonos has a unique way to allure and seduce. Simply let yourself be overwhelmed by her magnetism and add experiences worth remembering for a lifetime.

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