Where to stay in Corfu: The ultimate guide

Corfu is worldwide renowned for its well-preserved Old Town as well as for its lash greenery and stunning beaches, surrounded by beautiful nature, which reflects the calm environment of the Ionian Sea.

If you plan now your next vacation on this unique island, you may wonder where is the best place to stay in Corfu. The good news is that Corfu offers a great variety of accommodation options whether you travel as a couple or as a family. The luxury villas in Corfu create memories of a lifetime, in an idyllic surrounding, full of style and elegance. As Corfu is a large island, you can choose among many places, such as near the town, in lovely villages and settlements or in a close distance from a wonderful beach. Read here everything you need to know about the question where to stay on Corfu island and look forward to your next amazing holidays! See the corfu’s best places to stay!

Where to stay in Corfu town

Villa Nixie Kastania Corfu
Villa Nixie Kastania Corfu

The first thing you may think is where to stay in Corfu Old Town, as it is the landmark of the island. Italian-style buildings coming from another era, narrow pebbled pathways and a magnificent atmosphere make Corfu Old Town one of the prettiest in Greece, declared as World Heritage of Unesco.

If you choose to stay inside the Old Town, you can find boutique hotels and small guesthouses, but remember that the capacity is limited. If you want to combine the feeling of exploring everyday this beautiful place with the serenity of living in a relaxing and spacious environment, then the best option is to stay near Corfu Town, so you can enjoy your vacation in a luxury and newly built place.

Villa Nixie in Kastania, for example, is located only 4 km from Corfu Old Town and is a modern villa, offering all the necessary amenities for a family with many children or a company with young people and couples. With 4 bedrooms, this minimalistic villa gives you the opportunity to spend your days with all your favorite persons and go easily to the town whenever you want.

If you want a villa with traditional architecture, then Villa Felicity is another great option, located in the same spot, Kastania, just 4 km from Corfu Town. With 3 double or triple bedrooms and a large dining are near the pool, it is ideal for children as well as adults who want to rest during their holidays in an exclusive accommodation designed to impress.

Another great spot near Corfu Town is Mantouki, which is situated only 6 km away and has great sea view. Villa Cosmo combines the modern with the traditional style and offers you the pleasure to feel the sea breeze together with other 9 guests in this spacious house with 5 bedrooms that takes high-end living in another level. See all villas in Corfu town

Where to stay in Corfu for couples

Villa Cosmo Kefalomantouko Corfu
Villa Cosmo Kefalomantouko Corfu

Corfu is a romantic island, so thousands of couples visit it each year. Are you planning your stay in Corfu and wondering where to go in Corfu for couples? There are many sites you should not miss to visit together with your other half:

  • Old Town: The best place on the island to make long strolls in the labyrinth-like streets between the colorful preserved houses, coming directly from another era. The Venetian old town, the Spaniada Square and Fortrezza are the best spots to take hundreds of photos and then you can enjoy your cocktail in the famous Liston, the early 19th century arched colonnade.
  • Kanoni: The district of Kanoni is a picturesque spot in Corfu Town. Up on a hill, there is a canon, and from there, the view to Pontikonisi, a small, green island, which is linked to the mainland with a narrow pathway, is just amazing.
  • Canal d’ Amour: In a close distance to the village of Sidari, you can find the Canal d’ Amour (=Canal of love), an idyllic area with rock formations that create astonishing coves and canals. According to the tradition, couples, who swim in the canal, will get married soon!

The abovementioned sites are ideal for couples of all ages. But where to go in Corfu for young couples? Corfu is ideal for young people, as it has many things to do, if you are a fan of exploration or nightlife.

  • Gouvia: It is the main harbor of Corfu, where you can rent a boat and discover secluded beaches nearby. Plus, it has a convenient position to go easily to Corfu Old Town (about 15 minutes by car).
  • Kassiopi: It is a beautiful harbor village with a large marina, welcoming yachts and sailing boats. Around the area there are also many organized beaches.
  • Agios Gordios: It is a tranquil beach resort, perfect to relax as a couple but also have fun, as its well-organized beach offers a variety of beach bars and water-sports amenities.

But, where to stay in Corfu if you are a couple?

A romantic place to stay in Corfu with your beloved one is Paramonas, a tranquil small settlement on the western side of the island, where you can enjoy privacy and of course the beauty of a magnificent sunset.

Villa Queenie is ideal even for only one couple as it has 2 rooms. It is located by the sea, in the astonishing beach of Paramonas, offering you the opportunity to enjoy sea and sunset view from the beach or from your private pool in a totally exclusive scenery.

Another small villa in Paramonas, with amazing view as well as a jacuzzi to relax in your bedroom balcony, is Villa Quade, a modern boho-style villa for romantic stays and honeymoon vacation.

A popular cozy villa with 2 rooms is Villa Cali in Pentati, near Fieroulas beach. The living room with its massive windows offer you the best sea and sunset view for romantic evenings as a couple.

If you prefer to share a villa with other couples and friends, you can stay in a larger house, which provides you privacy and at the same time the opportunity to spend your vacation also with your friends.

Kassiopi is also one of the best areas in Corfu for couples. Villa Evergreen is exactly what you are looking for if you want to stay in Kassiopi with your friends in a spacious villa with 7 bedrooms that charms with its spectacular design.

Villa Carmelia, located in Gouvia, is also another large villa with 6 bedrooms to combine with your friends the serenity as well as the fun side of the island, stepping into luxury and aristocratic ambience.

For young couples and generally youngsters, Corfu has many other resorts to enjoy the vivid nightlife of the island. Read further to learn more!

Where to stay in Corfu for nightlife

Villa Abalon Alykes Corfu
Villa Abalon Alykes Corfu

Corfu offers a wide range of entertainment options, such as clubs, bars and beach bars. In the Old Town you will find many bars, but most of them are quieter than in other places on the island. Your best shot to have fun all day and night long are tourist resorts, such as Kavos, Acharavi and Benitses, where many tourists are gathered and you can find various beach bars as well as vivid clubs full of young people.

Where to stay in Kavos? Kavos is tourist resort that attracts many British people, so it has the equivalent setting. It has many rooms to let and hotels, but if you want a more private and luxury accommodation, it is better to go a few km away, in Lefkimmi. We recommend you Villa Abalon, which is convenient for up to 12 guests, offering you the possibility to spend unforgettable holidays together with your friends in a lux scenery by the sea.

Very close to the famous resort of Benitses, is situated Villa Naida, an affordable villa for 8 guests, which is also close to Corfu Old Town. A spectacular mansion that creates the perfect surrounding to relax and enjoy life during your holidays in Corfu.

Acharavi is a tourist resort in northern Corfu, which is well-known for its long sandy beach, full of beach bars on the coastline. It has not as vivid nightlife as Kavos, but it is a nice place to spend your holidays if you are a young couple or a company of friends in their 30’s. Villa Nerelio is ideal for 10 guests, who want to enjoy the privacy and the amenities of a villa at an affordable price, inside the village of Acharavi that is full of restaurants and bars.

Where to stay in Corfu without a car

The truth is that Corfu is a large island and ideally you should have a car to explore it all. However, this Ionian island has so many beauties that you can choose to stay in one place and enjoy it without anxiety to see the whole island.

So, where is best to stay in Corfu, if you have no car? The obvious solution is to stay in Corfu Old Town to spend your days in this top attraction. However, this choice is a bit restrictive, because it is a pity not to swim in one of the most famous bays, located far away from the capital.

Where to stay in Corfu for beaches

Villa Nymph Palaiokastritsa Corfu
Villa Nymph Palaiokastritsa Corfu

Thus, your first option is to stay in a beach resort and enjoy the crystal-clear waters, the golden sand and the fully-equipped beaches with everything you may need. Regarding the spot you should choose, except from Kavos, we discussed above, there are three places that are ideal, if you want to stay there without transportation: Paleokastritsa, Kassiopi and Messonghi.

Paleokastritsa is a coastal village with various beaches all around, such as Agios Spyridon, Alipa, Agios Petros, Ampelaki and Platakia. All these beaches are organized, in a close distance to each other to do the ultimate beach hopping easily and conveniently. Where to stay in Paleokastritsa? We recommend you Villa Nymph, a comfortable villa for 12 persons, exactly by the sea. As it has direct access to the beach, you can go on foot via private steps, taking advantage of its dreamy location in this stunning bay.

Kassiopi is one of the most touristic destinations in Corfu, surrounded by beautiful green setting and the amazing turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. Thus, it is the best place to stay if you are a nature lover. It is also a great spot for history lovers, as there you can admire the Kassiopi Castle, dating back to Roman and Byzantine times. In Kassiopi, you can stay in Villa Clover, a cozy villa for 6 guests with panoramic sea view for total tranquility in a chic atmosphere.

Messonghi is a nice coastal village with a long sandy beach with azure waters, ideal for swimming, sunbathing and enjoying water sports. This small settlement is a great place to rent a villa in Corfu and stay with many of your friends. Villa Hummingbird is one of the top villas in Corfu, with 9 bedrooms for up to 18 guests and a stunning environment, where you can stay the whole day, sunbath by the pool and totally relax.

Secluded places to stay in Corfu

Villa Queen Bee Tsaki Corfu
Villa Queen Bee Tsaki Corfu

If you don’t have a car, another option is to stay in a secluded place, in order to rest and relax away from the crowds. Especially if you visit Corfu in the peak season (July and August), the abovementioned resorts may get crowded with tourists. So, why not stay with your family and friends in a fully-equipped villa, with all amenities you may need and 24/7 support, away from mass tourism?

Villa Queen Bee is located in Tsaki, in the eastern side of the island, 16 km south of Corfu Town. It is a spacious magnificent villa for 14 guests and a small private beach on its frontside. With a large pool, fully-equipped gym, BBQ and other facilities, such as table tennis and billiard table, there is literally nothing you will miss if you stay there for your whole vacation.

Villa Celave is situated in Nissaki, on the north-eastern side of Corfu, in a close distance to Gialiskari, an exotic small beach, where you can do water sports and eat traditional Greek food in the small tavern on the beachfront. However, you can choose to stay with your friends in the villa, as it has so breathtaking sea view and a so relaxing environment with a beautiful garden and pool, that you won’t want to leave this place!

In all villas, are offered private transfers, so your transfer from/to the airport or any other destination can easily be arranged.

Where to stay in Corfu for families

Villa Celave Barbati Corfu
Villa Celave Barbati Corfu

Corfu is a family-friendly island, ideal to spend unforgettable moments with your kids. Its excellent infrastructure with its international airport, safe road network and its organization with high-quality amenities for travelers make the vacation with children easy-going and fun.

Some of the best activities you can do in Corfu with your kids are:

  • Aqualand: One of the largest water parks in Europe, it offers numerous water attractions, such as exciting slides and pools, for children of all ages to spend one or more days having the ultimate fun in a safe environment.
  • Aquarium: Kids can admire fishes, reptiles and all species of marine life in the impressive Corfu’s Aquarium.
  • History Museum: The interactive History Museum in Casa Parlante is perfect for older kids to learn about the everyday life on the island in the 19th century.
  • Corfu Old Town: The paved car-free streets inside the Old Town are safe to make long strolls with your kids, without having to worry about anything.
  • Achilleion: The impressive imperial palace, which was the retreat of Sissi, the famous Empress of Austria, is definitely an imposing site children will admire.
  • Mon Repos gardens: In Paleopolis, the ancient site of Corfu Town, is located the former royal residence, which is the ideal place for a travel back to history and a stroll to its magnificent gardens.
  • Corfu Donkey rescue: A refuge with more than 500 donkeys that were abandoned and now are treated with respect and care. Kids can not only see and feed the donkeys, but also make a walk with them.
  • Family-friendly beaches: As Corfu is a touristic island, most beaches are well-organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and water-sports facilities. Best family-friendly beaches in Corfu are Paleokastritsa, Agios Gordios, Apraos, Glyfada, Halikounas and Marathias.

Where to stay in Corfu with kids? There are many family-friendly hotels on the island, but if you prefer more privacy, a villa can offer you not only a luxury sensation but also everything your family may need, including a private pool, jacuzzi, daily housekeeping and facilities, like table tennis, tennis court, billiard and football table. Furthermore, you can ask as an additional service for babysitter and in-house chef, so you can totally relax during your holidays. See Corfu villas with private pool

Some villas offer also heated pool, which is a useful amenity if you have kids. Corfu’s sea waters are a bit cold, especially if you visit the island in spring or autumn (or even in June). Heated pool is a great opportunity to let your kids have fun swimming and playing with safety. See Corfu villas with heated pool

Where to stay in Corfu for family-friendly beaches

Villa Anchor Apraos Corfu
Villa Anchor Apraos Corfu

The best option is to choose an accommodation, which is located closely to a beach, where kids can spend the whole day swimming, playing and doing water-sports, such as canoeing, windsurf and water-ski.

Apraos, on the northern side of Corfu, is a long sandy beach with soft sand and shallow waters, totally safe even among toddlers and preschoolers. Plus, it is located in a very close distance to Kassiopi, where you can find numerous restaurants, cafes and shops. Villa Anchor in Apraos is the perfect accommodation for many families, as it has 8 bedrooms. With a large pool and tennis court, it is surely a spacious and fun environment to spend with your friends and kids, where no one will ever get bored!

Villa Anchor Apraos Corfu
Villa Anchor Apraos Corfu

Halikounas is another beloved beach in Corfu, as its fine golden sand along the shoreline and its turquoise waters make it the perfect spot for all ages. It also offers breathtaking view of the neighboring Lake Korission. Villa Oceanic is a fully modern villa for 8 persons, which provides unhindered sea view with spacious indoor and outdoor playroom as well as easy access to the beach.

Villa Oceanic Halikounas Corfu
Villa Oceanic Halikounas Corfu

Pentati is a small village on the western side of the island, which is considered as the best part of Corfu for families. It is very close to the beach of Agios Gordios, which is fully-organized with sun loungers, umbrellas, beach bars and family taverns. Villa Aishia is located on the top of the hill with imposing sea view. With 3 bedrooms, it is suitable even for one family. Plus, it has heated pool, so you can visit it even in spring or autumn and have fun with your children in the pool, without having to worry about the weather.

Villa Aishia Pentati Corfu
Villa Aishia Pentati Corfu

Roda is one of the best-known family resorts in Corfu. It is a quiet fishing village with a lovely sandy beach on the frontline and many Greek taverns and cafes. Plus, there are many other beautiful beaches nearby, such as Agios Stefanos, Acharavi, Astrakeri and Gialiskari. Villa Absinthe in Roda is a traditional-style luxury villa for 10 guests, which impresses with is comfortable lounge area and its large pool, where you can enjoy total privacy with your kids and friends in an iconic scenery.

Villa Absinthe Roda Corfu
Villa Absinthe Roda Corfu

Nissaki is a less-known but equally beautiful spot in Corfu, which combines relaxation away from the crowds with some touristic amenities. The beach of Nissaki is a small bay, partly organized, where you can swim, sunbath or have a snorkelling or scuba-diving experience. Villa Sphynx is an impressive complex of buildings in a wide area of 1000 square meters, hidden in the top of a hill, offering impeccable sea view and incredible facilities for kids, such as jacuzzi, home cinema, piano and heated pool.

Villa Sphynx Nissaki Corfu
Villa Sphynx Nissaki Corfu

Gouvia is a touristic resort with restaurants and bars, making the place ideal for travelers of all ages. Gouvia beach is a family-friendly beach with water-sports activities, as well as a harbor for boat excursions. Nearby, you can also find other beautiful beaches, such as Kontokali. Villa Rockabilly, suitable for 12 guests, is the epitome of privacy inside an impressive green environment, surrounded by palm trees and cypresses, where your kids can play in the hospital garden and enjoy unforgettable moments swimming in the pool or running around the olives in the olive grove of the estate.

Villa Rockabilly Gouvia Corfu
Villa Rockabilly Gouvia Corfu

Whether you travel with your friends and family or your partner, Corfu can offer you memorable experiences throughout the year. In a large island like Corfu, you can choose among many places to stay according to your preferences, but nothing can be compared with the grandiose feeling of sharing truly wonderful moments with your beloved ones in a sumptuous mansion!

See all our luxury villas in Corfu for every taste and make a precious gift to your favorite persons, creating surpassing vacations you will never forget!

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