3 Most Stylish Mykonos Villas for Large Groups of Friends or Families (20+ guests)

Mykonos is a superb vacation destination in the Mediterranean, with more than enough to pamper you with. A ritzy lifestyle, a cosmopolitan character that marries the modern with traditional Greek island charm, natural beauties, VIP facilities and services, and so many more comprise an alluring luxury holiday package.

Villa Bellavista Agios Lazaros Mykonos

Now, spending your Mykonos holidays with your loved ones and friends is definitely exciting, to say the least, yet somewhat challenging when it comes to accommodation. For large groups of people, finding a place to house everybody and still provide much-wanted privacy can be a struggle. Luckily, Kinglike Concierge has the solution. We present to you three of the most elegant Mykonos villas that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of more than 20 guests. Expect stylish mansions offering not only breath-taking views of the shimmering Aegean Sea but also lots of room for everybody to enjoy their time and plenty of amenities so that nobody feels as if on top of one another.  


Villa Bellavista , Agios Lazaros

A wonderful 10-bedroom, 10-bathroom combo unit spreading over 1000 square meters, with an extra guest house to sleep up to 20 guests in its chic and well-appointed interiors. Villa Bellavista is built with traditional Cycladic architecture in mind and provides maximum comfort through several luxury units designed on multiple levels.  All of the bedrooms, but one, enjoy magnificent sea vistas while rooftop balconies and private terraces come to provide even more comfort and privacy. Expect lots of indoor and outdoor dining and sitting areas, and amenities such as a heated Jacuzzi, a heated infinity pool, fully equipped kitchens, a built-in BBQs, and a pool bar to accompany your VIP stay. 


Villa Maristella

Perfect for up to 26 guests, this swanky villa provides ample room to savour private moments. The unit composes of three main buildings, featuring a total of 11 lavish en-suite bedrooms, and two independent suites for those looking into having their very own space, plus a staff room located in the outdoor area of this hypnotising property. Situated at the prestigious Choulakia region, Villa Maristella treats you with a private infinity pool, a heated private pool, an underwater pool bar, 8 massive decks for utmost relaxation, a 150m2 private club with Jacuzzi, a spa, a sauna, and an independent fully equipped gym! As for the seascapes, these are simply heart-stopping from all around the polished residence. 


Villa Beauty

Built just a few kilometres outside Mykonos Town, at Tourlos neighbourhood, this majestic unit offers expansive views of the sea and the cloudless skies. The graceful 10-bedroom property is tastefully decorated with a minimalist style while ensuring its guests’ privacy and pleasure with facilities like a private pool, lots of lounge areas, an open-air TV theatre with projector, private balconies, a lighted tennis court, a Sonos sound system (interior and exterior), and plenty of dining and seating areas. For families with children, the ground floor is ideal, as it comes with five upscale bedrooms (each with its own entrance) and an additional ensuite bedroom that connects with a double-bed ensuite bedroom. 


Indeed, three sublime mansions cut to deliver ultimate guest satisfaction and royal holidays to Mykonos guests. Enjoy! 


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