A Window to Mykonian Ambiance

It is impressive how well-thought through everything is here in Mykonos.

The houses are not square shaped by accident; nor are their walls whitewashed for no good reason. And, there is no doubt that the architects designing exclusive villas from the ground up only had comforts and great aesthetics in mind.

The goal has always been to create holiday residencies that please the eye, provide the functionality, style, pleasures, and luxury prestigious guests wish for and blend seamlessly with the environment while demonstrating the most distinct features of traditional Cycladic architecture.

Villa Indigo Agios Lazaros Mykonos
Villa Indigo Agios Lazaros Mykonos

Stepping into Timeless Allure
Drive some 4 km from Mykonos Town, and you will find the embodiment of such a vision. Nicely tucked in the natural wild rocky surroundings of Agios Stefanos area, the 7-bedroom Villa Indigo (meaning deep and rich cobalt colour) proudly stands up to its name and enchants with unique style spreading all over its 600m2.

Villa Indigo Agios Lazaros Mykonos

Carved into the rocks of a hillside, overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean Sea and roofed by the crystal clear Mediterranean skies, it allows you to freely take in the raw beauty of the western part of Mykonos. And, although the north Meltemi winds are quite strong on the island, this holiday home is strategically constructed so that it stays fully protected from them featuring elements borrowed from old-school Cycladic architecture that still governs the island’s construction scene.

Villa Indigo Agios Lazaros Mykonos

Calcimine paint was used to colour both the exterior and interior walls while the stone details on the outside give the impression that this deluxe villa is a masterpiece of Mother Nature herself. Minimalistic decoration, contemporary artwork, and tasteful touches throughout the property satisfy even the most discerning guests while visitors are being treated to utmost luxury with a huge infinity pool offering breath-taking, unobstructed panoramas that reach up to the historical island of Delos somewhere at the end of the horizon.

Everything within an arm’s reach
So, what does the menu have for today? Sunbathing and sipping champagne at the sandy beaches of Psarou, Ornos, Paraga, or Platis Gialos – all within a few km from home? Hanging out doing some shopping or joining a party? Entertaining yourself and/or guests with customised, in-house events?

Diving in a gastronomic adventure that involves traditional Greek flavours and dishes prepared by Michelin Star-awarded chefs at world-renowned Nammos and Scorpios restaurants? Relaxing by the pool with a glass of your favourite cocktail or tea at hand? Organise a BBQ? Have a helicopter ride to the nearby islands? Go on a cruise around Mykonos and explore secluded coves and isolated shores with a luxury yacht? You may complete the wish list with whatever activity we may have left out. Everything is doable and easily attainable.

Villa Indigo Agios Lazaros Mykonos

Enjoy your cocktail in the Jacuzzi or any of the outdoor seating areas during sunset (or even from your room – glass walls allow for full views of the ocean), and your heart will bounce. Specked with yachts and fishermen’s boats and showered by the sparkling lights of the stars and moon reflecting on the water, the Aegean Sea is simply bewildering in the evening.

Here you can find all available Villas in Mykonos

It feels so gratifying to know that you can have it all when away from home – the homey feeling, the comforts and amenities you need for a superb stay, the luxury you deserve, the style and chicness you are used to, and the plethora of options that make Mykonos vacations stand out from just another ordinary holiday with Mykonian villa Indigo!

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