How Many Days in Corfu? Perfect Itinerary for an Unforgettable Trip

Corfu is a large island with numerous sites, beaches and of course the charming Corfu Town, which has been declared a Word Heritage Site of UNESCO. If you plan your vacations in Corfu this summer, you may wonder how many days do you need in Corfu.

Villa Felicity Kastania Corfu
Villa Felicity Kastania Corfu

The ideal duration for your stay in Corfu depends on your interests, preferences and the experiences you wish to enjoy. However, we can tell you how many days in Corfu is enough and how many days is the optimum timespan to fully discover the enchanting beauties of this unique island. 

Let’s see how many days in Corfu are ideal for a short escape or a long vacation.

3 to 4 days for the basic sites

Villa Nymph Palaiokastritsa Corfu
Villa Nymph Palaiokastritsa Corfu

If you’re limited on time, a shorter stay of 3 to 4 days can provide a quick overview of Corfu’s highlights. You can stay in or near Corfu Old Town to have enough time to walk around its historic center and feel its captivating atmosphere.

You can spend your morning swimming and sunbathing in one of the beaches near Corfu Town, such as Faliraki, Gouvia and Anemomylos and then dedicate your afternoon and night exploring Corfu Town.

You may also take a day trip to a nearby attraction like the Achilleion Palace or Paleokastritsa.

5 to 8 days for a full Corfu getaway

Villa Heritage Katavolos Corfu
Villa Heritage Katavolos Corfu

But how many days to spend in Corfu if you want to see all of its main attractions? Surely, Corfu need at least 5 days or perfectly a week to feel its very essence and discover its beautiful sights.

All distances in Corfu are about 1 hours’ drive, so you can stay in one place and explore the whole island easily by car. Surely, the Old Town is not only about its sites, but also about to spend some time in its fine restaurants and cafes, feeling the aesthesis of this place of unparalleled beauty. However, you should not miss sites, like Achilleion Palace, Mon Repos, Spaniada Square and Casa Parlante.

In this timeframe, you can also visit most beaches of the island, such as Paleokastritsa, Agios Gordios, Agios Georgios, Canal d’ Amour, Sidari and Glyfada.

With a week or more, you can also live great experiences in Corfu, such as discovering local cuisine in small traditional villages, such as Old Peritheia, hiking in scenic trails and doing water sports with your kids.

10 days or More for an immersive experience in Corfu

For a truly deep exploration of everything Corfu has to offer to you, you need 10 days or even more. If you wonder how many days to visit Corfu in order to fully absorb the island’s culture, history and natural beauty and at the same time relax, you need more days than only one week to truly unwind without feeling rushed.


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