Luxury Villas in Tourlos, Mykonos

Villas in Tourlos Mykonos

Some 2km away from the island capitalTourlos is a great, peaceful retreat; perfect for those in search of a relaxed resort away from the loudness and craziness of Mykonos Town or Chora. However, its close proximity to the beating heart of the island with the never-sleeping party scene, also makes Tourlos an ideal spot if you need to capture and enjoy both the picturesque settlement of the small village and the glamorous side of the Mykonian lifestyle at the same time.

Set amidst a beautiful natural setting, specked with white-washed houses, bougainville-filled balconies, and quaint chapels built with the traditional Cycladic architecture that particularly distinguishes the north-western coast of Mykonos, Tourlos is a magical place to be indeed.

Things to Do at Tourlos

Due to the fact that Tourlos is close to the New Port, you can admire wonderful sea views and also get the rare opportunity to gaze the luxurious yachts of the A-lists and Hollywood stars that drop anchor by hundreds every summer, as well as traditional caiques some of which feed the island with fresh fish every day. If your holidays are more boat-based, Tourlos is, without a doubt, a lovely option to dock your private yacht or speed boat away from the crowds. No wonder the new Mykonos port is built here. It appears to be the perfect spot to start a cruise of the Cyclades, and initiate adventures that include lots of diving in the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean Sea and island hopping.

Also, given that Tourlos beach is so close to the Mykonos National Airport (less than 4km away), it instantly turns this place into a convenient location for those that don’t want to spend much time driving to their exclusive villa. An excellent local bus system, affordable car, bike and bicycle rentals, great taxi services, boat tours, yacht rentals, and even private helicopter rides are all convenient Tourlos transportation options to cater to every guests’ need. Indeed, everything is easily accessible from here, from the Chora and the best beaches on the island to some of the most significant landmarks.

Popular Beaches Nearby

Being within an arm’s reach from the island capital, Mykonos Town or the Chora, Tourlos offers lots of fun choices to visitors, including bars, cafes, and tavernas. However, it is the organised, sandy beach with the crystalline waters that comprises the main Tourlos attraction. The cosmopolitan shore is perfect to enjoy water sports and swimming. In the past, it was one of the less touristy, quieter options at Mykonos island. People would come here to relax and have a less “loud” time on the beach (compared to the other beaches on the south). However, the development of the public yacht harbor and the new commercial port gave new life to the place, changing its dynamics and character. Today, Tourlos beach is thriving with people while being one of the most favourite spots for celebs to set sails for a Mediterranean cruise or an exploration around Mykonos and the nearby islands of Delos, Tinos, Naxos, Santorini, and Paros.

Besides Mykonos Town, some of the most popular beaches and locations nearby include the idyllic village of Ano Mera (and its homonymous beach with the unspoiled beauty), Agios Stefanos beach, Faros beach, and Agios Sostis beach on the opposite side of the island.

Accommodation Options for VIP Holidays

Finally, a word of notice. Don’t be surprised if you meet a famous actor, athlete or singer as you walk down the cobblestoned streets of Tourlos. Many celebrities have chosen the village to build luxury villas and accommodations; pretty much like the exclusive holiday residencies with all modern comforts and the required opulence you can find in Tourlos for rent too!

Be it the magnificent, almost heart-stopping natural surroundings with the breath-taking views of the Aegean Sea and the Cycladic islands that spark the ocean every evening with their shimmering lights from afar that make Tourlos a love at first sight? Or the exquisitely elegant and stylish vacation residences that come fully equipped with all amenities necessary for regal stays? This is probably something you will have to figure out yourself!

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