The Definite Guide for Choosing a Villa

Choosing the perfect villa in Mykonos to suit your needs and contribute to a superb holiday experience can be tricky sometimes, especially considering the multitude of options available in Mykonos island. This guide will help you select just the right vacation home, whether you are holidaying as a couple, family or group of friends, based on your particular requirements.

Why a Holiday Villa?

Although Mykonos is home to a plethora of great hotels, many of which offer exceptional amenities and services, opting for a holiday villa will give you that something different you seek; something much more than a place to go back to, after spending a long day sightseeing, partying, or sunbathing.

To begin with, you escape things like the loud hotel guests, sharing the swimming pool with hundreds of people, lining up across the buffet, and the early wake-up calls from housemaids. In other words, in a villa, you get to enjoy the privacy and comfort you deserve on vacation.

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It gets better:

villas security

  • High level of security – Many luxury villas in Mykonos are situated in private estates. This means that the level of safety/protection they offer is extremely high.

villas with extra space

  • Extra space – If you are travelling as a large family or group, a Mykonos villa will give you the opportunity to relax in many different common areas (i.e. beautiful outdoor terraces or alfresco dining spaces) while also giving you enough room to savour some personal/private moments away from everybody else.

facilities villas

  • Facilities – Private villas come with a broad array of amenities, from everyday comforts (i.e. fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities and Wi-Fi access) to luxuries (i.e. infinity pools, home theatres, entertainment rooms, etc.).

villas facilities

  • Freedom – You come and go as you please without having to stick to scheduled dining times or comply with hotel regulations (i.e. about noise levels). If you feel like throwing a loud party or doing some laps in your private heated swimming pool at midnight you just go for it.


  • Authentic Local Experience – Besides being tastefully decorated and adorned with stylish, carefully-selected details that help infuse a homely feeling, Mykonos luxury villas are also meticulously designed so that they blend with the surrounding environment seamlessly while adopting many elements of traditional Cycladic architecture, giving guests a Mykonian experience that’s far better than any given hotel room.

Choosing Your Deluxe Villa: Your Options

1.Villas for Couples

villas for couples

 By default, private villas guarantee better privacy and a more tranquil stay. If romantic seclusion is on your mind, then choose a detached villa that also has some land around it so that you are far enough from loud music or neighbours, and have some distance from prying eyes. Areas like Aleomandra, Agrari, and Agios Ioannis are good options to consider.


  • Villas near or in the heart of the city centre (Mykonos Town or Chora).
  • The high season when nearby resorts are filled with tourists, or alternatively find a gated property (or one situated on a private estate).


  • Villas with outdoor pools (also having a Jacuzzi is a plus – see options here).
  • Holiday homes on the outskirts of big towns with easy access to nightlife and shops (if you want to travel without a car/means of transport and also ensure seclusion and privacy).
  • Properties with sensitive alarm systems and in-room safes for your valuables.


2.Villas for Groups or Larger Families

Going on holiday as a family means not only spending some quality time together but also having enough space so nobody steps on each other’s toes from day to night. So, it is crucial that the villa has:

  • The necessary number of bathrooms (you can never have enough bathrooms when going away with kids).
  • Enough bedrooms to accommodate all individuals (en-suite bathrooms are mostly appreciated).
  • Private balconies or terraces off your room.
  • Gated swimming pool (or check access to and depth of the pool to determine how safe it is to use around children).
  • Outdoor activities to please everybody. If, for example, you love watersports, it is a good idea to choose a villa that’s a few feet away from the sea (those into windsurfing will find the southern part of Mykonos very inviting), like Villa Kennedy. Enjoy hiking? A villa well-hidden in mountains or hills, like Villa Thea, will be a much better option.
  • Proximity to amenities (i.e. supermarkets, clubs, restaurants, beaches, and bus stops). All these should be, at least, a pleasant walk from your villa.

villas-disabled access

3. Villas with Disabled Access

If there is an individual among you with a physical disability, it is paramount to rent a property that is designed to care for such needs. Needless to say, choosing a villa that is located on a hilltop or one whose interior is loaded with staircases is not appropriate for the person using a wheeled chair. The only time when it is okay to rent a hilltop villa is when you have a car or are planning to rent one. A downstairs bathroom/toilet will also come handy. Kinglike has a selection of specially designed villas throughout Mykonos for people with impaired mobility.


4.Villas for Yacht-Owners

Traveling with your yacht is a superb way to visit a whole lot of islands and coastal cities. You can drop anchor anywhere you please and give yourself the opportunity to explore isolated coves and lands very few have stepped foot in, and dive in waters far from the reach of the majority of tourists and holiday makers.

For the times you wish to have some rest away from your yacht, and use it for island hopping (i.e. sail to Delos island, Paros, Naxos, and even Santorini), you will find elite villas in Ornos; a family-friendly beach that also serves as an exceptional anchorage for ships!


Tips to Choose the Perfect Mykonos Villa

Before you start searching for that dreamy luxury villa for your Mykonos holiday, consider the following:


  • Location – Although you can’t go wrong when you rent an exclusive holiday property in Mykonos, do think about the type of break you are looking for. Do you want to spend your time dancing the night away in famous beach clubs or shopping in designer boutiques? Mykonos Town would be right up your alley. Wish for total relaxation and rest away from the crowds? Areas like Panormos, Ftelia, and Agios Sostis are good picks.


  • Who you are going with – Properties with staff accommodation on site for your au-pair or nanny are ideal if you are visiting Mykonos with the children. Of course, the more features a villa has to help keep the little ones busy and happy, the better. Now, if you are travelling with a group of friends, prefer properties with spacious living areas for entertaining and multiple en-suite bathrooms.

time to visit mykonos

  • Time of the year – Mykonos is a popular summer destination (from May to September). Come mid-July or early August to get the most of the vibrant party scene and join famous parties and events. That is if you are okay with the crowds of tourists that flood the island around this time of the year. For quieter escapes and more laidback holidays, choose the months of May, June or September (from mid-September till end).


  • Price range – The Kinglike selection of luxury villas is the finest on Mykonos. We have hand-picked the most elite and exclusive properties on the island for our clients so we can cater for all of your needs, whether you are in search of an ornate villa in the hills around Platis Gialos or a contemporary residence in the heart of Little Venice. There is always a property to suit your price range and requirements. That being said, prices do tend to be on the lower side from mid-May until early June and from mid-September until early October. But, there are also special offers that you could benefit from.

eat mykonos

  • Where you will be eating – You will find a wonderful choice of restaurants and tavernas all over Mykonos serving local specialities and dishes from the international cuisine prepared by world-renowned chefs. If you want to dine outside under the star-lit sky or enjoy leisurely lunches in the sunshine most of your time, then do pick a villa that is not far away from the populated areas. In the opposite case, the location is not important. You can stay at home and treat your palate with delicious food cooked by your private chef or yourself in the villa’s fully-equipped kitchen, which makes whipping up a tasty meal as easy as pie.

mykonos style

  • Style requirements – Style is a very personal thing and should not be left out when determining which holiday villa to rent. The good news is that in Mykonos you can find the holiday home that speaks to your heart. Whether you prefer a traditional residence with distinct cubic-shaped, white-washed walls decorated with antique pieces of furniture like Villa Maddison or a modern villa with a minimalistic vibe and chic neutral interiors, there will always be a house for you.

Have concerns or feel confused about which villa is for you? Give us your requirements, and we will be delighted to provide you with just the right luxury holiday property for you, in the perfect location and with all the necessary comforts and amenities for a superb, tailor-made luxury vacation in Mykonos.

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