Little Venice – An utterly idyllic corner in Mykonos

Little Venice is perhaps THE most romantic Mykonos neighbourhood. The rows of 18th-century fishing houses that line the waterfront fill the air with the aroma from the bougainvillaeas that adorn the elegant wooden balconies. Literally hanging over the waves, these colourful two-storey residences once belonged to wealthy merchants and captains who wanted direct access to the Aegean Sea. The distinctive Venetian-style architecture is part of the reason why this area got its name – it is indeed reminiscent of the famous Italian city! Admittedly, the beauty of this picturesque region is so ethereal that you will most likely fall in love with its magnetic appeal. 

Today, the buildings that comprise the Little Venice area house trendy restaurants and bars overlooking the sea and providing breath-taking seascapes and views of the most romantic sunsets ever looked upon. Feel free to enjoy the vistas from the flower-filled terraces after a relaxing stroll through the charming, maze-like cobbled streets of Mykonos Town unfolding behind Little Venice, with the beautiful whitewashed edifices that clash against the cobalt of the Aegean Sea. Prepared to be disarmed by the overwhelming sensation of nonchalance that dominates the region. No wonder highly acclaimed artists admit finding inspiration and their “muse” in the alleyways of this beachfront gem! 

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The History Behind Little Venice

Mykonos used to be an important stop among 13th-century traders coming to or from Italy and/or the East. Influences from the Venetian culture were evidenced throughout the island, including the buildings, which featured colourful facades and sweeping arches. The fact that this particular Mykonos neighbourhood sat right on the beachfront has eventually led to renaming the region from Alefkandra to Little Venice, for obvious reasons! Things changed dramatically when the Ottomans took over the island in the 18th century. However, the Venetian charm still lingers on and dazzles even the most discerning traveller. 

Little Venice & Alefkandra Beach

Little Venice was once referred to as Alefkandra, probably because of the homonymous (and incredibly popular) beach stretching right next to the romantic quarter. This means that you can certainly savour the sun, the crystalline waters, and the sandy shores before you treat yourself to a delicious meal or cocktail at Little Venice at sunset. 

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Little Venice & The Windmills

Both the 16th-century Windmills and Little Venice are popular tourist attractions of Mykonos – the first being a lovely part of the Mykonos skyline and the other fringing the seafront. Each of these iconic landmarks offers a glimpse of the other, which makes them ideal spots to shoot a selfie! Don’t forget to visit Geronymos Mill and Bonis Mill (a windmill turned into a one-of-its-kind Agricultural Museum), the only two windmills open to the public, with their condition being preserved as close to the original as possible. 


Little Venice Nightlife

The area is lively all day long. At night, though, it becomes the go-to place if you are seeking access to well-stocked bars, pulsating clubs, parties that will take you to the early morning hours, galleries displaying exhibitions of world-renowned artists, or tastes from the international cuisine (as well as local dishes). Time to sit back and enjoy a fine meal as the Meltemi winds bring a refreshing vibe to the table, just before you dive into the vibrant Mykonos night scene the island is so famous for!

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